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Fine Dining Indian at foodie destination The Hub on Hall Street

Masala Theory Surry Hills has been a favourite restaurant of mine for years, I worked for an Indian Restaurant Group for many years and wasn’t allowed to promote any others but that has come to an end and Masala Theory is a client now which is even better. If you have been to my house you will see me and the restaurant share certain design elements, namely they are both filled with lots of bright colours. My sense of design hums when in their Surry Hills venue.

But now, the beautiful Bondi venue has recently opened and it is just as magnificent, slightly more refined, it feels more posh haha.

I went to their opening a few weeks ago and then dined in the venue on their first Saturday night, and had a ball on both occasions.

The Venue

Located in The Hub on Hall Street, a fairly newish and busy foodie precinct in Bondi, it houses some of Sydney’s finer venues, Lulu Bondi, Taqiza Mexican, Da Orazio, Ori’s Bar, Gelato Messina, Papa Pasticceria, China Diner, Café Makuto, bills, and now Masala Theory. They also have fresh fruit and veg markets and retailers, such as Harris Farm and Field to Fork, plus Papa Pasticceria’s authentic Italian treats and deli snacks.

You don’t need to go anywhere else for food in Bondi!

Masala Theory is upstairs opposite China Diner and the restaurant choice are vast upstairs. There is indoor and covered outdoor seating, inside they have two levels, the main downstairs area and a more private mezzanine level (where they plonked the Global Party People DJs for the opening, who were amazing). They have their signature pink neon bike on the wall and their famed wall art that is fun, cheeky and you will need to check it all out.

They have gone for the same gold topped metal tables which I just adore and the Chinese visitors will love. The chairs are either black leather topped, pink (almost) velour topped or the same pink as a bench seat next to the kitchen.

Kudos to the restaurant partner in operations, Aakanksha, who is also an architect and designed the entire space, she did a wonderful design making use of the entire space.

The People

I have known the owner Yashpal for years, a gentle and fun owner, who has taken a different approach to Indian food, he calls it Neo Indian and, no, not a Matrix version, a newer modern take on the food. Indian purists will dislike it but it is perfect for the Bondi and Surry Hills areas, an almost Neocosm for Sydney youth, they will welcome the more modern style, the bright colours and paintings of Indians smoking mushrooms out of giant bongs haha

On both visits, in the first week, we were lucky as there are heaps more staff on during opening days, with staff everywhere the service is grand, but also the staff who were new, and not brought over from Surry Hills, have very limited knowledge of the food and drinks, lucky Yashpal was around, he is the messiah of Masala knowledge.

The chefs at both venues are always happy and share a wave and a smile, their food is always almost flawless and it is great to see this in a restaurant.

What we ordered…

CHICKEN CURRY BOMBS (of course) $22

CHERMOULA CHICKEN TIKKA $22 – five spice marinade, cheese, garlic


THREE SISTERS CHAAT $20 – spinach crisps, yogurt cloud, sweet & tangy chutneys, rasgulla bits


peppercorn marinade, jalapeno aioli

LEHSUNI STRAWBERRY CHICKEN $32 – pistol masala, strawberry compote, cream sauce


masala, coconut, fennel pollen


MUMBAI MARGARITA $24 – Masala Theory’s Signature Cocktail – silver tequila, cointreau, coconut- pineapple sap, lime, chili shrub

GULAB MARTINI $24 – vodka, Indian rose potion, lychee liquor, apple & lime nectar

The Food

I’m still full from our visit over a week ago haha. If you have been to either Masala Theory you have no doubt had their Curry Bombs, their Neo version of Gol Gappa or Pani Puri, they come in either Chicken, Vegetarian or Vegan and they will have you completely addicted.

My dish of the day was the Lehsuni Strawberry Chicken – do yourself a favour and order it – I will probably order this every time I eat there. My guest’s favourite dish was the Three Sister’s Chaat, visually it is their best dish, taste wise it is packed with flavour and we kept it on the table as a dipping sauce for the dishes that were too hot.

The lamb strips and the chermoula chicken I think were the hot dishes, but with the yoghurt were brilliant for our tastebuds haha. I am sure Yahspal thought we were weak haha

The roti was wonderful as was the barra curry, I am not a huge fan of barramundi but would order this again.

The cocktails were impressive – the Mumbai Margarita had issues, namely we couldn’t taste any alcohol, we spoke to Yash and had it remade, apparently it was a new Vodka they were trialling and it sounds like the vodka was one a pyscho flatmate of mine made by replacing al the vodka with water haha, the remake was enough to ensure my guest didn’t drive home haha

In Conclusion

In all fairness I will not score Masala Theory out of 5, being a client they are always a 5/5, but the opening paragraph says it all for my review summary. I usually don’t review clients, but I loved the pics and the experience so much I had to share.

I just adore Masala Theory, their food, their people, their drinks and the venue – just wonderful.


*** Spooning Australia was invited, with thanks, by the venue ***

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Masala Theory Bondi Deets



+61 406 363 634


79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach


Walk ins are currently accepted



Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

5pm to 9:30pm (last orders)

Friday and Sunday

12pm to 10pm (last orders)


12pm to 9:30pm (last orders)

Vegetarian Options


Local Delivery

Gluten-Free Options

Kid Friendly
If they are very quiet haha

Fully Licensed Only