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UME Burger | Barangaroo


UME BURGER is the sister venue for the Surry Hills iconic casual Japanese eatery, Bar UME. I have not attended the Surry Hills mothership but if it is anything like this fracking amazing outlet I will be soon.

It took quite a while on the title image for this article. I always seem to go with the logo or a stunning piece of food from the venue but for UME Burger I had to settle on a pic of one of my mum’s closest friends and a lady I have grown close to over the last fifteen years, my named and adopted “Granny”. I have made the photo more harsh than the beauty that is granny, but while that face is slightly older than mine she out travels and out parties me year on year. Always a ball is had when dining or watching movies with this lovely lady. And so it was on our fun and delightful visit to the amazing UME Burger.


Ume Burger Venue image



UME Burger is one of the relatively new venues on the waterfront of Barangaroo. The place is fantastic – new and clean and packed with amazing venues. I really need to head back and eat at about a dozen more venues. The venue itself is a simple order counter with a kitchen behind it and then seating. It is not a restaurant per se, it’s more a simple, clean and efficient food and drink outlet.

One of the highlights of the venue for me is the order-board and the incredible origami art above it. Those food origami are ridiculously expensive and while they look like novelty pieces of paper they are in fact pieces of art.


Ume Burger Rosé image



UME Burger Grog:

Everything about UME Burger is on-point and the alcohol is no exception. It’s a small selection but it’s all good. With decent wines, beers, ciders and sodas they also offer some great Sake, Sochu, Umeshu and Yuzushu. There is stuff for you all to love. Granny is a rosé lover and enjoyed it but didn’t love it. I am a beer and red wine lover, I skipped the wine and downed two lovely, as always, Asahi.


Ume Burger Origami Menu Board image


UME Burger Food:

The food at UME is fast, efficient and clean. It is Japanese influenced as is everything in the venue. The food is good for a reason, hatted Head Chef Kerby Craig runs the food, and everything about it was just perfection. The venue, the food, the drinks, the service, everything feels strictly Japanese in the respect of disciplined, clean, efficient and fracking delicious. I would happily work here!


Ume Burger Ebi Burger image

Ebi Burger



The burgers at UME Burger are quite different than what the norm is – and that is marvellous. The menu (both alcohol and food) is fluid in that it changes regularly. On the website you will notice the menu section that is titled “Sample Menu” and while everything on that menu is something they serve it may not being served on your visit. I am sure the staples of fried chicken and UME Burger will always be served but at the moment I know the Ebi (prawn) burger is off the menu. Don’t fret – the food is ALL good – if you miss something go back another time – I wish I lived closer – would love to visit this place more.


Ume Burger Koji Fried Chicken image

Koji Fried Chicken




We kicked off the delights with Renkon Chips aka Lotus Root Chips – these came sprinkled in seaweed salt. They are bloody marvellous – would love packets of these at home. Perfect and healthier than your regular crisps, a superb complimenting snack to anything alcoholic. The nori salt was divine – would love to cook with it!


Koji is a Japanese seasoning that has been used for centuries to marinate meats and pickle vegetables and can also be used as a sauce. The enzymes in koji tenderize meats and enhance their flavor, adding intense savory depth. And so it is with this simple, tender and bloody moorish fried chicken. Easily one of my favourite fried chicken dishes in Sydney – and dipping it into that Kewpie-style mayo is enough to make me start salivating all over again.


Ume Burger image

Ume Burger



The UME Burger is their signature burg. Beef Pattie, Wagyu Mince Sauce, Truss Tomato, Onion, Mayo and American Cheese. It is bloody divine and that wagyu mince sauce is a standout and next level delicious. It is a very small burger however and I would definitely go a double patty or even better, a second, different burger to get more of the UME love.


The Ebi Burger won hands down for both of us as the preferred burger, yep better than the UME. Handmade Prawn Katsu, Japanese tartare sauce and shredded cabbage. The flavours were just divine and the filling was plentiful. My eyes rolled back in my head eating this one. I scored this burg a 4.6/5 when I first ate it. Just brilliant and a burg I will inhale again.


Ume Burger Ebi Burger Cross Section image

Ebi Burger Cross Section



UME Burger is a must visit place – if you aren’t that keen on Barangaroo then head to Bar UME in Surry Hills. Everything these guys touch I just love. Their Japanese inspiration and originality in food make it one of my top venues of 2017 so far. Ensure you get that fried chicken and if the Ebi Burger isn’t on the menu I am sure a pork or even fish katsu burger will be to your liking.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Ume Burger Deets:


Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo NSW 2000

BOOKINGS: Only for Group Bookings


Mon — Sat 1145am — 1030pm

Sun 1145am — 930pm

BAR: Yes


LOCAL DELIVERY: I doubt it – probably from their other venue







*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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