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Mike, the stepdad, had some spare Christmas cash and offered to take Mum and I to lunch on Boxing Day if I found and booked a place on Christmas Day, determined to make it work I asked the fine folks of the Central Coast Food Lovers Group on Facebook where we should go, the local community is so active on this page, I just love it!!

Avoca Beach House was suggested multiple times and after trying to get a booking by following an incorrect link the restaurant commented on the post and they had tested it and I discovered I was using an incorrect link so managed to get it booked, from bed, late at night but I was determined to get Mike to pay hahaha

It was the perfect place for a Boxing Day lunch!!

The Venue

Christmas on the Central Coast this year was all about Micro Storms, then sun, and repeat and Boxing Day was no different. We arrived at the beach to see it epically packed, everyone was trying to get as much sun as possible, and surprise surprise, I managed to get a park in the carpark right next to the venue.

The venue is upstairs and as you can tell from the pictures it has one of the best views of all time, looking North East over the beach. They have outdoor and indoor seating, I requested indoor as mum gets cold from a breath of wind.

The venue is wonderfully designed so each table can see the view. We watched the storm move over and then we watched the entire beach empty in about 5mins, I preferred watching the storm as opposed to people watching haha

The People

The service was exceptional, top notch, just brilliant.

So attentive but not intrusive, one of the staff, an English guy, not sure if an accident called the stepdad “Darling.” Mum found it quite amusing haha

Everyone explained the dishes or the cocktails and we talked about the annoying weather and the time of the year and they had just the right amount of staff on so no-one went waiting, it no doubt cost them a fortune but the customer service cannot be faulted.

The clientele seemed a little older than the usual, it is wonderfully comfortable so I can see it being local fave of retirees and cashed up couples.

What we ordered…

🦪 A Dozen Oysters, half with yuzu dressing and half kilpatrick $52-

🦑 Salt & pepper calamari with sweet chilli & lime $18-

🥬 Fried zucchini flowers with romesco $21-

🍗 Buttermilk chicken wings & chipotle mayo $16- (mum had two entrees for her meal)

🐟 Sri Lankan shellfish & fish curry rice $35-

🍤 Garlic prawn linguine, tomato, chilli, gremolata $36-

🥦 Broccolini with chilli and garlic $14-

🍸 2x Classic Affogato $17ea

🍹 2x Cocktails and 1x beer

The Food

I am of two minds on the food, I enjoyed it but found it a little safe. In the nicest possible way to describe it – it was almost like High End Club Food, something the older generation adores. They do use local fresh produce and seafood, and on my next visit I think I need a seafood platter, a few were carried past and they had us drooling! But they need to take a few more dish chances – the Sri Lankan curry is a good step, perhaps a chowder, or something lobster for me to make sweet love to hahaha.

The Food continued…

The oysters were perfection, the calamari was standard, the chicken wings were nice, Mum only ate a few and I finished them at home a couple of days later, still delicious. The zucchini flowers are always a favourite and Mum had never tried them – this is now a favourite of hers to enjoy!

Mike’s main won the dish of the day, the Sri Lankan curry looked fabulous, so good in fact it made mum angry when Mike spilled it on his shirt – and I have now looked at adult bibs hahaha. Mike was recovering from a flu so didn’t get to try it. Contagion had passed – he wasn’t spreading plague.

I loved the Prawn Linguini, but there was a texture in the gremolata I didn’t like, it was like a crispy plant-based item to chew on, and it was out of place with the meal, for me. But the garlic levels were perfect and the six large prawns were generous. I left a small bit of pasta and the sauce in the bowl and the waiters were concerned I didn’t like it. No point in unnecessary carb loading haha

I had the passionfruit cocktail and loved it, Mum had another that she wasn’t too enamoured by, for the life of me I can’t recall what it was. Mike had the beer which he always likes.

The affogatos were almost perfect, Mike and I will always order this if available – but, something I have never said before, the ice cream could be less, it felt like three scoops where two would have done, you don’t want to dilute the coffee and Frangelico too much!


In Conclusion

Avoca Beach House was a perfect Boxing Day lunch venue, overlooking the beach and watching people run with the storm coming in.

The parents and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but I want some more risky dishes, something to see the Central Coast Food Lovers saying “you have got to visit the Avoca Beach House for the best XXXX on the Central Coast.”

The staff were the winning asset at Avoca Beach House and I will return soon!

SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets & 0/1 bonus

*** Spooning Australia was invited, with thanks, by the venue ***

All photographs are Copyrighted by Spooning Australia and Jason King – please feel free to share with full credit provided.

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