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The Méjico/ INDU food group is one of my fave restaurant groups in Sydney. Their Méjico at Miranda is one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in the massively wider greater Sydney and INDU is just sublime with their modern Indian fusion cuisine. So when I was asked a while back if I wanted to visit their Méjico in Sydney’s CBD of course I was going to say yes. I wasn’t stupid! I made one fatal mistake however, I asked to visit on a Friday night. It was so busy and so packed that I found it a little difficult to relax and review. It also made it quite hard, or more awkward in front of so many people, to photograph the food. But we managed, the cocktails definitely helped.


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Located in Pitt St Sydney the Méjico venue is long and fairly narrow. It is modern industrial in design and has an appealing yet hectic vibe (on Friday night). Exposed bricks, some red lighting, giant lampshades all gave it a very modern and welcoming tone. The front section has small low stool seating around small tables, this is more for cocktails and nibbles. As you progress inside there is a bar to the right and a kitchen to the left. There is a lot of tables for couples and some larger tables and the place stretches back quite a ways. Pretty much every table was full not long after we arrived. We dined at the cocktails stools for a bit before being moved to the couples tables and then moved to another couples table that had a tiny bit more room.

Choosing to eat in peak dining on a Friday night when everyone is finishing work and desperate for drinks wasn’t my finest booking moment. We were moved around a couple of times trying to find a suitable table we could eat and photograph at and I was embarrassed I had become one of those difficult food bloggers. Luckily the staff took it all in their stride like they dealt with pedantic food tools on a regular basis.


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My Fave Cocktail at Méjico – Guadalajaran



Both the Méjico venues are master drink makers. They specialise in tequila to the point of Yoda status and it was these guys that showed me there are more tequilas than I ever imagined and that, like Champagne, tequila is area specific. You can’t make a tequila in Australia, it literally only comes form a place called Tequila in Mexico. Checkout my review on the Miranda Méjico for more deets. If trying some of the tequilas – let the rod/wheel assist you in your selection. It is very cool, ask the staff about it or again read my review for Miranda.

I ordered my fave drink from the Méjicos – the Guadalajaran. Roasted pineapple infused Jose Cuervo Silver, vanilla liqueur, pineapple, cranberry, citrus and passionfruit. It was and always will be one of the most beautiful cocktails – I could drink them all night long. My dining guest, Laarni, was made a Poblano Sour cocktail – Ancho Chilli Infused Jose Cuervo Silver, Pimms, pink grapefruit, citrus Agave and egg white. It was beautiful to shoot but it was slightly too spicy for a drink. I am not a fan of the spicy drinks but it looked gorgeous. Following these we somehow downed a couple of their Signature Margaritas and then perhaps a couple more. The margarita:  José Cuervo Tradicional Silver, Triple Sec, fresh lemon, egg white and agave. Served in a salt rimmed margarita glass. Deeeeeeeelish!


Méjico Sydney CBD Poblano Sour Cocktail image

Méjico Sydney CBD Poblano Sour Cocktail



The menu is quite varied and fun to select from. All the Méjico and INDU venues are farm to plate restaurants which definitely adds to the appeal. The food is as fresh as it can be and you can tell in the taste. It is always just sublime. We kicked the dining off with what MUST be eaten when dining at Méjico; fresh guacamole made at the table. It is some of the best guac you will eat in your life and the theatrics of the creation is always really cool.

Then we hit up the Beetroot Tortilla and Goat’s Cheese. Handmade beetroot tortilla topped with wasabi and minted pea guacamole, asparagus tips  and spice rolled goat’s cheese. SO MUCH DROOL – this dish is amazing!! Since we dined they have altered with the plating a bit and it looks even better than below. It’s quite a different guac than the actual guac so don’t be afraid to double green.


Méjico Sydney CBD Beetroot Tortilla and Goat's Cheese image

Beetroot Tortilla and Goat’s Cheese


We then finished off our shared plates/ starters with Chorizo Tacos – MUST HAVE!!! Pan-fried with garlic and Pedro Ximenez, jalapeno pesto, aged balsamic aioli and whipped zesty ricotta. I could have just eaten a dozen of these and still have enjoyed the food. They also do an ocean trout taco and a hickory and honey smoked brisket taco which is sure to make you squee in delight.

Méjico has a lot of share food. We didn’t get any on this visit but I highly recommend you get some share stuff from the “Street” section. The corn lollipop is one of my favourite dishes of theirs. How can you say no to grilled halloumi and I will be returning for the bone marrow salsa alone.


Méjico Sydney CBD Chorizo Tacos image

Chorizo Tacos



We, of course, kept the sharing going and stuffed our faces on the mains. First from the kitchen was the Chipotle and Miso Barramundi. Pan-roasted barra served on garden peas, pickled red beetroot and Szechuan chilli oil. It was divine. A nice heat to it and a perfectly cooked piece of barra! Also one of the only times I have eaten Szechuan anything and my tongue hasn’t gone numb. I have a very weird reaction to szechuan.

Following on from the barra was the Ancho Chilli Duck Breast. One of my favourite meals from the night. It was perfectly cooked and marvellously seasoned and I have some very sad news for you. It’s currently off the menu. I would recommend the Achiote Chicken or the Adobo Lamb Rump in its place.


Méjico Sydney CBD Chipotle and Miso Barramundi image

Chipotle and Miso Barramundi

Méjico Sydney CBD Ancho Chilli Duck Breast image

Ancho Chilli Duck Breast



And then there was that food you stuff in your hollow legs………the dessert. We stuffed into our gobs the Mini Margarita Cheesecakes and the Ice-Cream Sandwich. Both heavenly!! The margarita cheesecakes are bite-sized citrus and tequila cheesecakes with tajin salt, dehydrated lime & coconut tostadas. You will love them! If you visit their other venue, INDU, they do an amazing Gin and Tonic version with coconut and pistachio. Both need to be enjoyed!

The Ice Cream Sandwich is a handmade giant macaroon filled with ice cream and chilli chocolate ganache. The macaroon is impressive – about twice the size of your standard macaroon. And the ganache is mildly spicy and cooled with the ice cream.

If you require Mexican standard then the churros will more than satisfy and you will also love the fourth and last dessert…the Chocolate Shot. Tequila infused liquid chocolate with cinnamon sticks, hibiscus flower and pecan nuts. I NEED TO TRY THIS!!


Méjico Sydney CBD Margarita Cheesecakes image

Margarita Cheesecakes

Méjico Sydney CBD Ice Cream Sandwich image

Ice Cream Sandwich



The food at Méjico CBD is up to the superb standards of Méjico Miranda and INDU. I struggle to fault their food. And the drinks make my knees wobble. I just wish I attended on a quiet night because the masses of people on Friday CBD post-work/ need-drinks crowd made me uneasy. I’m a shy guy and like my space, I’m also hard of hearing in one ear so I had to basically just ignore most of the conversation with Laarni and nod in agreement to everything with no idea what she was saying haha. Thank Zeus for Tequila!! In all honesty I prefer their Miranda venue but the drive there from Manly is enough to require accomodation so the CBD will now become my preferred site to attend, just on quieter nights.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 0/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Méjico Sydney CBD Deets:

PH: (02) 9230 0119

105 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000


HOURS: Monday to Saturday – 12pm to late

BAR: Yes


LOCAL DELIVERY: Probably via Uber Eats and/or Deliveroo – ask them



KID FRIENDLY: Not really – maybe week nights – not Friday/Saturday though – too hectic





*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.

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