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Everybody knows Michel’s Patisserie, surely you have bought a last minute celebration cake there to race off to a party. I regularly buy my coffee there as a few years in a row they won best franchise coffee establishment in Australia. I also really like the staff at the Warringah Mall store where I order a lot of coffees. Michel’s is now upping their game. It was with thanks to Nuffnang Australia and Michel’s Patisserie and Cafe that I was offered a sponsored post opportunity to go and in and check out their new concept. As such, please be advised I was paid for this visit.


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Michel’s Patisserie and Cafe is the latest concept in expanding what Michel’s offers, it is no longer just a cake shop and coffee place. The newer stores are now fully fledged cafes offering both breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have an extensive menu and a full kitchen to cook up a legitimate cafe offering. There are only two of the new Michel’s Patisserie and Cafe outlets in Sydney at the moment, one in Spring Farm and the other in Mascot, where we visited. While they offer a breakfast and lunch (which serves through in to dinner) we attended for the breakfast.


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We drank plenty of tea and coffee and my stepdad loves his coffee in a giant mug and giant mugs Michel’s has. They are great mugs and my mocha was splendid, Mike went back for seconds and mum enjoyed an English breakfast tea. We ordered up big, enough to feed a family a lot larger than mine. The store was a little panicked at me ordering seven meals for three of us, I wanted to shoot a full table flat lay and requested the seven dishes come out at roughly the same time but the kitchen was short staffed on the visit and it was one meal at a time and spread out. No flat lay but not complaining as we enjoyed all the food.


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The banana bread was marvellous and was oddly one of my favourite dishes, could eat an entire loaf of the stuff. Special thanks to mum for some fantastic hand modelling, she never mentioned the tea cup was too hot for her hands until after I got the shot – great model indeed!


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The big breakfast was everything you want in a big breakfast, served on a large black rectangular plate it has everything a growing lad needs. My one gripe, personal preference here – in my opinion eggs should be served on the toast/ bread, not on the side. You need to have the eggs on something that will soak up the yolk when you break it. However, it looked great and Mike (the stepdad) inhaled it all with gusto giving two thumbs up.


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I ordered the vegetarian breakfast for two reasons. Firstly, it sounded great and secondly, the parental units had ordered what I normally would. It was a splendid dish. Poached eggs with sweet potato fries, roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, avocado, spinach leaves, quinoa and tomatoes. Served on toasted Turkish bread with tomato relish. I loved the dish and will order it again.

The one negative – the Turkish bread wasn’t toasted, it would have made a world of difference with some more warmth and crunchier texture. Also for the size – it would probably never be eaten as a sandwich by putting the top bun on. I wouldn’t bother serving it with the top part of the Turkish bread – an open bun is delicious enough and looks fantastic. Those sweet potato fries were a total winner for me – I would happily visit to order a bowl of those on their own.


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You can’t go wrong with crepes and we all loved these – mum especially, she LOVED dipping them into the maple syrup. The above was the crepes with lemon. Three folded crepes with some strawberries on top then a bowl of lemons, a bowl of maple syrup and a bowl of icing sugar. We used the maple syrup and the lemons and the crepes tasted superb.


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Next up was mum’s order of Eggs Benedict. It is poached eggs served on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce and a choice of either Ham and Spinach, Avocado and Spinach or Smoked Salmon and Spinach. Mum went the Ham and Spinach and worshipped the dish. We both approved of serving it on English muffins. I grew up in a house where bread of choice for mornings was always English muffins. They cup the food better and have great crispiness and absorption. In mum’s own words “the best hollandaise I think I have eaten.” She indulged in it all and I got to try the hollandaise sauce on my vegetarian breakfast – I approve.


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The next two were further favourites. Just the words Nutella and Crepe are enough to make my knees wobble. You can order in a single, double or triple servings of the Nutella crepes with strawberries and bananas. We went the double because, hey, we weren’t gluttons :). Just drool – no words needed, if the venue had burned holes through the crepes and dropped them on the floor the Nutella would have made it still amazing. These didn’t survive long on the plate.

In addition to the crepes was also a more health conscious breakfast. The Signature Muesli Bowl was incredibly impressive. Toasted muesli with poached berries, Greek yoghurt and pumpkin seeds. Served with a side of milk. This was delicious and I could happily eat this for breakfast every morning.

One of the greatest things about all the breakfasts is the price point. All of them were under $15-. Even the big breakfast was only $13.50. You will rarely find that in a Sydney cafe.


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The owner arrived as we were finishing breakfast. We talked about the complex, how long they have been operating and the menu. It is extensive. Besides the breakfast we ate there is so much more. The lunch menu is also three pages long and offers light meals, sandwiches, salads, full on lunch meals like fish and chips, lasagna and they even have a chicken parmigiana. And they also serve a few burgers. He was kind enough to have the kitchen make me the Angus Gourmet Beef Burger. It comes with beef patty, salad, cheese, caramelised onion relish and tomato relish served on a brioche bun with a side of those divine sweet potato chips with beetroot relish dipping sauce.

I specialise in burger eating and it is no match for the burger chef wizardry of Sydney but it tasted decent for a cafe burger. The winner was those relishes, the combination of the onion relish with the tomato relish was incredibly moorish and kept me going back for more bites even though I had just eaten enough for a small army.


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Thumbs up to Michel’s Patisserie and Cafe. They have taken their current offerings and upped the ante. We were all impressed. Nothing has really changed at Michel’s Patierrie, Gloria Jeans or Starbucks over the last ten years. They always look the same and could be seen as somewhat stale in their aesthetic. This has gone next level and in my opinion pushed Michel’s above the competition. I will return to Michel’s Patisserie and Cafe and look forward to some opening closer to my home. I need those crepes again and want an Eggs Benedict to myself :).

Michel’s Patisserie Deets:

They have multiple sites Australia wide – the site I visited was located in the new Meriton Apartments in Mascot.




See the store locator on their website.

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited and/or paid guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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