Amalfi | One of the Central Coasts Best Views

Beachside Greatness

Amalfi is about 10mins from my house and located at my favourite beach on the Central Coast, Pearl Beach, a little millionaire’s stretch of a beach that is mostly sheltered from the ocean, just around the corner to the right in the photo above. To the left of the photo is my house, in Umina, and about a third in is Ettalong Beach, where you can catch a ferry from Palm Beach to visit us Coasties.

Amalfi is located on the literal beach, in the place of the older Pearls on the Beach, a famed fine-dining venue. I still can’t get over the view, it is just sublime!!

I also have to come clean, I had been to a few venues on this day, and my spare battery was home on the charger and the battery went flat on the second photograph so I shot the entire venue on my phone, and I am mortified, a venue, with this view of this calibre needed my camera, it’s a total rookie error and I made it.

The Venue

The venue is spectacular mostly for its location. It is quite like an old Queenslander with a semi-sealed deck. There is outdoor and indoor seating, but it was raining a lot over Christmas so I can’t remember anyone sitting outdoors. And, my god, the mosquitoes were in almost plague proportions so who’d be mad enough haha

We were wedged into the far end of the deck unfortunately and it was tight, almost uncomfortably so, but we had the best view in the house so that made it bearable.

We watched a local dig out a small channel with his bare hands on the beach in front of us to the right, he took about half an hour to do it raising a sweat and taking his shirt off. And then when he was done, another guy turned up with his dog and two kids and the amount of effort the put in to seal it up was almost offensive, it said “fuck you” to the previous guy who I admired for digging it out.

I have since spoken to a local who explained it is in massive contention in Pearl Beach, it is not supposed to be an open channel but some property owners at the back are losing their land with the channel flooding. I knew there was more behind it. And I want to follow water channel wars.

The People

Now this was a tough one, the staff were lovely and friendly, but it was the 27th of December, and they had some large tables in and we fell by the wayside.

I can forgive to a point but 45min wait between entree finish and mains arriving pissed me off, I literally started commentating the locals with the channel to pass the time and I started timing the wait after 15mins. The service started out exceptional but once the mains were delivered we were forgotten diners, 90% of the service went into the larger tables. We felt like lower class levels of the Titanic, much more fun as guests, but left to drown in the ocean haha

I also had to go to the counter to get the bill, we collected it on the way out. I had to ask two people and the manager said to one girl “can you fix these people up,” she said to us “just got this to do first.” We were also paying with cash, and were told, we don’t offer change, you will need the exact amount to pay. So it was exact change or $50 tip – not tip was left. It was a terrible way to end the experience.

I did however love their white Byron-esque insane asylum uniforms, very Byron/Av (without the stripes) and they looked so comfortable.

What we ordered…

BRUSCHETTA ANCHOVY – White anchovy – tomato – basil – evoo – parsley

CALAMARI FRITTI – Aioli – lemon – salt – pepper

VERDURA – Brussel sprouts – pancetta – black garlic

LINGUINE SEPIA AI GAMBERI – Prawns – cherry tomatoes – chilli – white wine – garlic & onion butter emulsion – served on black linguine

PAPPARDELLE CON RAGU – Wide pasta ribbons – free range slow cooked beef – tomato base sauce – grana padano floss

SAFFRON PRAWN RAVIOLI – Tomato – wine – garlic butter – cream – splash of chilli

LIMONCELLO GELATO – Refreshing soft fluffy topped with zesty lemon curd

The Food

They were saved by the food, thank Poseidon.

The anchovy bruschetta and the brussel sprouts were on another level. One of my all time fave brussel sprouts, and you know how much I love brussel sprouts! And I nearly love anchovies as much!! The calamari was a tasty dish to pick at.

I ordered the prawn linguini as I had it the day before from Avoca Beach House and wasn’t a huge fan. It had a texture in it I didn’t love, this one was nice but it had way too much garlic in it, it was nearly the entire flavour of the dish – I did love the black linguine however. This could be a me thing, I am over 50 and my tastebuds could be shrivelling up lol.

Mum enjoyed her ravioli, but the main of the day was the the ragu, we all tried it and all said “wow.”

And the limoncello gelato was almost dish of the day, served in a frozen lemon the flavours just epic!! I would return for this dish alone!

Just a thought, this place needs an affogato – I asked and the young staff member didn’t even know what it is, this is the issue with hiring young staff, their knowledge isn’t as food in-tuned. But they are cheaper so it’s a balance thing.

In Conclusion

I can forgive most of the service issues due to the food and location but if you fixed these up this would be a contender as one of the Coast’s most exceptional restaurants. I will return during a quieter period.

Also – the camera battery thing is still mortifying me – the pics could have been so much better.

SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 1/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets & 1/1 bonus

*** Spooning Australia was invited, with thanks, by the venue ***

All photographs are Copyrighted by Spooning Australia and Jason King – please feel free to share with full credit provided.

Avoca Beach House Details



0405 441 522


1 Tourmaline Ave,

Pearl Beach NSW 2256




Medium to High

Opening Hours

Mon – Tues Closed

Wed – Thurs 4-10pm

Fri – Sat 12-11pm

Sun 12-9pm

Vegetarian Options

I doubt it but check

Local Delivery

I doubt it but check

Gluten-Free Options


Kid Friendly
Not on their website