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Mowbray Eatery | Lane Cove


Thanks to the wonderful peeps at Sydney Public Relations I scored an invite to the night menu opening of the newly named MOWBRAY EATERY. Originally named and known as STAIN CAFE the venue has made a few changes. The most notable being the new weekly-changing night menu and the name change.


MOWBRAY EATERY is located in Lane Cove and is one of the first reviews in a long time I could attend this side of the Harbour Bridge. It is set in a standalone building with a medium sized indoor seating area surround by glass. This opens to a large stunning outdoor balcony area built around a beautiful paperbark tree. I have attended twice now in the evening but that deck looks sublime for breakfasts, lunches and anything in warmer weather.


Mowbray Eatery Tree image


The opening night was more of a celebration for the venue, to thank everyone for their support and to sample some of their cooking marvels. I only got to try a couple of items, the fantastic Tina from Sydney PR invited me back to the venue to try out the menu. On the night of the opening I only shot the below prawns. They looked fantastic, but I did not get to eat them. I also tried and loved the chocolate brownies down below that were topped with raspberries. And the last shot is the most amazing host and owner Tasia offering me some superb Mexican wedding cookies at the opening.


The most impressive thing about MOWBRAY EATERY is their cooking expertise, it is flawless and leaves the venue as one of my top three for 2016 (so far). They embrace paddock to plate, farm to table and everything they cook is overwhelmingly fresh. I cannot rave enough about it.


Mowbray Eatery Prawn Canapés image



On the night I attended I took the delightful Laarni from Three Spoons Full with me. The place was elegantly mood lit and the ideal place for a romantic night out. It is also suitable for quiet nights out with friends, family and even food bloggers there for fine company, food and wine (that we brought ourselves). One quick thing of note – MOWBRAY EATERY does not serve alcohol but is licensed as BYO, $3.50 per person.

Again I need to stress how exceptional the paddock to plate food is. With weekly menu changes based on what is at its freshest you will need to check out their Facebook page weekly to see the menu. Tasia’s family is Greek and a lot of the food is Greek inspired with influences from modern Australian and multiple country fusions.


Mowbray Eatery Prawn Saganaki image



Our menu started with the above Prawn Saganaki – basil, cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic and feta. In Greek cuisine, saganaki basically means the meal has been prepared in a small frying pan. This was subtly flavoured with each element working in unison with the next. Those prawns I need to eat again and the kitchen staff need awards.


Mowbray Eatery Sautéed Green Beans image



Accompanying our meal we ordered a simple sautéed green beans with an orange vinaigrette and slivered almonds. I am never really one to get excited about beans, but I could have eaten this bowl of beans as a dish to myself. perfectly cooked with that comfortable crunch to highlight the freshness. The flavours of the vinaigrette and almonds wasn’t something I would think of for beans but wow – two thumbs up!!


Mowbray Eatery Crispy Skin Salmon image



Laarni’s main, that I had the fortune of sharing was a market crispy skin fish. This came with sautéed spinach, polenta sticks, grilled fennel and burnt lime. The day we visited it was a salmon and I am nearly speechless, this salmon was perfection. Besides being perfectly cooked it literally was the best crispy fish skin I have ever eaten. The complimenting editions were sublime. The seasoning was minimal with the freshness of the ingredients singing a culinary choral overture on their own.


Chocolate Brownie with Raspberries image



The title image for the article was my ordered meal. It was a Greek inspired gnocchi and nothing like any Italian gnocchi I have ever eaten. It was pan fried, house made gnocchi, with baby spinach, confit cherry tomatoes, asparagus, hazelnut butter and parmesan flakes. At only $26 for this dish it is worth much more. It was basically sauceless and each item, each mouthful just blew my mind. I will be keeping my eyes out for this one to re-appear and I will be returning for more. I need my parents to eat this one – they are going to fall in love. The difficulty in sharing this with Laarni was large.


Apple, Date and Rhubarb Crumble image



I can’t stop gushing – even the desserts were flawless. Let’s start with an Apple, Date and Rhubarb crumble with Chantilly cream and maple syrup. By this stage I was just sitting in a puddle of drool and working out the logistics of moving to Lane Cove.


Sticky Date Pudding image


But then to rub it in we finished off with a Sticky Date Pudding with Miso Caramel sauce, walnut praline and vanilla bean ice-cream. The end – I was done, I was in complete submission of worship to MOWBRAY EATERY – I was and am in love with this place. Culinary heaven level unlocked.


Mexican Wedding Cookies image



MOWBRAY EATERY is a sublime venue, a venue that respects its patrons with complete respect and devotion to the food it serves. One day I will get out to visit for a brunch but for now I am happy to return again for dinner. Tasia, the chefs and all the staff at MOBRAY EATERY have my sincere thanks and applause for a wonderful experience and superb food. Bravo!




Mowbray Eatery Deets:

1 Felton Avenue, Lane CoveNorth, Lane Cove, NSW

Phone: (02) 9427 8083



Monday to Wednesday: 630am to 4pm

Thursday to Saturday: 630am to 930pm

Sunday: 630am to 3pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, ss always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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