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Madame Nhu’s is nearly a commercial pho institution in Sydney. Starting in 2007 as a Summer Rolls specialty store Madame Nhu has now grown to five stores. Two of these are Summer Rolls outlets in Sydney and Surry Hills and three Vietnamese restaurants. Two of the restaurants are smaller food court outlets, in Chatswood and Pitt St. The Chatswood location has seen me eat a few pho in my time and the flagship venue located in Surry Hills is where good friend, Lady Tupper, and myself dined.


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Madame Nhu herself apparently has a reputation as a kitchen dragon lady who in recent years has stepped back from the kitchen to focus on creative and management. The website claims she spends a lot of time in Asia eating her way to new ideas for the restaurants. I am glad she does, the food rocks.

The Surry Hills flagship is delightful, a small tardis of a venue on a corner of Campbell St. They pack em and stack em and manage to fit most people in for dining. The outside is an old style corner terrace renovated on the inside to be a modern funky colourful venue. I loved it immediately, the wall art of “eat pho, drink beer” rocks and that roof centrepiece of lights and faux plants was brilliant. We were a little squashed on a tall stool table and this made the pics a little difficult but in no way effected the meals.

They had incredibly efficient staff and a very nice wine list. Lady Tupper and I settled on a couple of glasses of red and perused the menu.


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Vietnamese food is easily my favourite cuisine, I eat banh mi a few times a week and the simplicity of these Vietnamese rolls, and the affordability make them a must have. Oddly, I have never tried them from Madame Nhu – they would have to be sublime, next level, to beat Tien’s, my fave place, in Dee Why. At Madame Nhu they serve only banh mi sliders and only for dinner, they call them Saigon Sliders – need to try these.

Madame Nhu became known for their Summer Rolls or in Vietnamese, Gỏi cuốn. These are those healthy and delicious looking rolls, slightly larger than spring rolls, that are filled with salady ingredients with a meat and wrapped in rice paper. They have five on offer at the Surry Hills restaurant. I need to return because the “Mixed Prawn, Grilled Pork and BBQ Duck, Hoisin sauce” summer roll needs to be in my life. As does the Lemongrass Pork and Green Chilli, YUM!

Madame Nhu also offers Vietnamese salads, Chicken Rice and some mains. We had to try the below MFC. Madame’s Fried Chicken – it was delicious, very juicy and wonderful with the accompanying dipping sauce and chilli/ coriander.

But when you are dining at a Vietnamese restaurant it is very hard to go past their signature dish…………


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Phở or pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken. Pho has been taking Sydney by storm over the last few years. It is just simply a more interesting soup than what we have been bred on since birth. Combining it with noodles makes it a combo dish – is it noodles or is it soup? It is PHO. The Vietnamese broth, flavours and meats make them so moorish. Chillies, coriander, and abundant sauce addition options make these one of my favourite dishes of all time. But one thing to note – they are usually HUGE.


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Following on from our MFC I have no idea why we ordered a pho each – there was enough in each bowl to feed a small family. I am about three times the size of Lady Tupper and somehow she always manages to out-eat me. It is basically a physical impossibility but I could not finish my wonderful Sesame Seed Tiger Prawn Pho. It was sublime to eat and I will eat it again.

The waiter suggested we try the “Signature đặc biệt phở, grass-fed beef prepared three ways” and Tups inhaled it. There was some interesting looking meat in there we were not usually accustomed to however it did taste delightful and the broth was marvellous.

The main photo for this article is my regular go to from the Chatswood outlet, the Chicken Pho – it comes accompanied with a bag filled with chillies and beans and all the goodies you need to make your own level of awesome. On this particular day I was trying to clean out the sinuses :).


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Lady Rebecca Tupper



Madame Nhu offers the best food court lunches I have ever had and their flagship restaurant in Surry Hills brings Vietnamese street food brilliance into a wonderful modernised venue. You can’t go wrong with Vietnamese food and Madame Nhu knows how to make it some of the best.




Madame Nhu Deets:

PH: (02) 9212 3311

ADDRESS: 82 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW

BOOKINGS: Highly Recommend


BAR: Yes







Lunch: Mon-Fri – 11am-3pm

Dinner: 7 nights – 5pm-10pm


*** This meal was paid for ***


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