Beaches – Life’s Peachy at the Beachie

What a wonderful place!!

My wonderful friend Brookie is a EA, Executive Assistant, and her level of organisational prowess borders on ADHD levels. Her sister, Selina, suggested a place they could go with the entire extended family for Christmas 2024. Said place was the Beachcomber Hotel and Resort in Toukley.

So Brookie suggested she come and stay from Sydney and we drive to Toukley for lunch for reconnaissance haha – I was 100% in!

We drove the 50min and parked, saw the resort from the road, and then we walked through the doors to a Toukley paradise, it was like Newport Arms without monied early 20s wankers, more families and relaxed, friendly people kicking back waterside and enjoying the shade, the fine food, drinks and the epic scenery.

The Venue

Being a resort the venue is huge, with multiple entrances, a pool, a wharf, a huge dining area (more like a pub), a private dining area (Pelicans) that is used for breakfasts and private functions (about to relaunch as a posh restaurant I do believe), indoor and outdoor areas, the WORKS.

And everything we saw we loved. The pool area was my fave, although it is only for people staying in-house. They have a poolside bar and there are covered areas – very Fiji or Miami and it sits looking over the huge body of water, Lake Macquarie??

They showed us the rooms – amazing, and there are various rooms pending your budget, even the most expensive is quite cheap based on Sydney room prices. The outdoor areas were fantastic, plenty of safe spaces for the kids to run wild while you kick back and read a book or get smashed hahaha

But for us, on this day it all came down to the dining area, we chose to sit on the deck undercover looking over the water, well, really we didn’t choose it as assigned to us with a reserved sign. One thing of note – next to “Hampton’s-inspired” in the dictionary is a picture of the Beachcomber.

The People

Just wonderful, our waitstaff were friendly and attentive but not obtrusive. I’m not a fan of ordering inside but it had to be done for food and drinks.

The reception ladies were marvellous, as Brooke had already booked four rooms, she wanted to see what they were like, so the lady took us to see the rooms, very nautical but large and beautifully appointed.

She also took us to the pool area to really seal the deal.

Oh – the reception area has a huge and truly epic saltwater fish tank that can entertain kids all day.

And I was in love with all their Slim Aaron’s prints everywhere, the corridors and all around I just stopped to admire the prints!! I so want one!!

What We Ordered:

KILPATRICK OYSTERS | $32 half-dozen | bacon & Worcestershire sauce with lemon

BEACHIE SQUID | $19 | light chilli & lemon dusted fried squid, sea salt, yuzu aioli

FISH TACOS | $24 | crispy battered fish, red oak lettuce, yuzu aioli, fried capers

CHORIZO TACOS | $24 | grilled chorizo, red oak lettuce, mango salsa, chipotle aioli

Link to Full Summer Menu

What We Thought:

We didn’t eat too much but what we did eat we loved. The food is like a gastro pub on the Coast, I mean it is not groundbreaking but it has mass appeal, lots of seafood, steaks, tacos, salads, burgers etc

It’s what they do with the food that I loved. One of the best Oysters Kilpatrick I have eaten, I even had more than my usual one oyster, so creamy with bacon mmmmmm

The squid was standard but the yuzu aioli had me squealing with delight!

Now, fish tacos are one thing I will always order if on the menu but my heart was stolen on this day by the incredible Chorizo Tacos with MANGO SALSA, so vibrant and full and sweet and spicy – I will dream of these tacos for a long time and will compare all others to these.

And we washed it down with a bottle of French rosé that we both loved, in fact if memory served us correct, every rosé was a French rosé. Yummy

They have an impressive kids menu also.

In Conclusion

We both adored Beachcombers, referred to as Beachies, the food, the venue and the staff were exceptional. The views however are magical and I can see long lunches being loved here, but I would need a designated driver or a room. It was the one thing that disappointed, that we had to leave and drive back!

I cannot wait for Pelicans, their posh restaurant to open – in the last carousel of pics above there are pics of Pelicans.

SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets & 0/1 bonus

*** Spooning Australia was invited, with thanks, by the venue ***

All photographs are Copyrighted by Spooning Australia and Jason King – please feel free to share with full credit provided.

Beachies Details



Phone: (02) 4317 2845

Address: 200 Main Rd, Toukley NSW 2263

Bookings: Yes

Pricing: Low – Med and depends on how much you drink lol

Vegetarian Options: Yes

Takeaway: Unsure

Local Delivery: Unsure

Gluten-Free Options: Yes

Kid Friendly: Yes