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Stuffing My Face at STUFFED BEAVER, Crows Nest



I was stoked to be invited by friend to hit up STUFFED BEAVER in Crows Nest, not once, but twice! What’s not to love about a chilled AF venue, serving drinks and Canadian Diner food. And throw in some gaming machines, and to a lesser extent of enjoyment for me, a giant TV playing endless sports. My only problem with this venue is that I can’t walk there so I can’t hang out playing games, drinking Canadian Beer and smashing burgers with a side of poutine and then walk home!


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Earlier this year STUFFED BEAVER opened on the Pacific Highway in Crows Nest. This is there second venue and to make it simple they just moved into an old Mexican restaurant venue that had shut down. They barely changed the decor at all and have made it their own with a few additions adorning the walls, it looks like they have been here for years. It feels like an old saloon or diner. It’s two stories, embraces sports passionately and has some great computer games you can spend hours playing. It’s completely no frills and very chill. Snow and Skateboards hang on the walls upstairs as does beaver art and the bar downstairs is long and well stocked.

The place is huge and will hold appeal to everyone. Kids will love this place as much as the adults and I would happily do Canadian breakfasts here if this was an option but alas it only opens at 12. Lunch and dinner is cheap as chips with the most expensive item only costing $18-.


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I like hotdogs 😜

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Chili Dog



“A well-worn, unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular clientele. The term can describe anything from a comfortable-but-basic neighbourhood pub to the nastiest swill-slinging hole.” Basically as no-frills as possible.

STUFFED BEAVER is the second venue from the peeps who have run THE STUFFED BEAVER in Bondi for quite a few years. The Bondi venue is described as a dive bar. It’s much smaller in size and is a bar that serves food. The Bondi venue has a “the” in the title but Crows Nest is too chill for that, it’s straight up STUFFED BEAVER. Where Bondi is a small bar that serves food, Crows Nest is more a diner that serves alcohol. Being classed as a diner apparently this means you HAVE to order food to drink, where as at Bondi, you can just go and get fucked up if you desire haha. But you won’t want to miss out on poutine, wings and epic burgs!!!


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The menu has all the goodness you need; and over two visits I have eaten a hell of a lot of it. Burgers check, wings and hot wings check, fish tacos check (although I can’t seem to find this on the menu at the moment), POUTINE HELLS YES CHECK, cocktails check, Canadian beers check. Chili dogs, corn cobs, quesadilla, onion rings, nachos, a kid’s menu and even something called salads – ALL CHECK. Grab some mates, I reckon the more the merrier for this place, although MAKE A BOOKING. It tends to get full and you don’t want to get turned away.


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Over two visits I need to add – I am not that much of a pig!

  • ACID CARGO – Double shot of Cargo cult spiced rum with a smidge of traditional lemonade and finished off with Bundaberg’s finest ginger beer. The perfect way to keep a smile on ya dial.
  • MARGARITA – Sauza Blanco Triple Sec, fresh lemon and lime juice, served on the rocks with a salted rim.
  • FRICKLES – Start your feed with these, six battered spears for your pickled pleasure. Served with ranch dip.
  • CHILI DOG – Chili con carne and shredded Jack cheese on your hotdog is up there with man’s greatest inventions and the Queso cheese sauce makes it even better.
  • CLASSIC POUTINE – Fries, gravy and cheese.
  • FISH TACO – can’t find the deets but it had a mild spicy salsa slaw and a wicked chiili ranch dressing on a soft taco
  • TOM’S HOT WINGS – Our infamous hot wings served with ranch dressing.
  • BEAVER BBQ WINGS – Served smothered in our house Beaver BBQ sauce with ranch dressing.
  • CHEESE BURGER – Beaver beef pattie (we triple pattied), American cheese, finely diced red onion, tommy gun sauce and mustard.
  • THE CHIEF WIGGUM – Beaver beef pattie, fried jack cheese, jalapenos, pulled pork, Beaver BBQ sauce and seeded mustard.
  • CAPT’N SULLOS STRONG ARM – The Beaver’s version of the Fish Fillet. Your choice of battered or grilled lemon and lime infused fish fillets. With lettuce, cucumber and topped with slaw.
  • THE BFC (BEAVER FRIED CHICKEN) – Panko crusted thigh fillet with slaw and a tangy, chili mayo. The Colonel got nothing on this bad boy.
  • MAKE ‘AMERICANA’ GREAT AGAIN – Beaver beef pattie, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles and our new beaver burger sauce… no brainer!


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This is my kind of food. Big, ballsy, no frills and fun. Starting with the drinks I left my cocktail choice up to the lovely Beavers. I kicked off with the ACID CARGO spiced rum cocktail, Laarni hit up the MARGARITA. The rum put hairs on my chest and Laarni inhaled the MARGARITA, a leftover homage to the previous Mexican restaurant perhaps.

We asked the Beavers what was the best stuff to order. And it was suggested we try the FRICKLES, good choice, crispy outer and soft centred fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce – hell yes!! A nice acid bite from the pickle and every mouthful a treat that was perfect with my rum. It didn’t peak early but the CHILI DOG was my favourite meal and I ordered it twice, seriously one of the best chili dogs in Sydney! And pair it with the MOON DOG BEER – the best of Canada in a tin! The POUTINE was decent, I still want a poutine in Sydney that will make me jizz, but this wasn’t it. I just need to go to Canada damnit!!

The FISH TACO was another fave of mine, it had such a wonderful spicy kick to it. I can’t see it on the menu from their website at the moment, it could be in Crows Nest only but I am not sure, if you see it, order it. It calls for a second MOON DOG :). The wings get a big tick, I preferred the hot wings to the BBQ wings but this is personal taste. The marinade is decent and the hot wings live up to their name, may I suggest another MOON DOG – can you tell I loved this beer?


Then it was burger time and over two visits it was a LOT of burgers. I did not eat the TRIPLE PATTIED CHEESEBURGER but as usual Issac smashed it like it was a slider. He enjoyed it. THE CHIEF WIGGUM was my favourite burger from the first visit, we doubled it on the second and I could not finish it. I loved the seeded mustard, something you never see on a burger. And combining pulled pork and a beef patty was a wicked combo I need again!

CAPT’N SULLOS STRONG ARM was something most would never order. The fish burger is always hidden at the bottom of the menu so I had to order it. It was exactly like a FILLET OF FISH from Maccas but gourmet and moorish as all hell. Loved it. It was small so would allow me to devour more CHILI DOG, WINGS and POUTINE. On my next visit I need the BFC, Sam ate this one and enjoyed it. I know they will do the spice well so need it in my belly! And finally, while Laarni was scared of her MAKE AMERICANA GREAT AGAIN, she devoured it and loved it. It represents a typical hamburger with meat, cheese and salad, and of course BACON.


Stuffed Beaver and Three Spoonsfull

Good Friend Laarni aka Three Spoonsfull Scared of Her Burger – Love this Pic 🤣



I wish I lived closer to Crows Nest because STUFFED BEAVER and I are a perfect match. It’s my kind of food porn. Beers, burgers, chili dogs, poutine, and all the greats of a good Canadian diner. And of course, MOON DOG in a tin. Come to Daddy!


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus



PH: 02 9437 9746

419 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065

BOOKINGS: Suggested

PRICING: The most expensive meal is $18 for a burger! Cheap is poutine covered chips!


Tue – Sat: 12pm to 12am
Sun: 12pm to 10pm

TAKEAWAY: I don’t think so

LOCAL DELIVERY: I don’t think so



KID FRIENDLY: Definitely








*** Spooning Australia dined as guests of Three Spoonsful at Stuffed Beaver on the first visit and as guests of Issac and Lady Eastalot on the second face stuffing ***

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Stuffing My Face at STUFFED BEAVER, Crows NestSpooning

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