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It was with great delight I got invited to attend a blogstagramming lunch from the delightful @eatdrinksleepfeast aka @eatdrinksleepau out at Miranda – a long journey from Allambie Heights. I do not know the area at all but my arrogant Northern Beaches elitist attitude assumed the worst of The Shire. Instead I got the surprise of my life when I found out Méjico was a sensational and incredibly well ran Mexican venue that really took Mexican cuisine to the next level.


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Méjico is HUGE – two stories with elegant seating (indoor and outdoor) and a bar with more tequila than I could imagine in this world. They stock over two hundred Tequila types I think I read and did you know Tequila is like Champagne – it only comes from ONE region in Mexico. That tidbit blew my mind. It embraces everything great about what Westerners imagine Mexico would be with bright splashes of colour everywhere and inspired food that really surprised me. The waitstaff were incredibly kind and friendly and we were well looked after. They are menu knowledgable and are there to help you experience the best in their Mexican food, tequila and cocktails.

We sat outdoors but there were heaters and we all got blankets/ throws that were those bright rainbow colours and we loved them – I really wanted to steal one – so purdy :).


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Another piñata on the porch of amazement for this place was the fact all of the food is market-to-table. Everything is sourced from their suppliers and is the freshest of fresh. The interesting part of this is that the menu is seasonal and adds another layer to my love for the place.

Our first morsel of indulgence was a delightful signature dish – a Guacamole that is literally smashed at your table – Avocado, serrano chilli, Spanish onion, coriander, pistachios, plantain chips (G,D,V) $15-. It was so fresh and perfect on the plantains.

Corn Lollipops:

Below is simple yet perfection in every way – it was another signature dish – the Corn Lollipops – three lollipops of corn, topped with chipotle mayo, queso fresco, coconut & popcorn (G,V) $13-. The combination of the freshly cooked and slightly charred (in places) corn and that chipotle mayo was like bacon and eggs in their symbiotic flavour love and that little crunch from fresh popcorn worked a treat and made for some great photos.


Mejico Corn Lollipops image



I could write an entire article just on the drinks at Méjico – it was an eye-opening experience and we all tried so many different things. To kick it off we started with jugs of sangria and ZOMG – I wish I wasn’t driving on the day!! Then the cocktails – I worked with the wait person to decide what I would be drinking and let her suggestions lead me every time. I drank the above Passionfruit Margarita and it was the hands down best margarita I have ever had – recently matched by El Topo Mexican’s Coconut Margarita – both of them perfection in margaritas. Try one – they have so many choices to try from the sweet to the spicy to the make-your-own versions.

Quite a few pics down you will also see a Chia Cocktail – this one was called THE CURE – I think someone must have had a wee hangover at lunch – this was a non-alcoholic drink with chia seeds, ginger ale, mint and citrus $6- (you can add alcohol to it if you prefer). They also serve Mexican beers, a good selection of wines – and then the tequila that can destroy you if you want it to haha.


Mixed Soft Tacos image



This is an entire world I never knew of. I only ever drank the tequila with the red hat on the bottle growing up to play lick sip suck and either pick up peeps for a pash or end up passed out and/or vomiting in a garden haha. But no – like wines, coffees, cheeses, and even now burgers for me there is so much to judge and appreciate from the delights of tequila. All of their tequila is agave based and they recommend you swirl it around the mouth to appreciate the flavours and aromas. The tequilas are drank straight but to experience the authentic nature of drinking tequila they recommend you get the accompaniments of Verdita and Sangria that you sip to accompany, these are designed to enhance or soften the flavours.

Verdita is known as “little green,” is coloured green is made from mint, coriander, lime jalapeño and pineapple (I LOVED IT). Sangrita is known as “little blood,” is orange in colour and is made from orange, tomato, pomegranate and habanero.

The tequila wheel is genius!

Now how does one choose a tequila when there is so many of them – well dear drinker, you use the “tequila wheel” of course. It is pictured down below with the chia cocktail. You turn the wheel around and it has three sections – you select on the first wheel how much you want to spend – from impoverished to aristocrat. Second you then select the level of your courage – i.e. scaredy cat to daredevil and finally the types of flavour you prefer from nutty, earthy etc to fruity. You then total the numbers together written under your selections and it takes you to a section of the tequila menu with those corresponding numbers – it is a) genius and b) too much fun. Like I said the tequila will end you if you let it haha.


Slow Roasted Beef Brisket image



Soooooo much food. The Corn Lollipops and the Guacamole is what is known as “Small Plates and Dips” – there is about ten items here and they all sound incredible. We then moved on to mixed Tacos – the soft tacos two pics up.


Slow Roasted Pork: Slow roasted pork, chilli caramel salsa, aioli & crispy pork scratchings (D,C) $6-

Achiote Chicken: Achiote chicken with a spicy house-made salsa macha & fresh Mexican raw slaw (D,C) $6-

Grilled Salmon: Salmon fillet, pickled cabbage, jalapeño, chipotle mayo (D,V,C) $6.50

Smoked Mushroom: Smoked portobello & oyster mushrooms with cauli ower puree & tomato seed salsa (V,C) $6-

AMAZING – all of them – salmon would be my favourite if I HAD TO choose one.


Mac and Cheese image



Tortas are basically a Mexican sandwich of sorts. They do a Chicken, a Mushroom and a Méjico Torta Burger served on their own house baked potato bun. Guess which one I inhaled and fell in love with?

Hand pressed Riverina chuck steak burger, smashed wasabi guacamole, serrano chilli jam, chipotle dressed slaw & house pickled jalapeños $16-
Add cheese $1.50
Add agave glazed bacon $3-

Bloody beautiful – wasn’t expecting a sensational burger from a Mexican venue but here it was!! Sensational unique flavours and great warmth, the extras are a MUST!! And that wasabi guac – drooooooool.

On the Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms a 4.5/5 from me.


Méjico Torta Burger image


You can win friends with salad:

Below is another simple dish that nearly stole the show – a simple watermelon salad from the sides menu…..

Watermelon Salad – refreshing salad of watermelon chunks, cucumber, pistachio nuts, jalapeño & coriander (G,D,V) $10-. Not many at our table of Insane Loud Blogstagramming Mafia went the salad – it’s that old “you don’t win friends with salad” thing but those who indulged fell in love with it.


Watermelon Salad image


6-hour Brisket:

From the superb sounding mains we only indulged in one dish, and a few of them to cater to the ten of us food inhalers. It is their main signature dish and it is EVERYTHING.

6-Hour Slow Roasted Beef Brisket – Ancho (dried poblano chilli) and coffee crusted pulled beef brisket, smoky chipotle sauce, warmed tortillas and chilli mac & cheese $29-. The brisket dish comes on a large chopping board with soft shell tacos, and both the mac and cheese and the brisket pictured up above. In addition it also comes with some basic salad stuff to make your own tacos with. It was sensationally flavoured, the meat had the texture of butter and that mac and cheese was tasty ooze central. On the taco with some salad stuff it was majority favourite dish of the day. This dish MUST be had when dining here, I would recommend it as a share dish.


The Cure Chia Concoction cocktail image


Following the delicious foods we had eaten so far, plus some of the dishes I didn’t put in the article we then moved to………


As the ILBM (Insane Loud Blogstragramming Mafia) are all fat food vacuuming monsters we had to eat all the desserts on the menu and, my deity, it was incredibly worth it, they are sensational.


It wouldn’t be a South American meal without churros and the Méjico version is just sublime – Traditional cinnamon-spiced Mexican doughnuts with Cajeta and chocolate dipping sauces (V) $12-. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made of sweetened caramelised goat’s milk. Cajeta and the chocolate dipping sauce was divine with the cinnamon added that extra layer of deliciousness. It was difficult sharing this one! And the churros weren’t even my favourite dessert.


Churros image


Margarita Cheesecake Tostadas:

Bite-sized citrus and tequila cheesecakes with tajin salt, dehydrated lime & coconut tostadas (G,V) $12-. These were just sublime – I would describe them like a Méjico version of the lime tart. Stunningly citrus packed on every level. It was pure love.


Margarita Cheesecake


Cajeta Brûlée:

Decadent Cajeta crème brûlée with black sesame tuile (V,C) $12-. Following on from my love of the tostadas was a perfect and different brûlée . Making it with the cajeta was next level and the crack of the top was perfection – bravo Méjico. The bonus of this was the black sesame tuile to use as a scoop of sorts. This dessert was majority favourite and needs to be experienced.


Cajeta Brûlée and Churros image


And it just wouldn’t be right for me to pass over an affogato of any kind. But dear food lovers, if you have made it this far in my Méjico analysis, I have a surprise for you – this affogato is the best I have had in a lifetime of affogatos. Firstly – interesting tidbit – did you know affogato means “drowned” in Italian and that is how this dessert gets its name. Because your dessert is drowned.

Affogato De Méjico:

Coconut ice cream, espresso, cafe Patrón dark chocolate (G,V) $14-. The coconut ice cream goes that extra level of joy and the pièce de résistance, the cherry on top, the sex in a dish….. using Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa as your pour over. I finished my feast with one of the best things of all time. I will dream of this affogato for a long time and will return to Méjico even if it is just for this and the corn lollipops.


Affogato De Méjico image


Méjico Miranda lands (so far) as my second favourite restaurant of the year, behind Manjit’s at King Street Wharf. It is the most fun and modern Mexican I have eaten that takes Mexican food to more Mexican gourmet cuisine fusion. If the prospect of having to drive to Miranda makes you a little turned off have no fear – they also have one in the Sydney CBD – get all the deets from their website below.

Momentous thanks to Chanelle (Eat Drinks Sleep au) and Caroline for spoiling me and the ILBM – a fantastic day was had by all.

(Menu guide: V = vegetarian, G = gluten free, D = dairy free, C = can be made gluten free)




Méjico Miranda Deets:

Level 2, Food Court, Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway, Miranda, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 9525 4032


7 Days: 12pm to 10pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, ss always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


Méjico Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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