Howdy and welcome to Spooning Australia.

I am an Australian East Coast based food photographer, social media manager and restaurant critic. I specialise in close-up food shots and love bringing food to life with splash shots, pour shots and using people to give shots life. I have been a self taught photographer for over 30yrs and this commenced with local photography clubs specialising in macro nature shots. This developed to a few shots with restaurant review articles to now a full time career shooting venues and food all over the country with food photo journeys to Japan in 2018 and 2020.

All my photos are shot on Sony cameras, photo editing is mainly on Lightroom. We do shoot video on request.

Social Media Management came about from myself being invited to many venues by PR companies as a critic/reviewer. There was a couple of PR companies operating poorly and I evaluated everything that they did and wrote out what I thought could be improved upon and our social media arm launched. We practice only organic and personable social media.

My favourite food is Japanese, Thai and then pub grub.

Much Love….Jason

Howdy and welcome to Spooning Australia.

I am a food loving, wine obsessed, restaurant indulging foodie that has been known to experience the occasional foodgasm. I have loved cooking ever since I watched mum making anything sweet (and letting me lick those mixer bits) and my all time fave dish from childhood, pork medallions in a mustard cheese sauce. I love all foods except brains and tripe and only recently started liking coriander, Brussels sprouts and bananas – things hated for 40yrs. Recently also adopting the paleo lifestyle when at home so enjoy my paleo recipes – much healthier for us all 🙂 When not at home and out about reviewing restaurants or food festivals I will happily eat anything and love trying new food combinations.

I write regular slow cooker Sunday meals and have embarked on a Brussels Sprout cooking odyssey with the goal of being known in the world as “the Brussels sprouts guy.”

I am also a movie critic, editor and publisher on SALTY POPCORN.

Jason is a food critic, photographer and social media manager. He embraces over-eating and breaking cultural differences through our bellies.

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