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LITTLE HUTONG is a local restaurant in Little Bay in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It embraces the Asian food philosophy of “the savoury.” This comes from using raw materials and authentic cooking styles to create food that fulfils and satisfies the soul.

It serves Asian fusion street food that is Malaysian heavy but also combines Western tastes.

I was invited to feast here with the lovely gentleman from and if you do plan on visiting Little Hutong be sure to hit up the Ompty website as discounts are available.


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Little Hutong’s venue is simple, modern, rectangular and open with a splash of industrial. It has one large table then smaller tables that fill the sides. The opening is a window wall with the giant venue name neon (as seen in title photograph). The kitchen and serving bar are on one side of the venue, the floor is cement, the roofing is raw and the other side wall hosts what looks like cement support wires painted read and shelving kitsch artistic Asian teapots and smaller pieces of art and statues.

I do quite like that a TV on the back wall plays a loop of instagram photos from people who have visited the venue It will look better when mine are up there haha) and I would imagine that TV might also play some sport on appropriate nights. The venue has a feel of being comfortable, it is no frills, it is come-in-for-a-few-drinks and some great unpretentious food. This is a great place for locals, friends and families. It is a little too bright for the romantic dinners but it if I lived in the area I would work my way through the entire menu (read that as single AF).


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We started with the Crispy Soft-Shell Crab. Tempura soft shell crab coated in salted duck egg yolk. Served on a bed of cucumber, red capsicum pickles and lettuce leaves, with a side of wasabi mayo. What a fantastic way to kick off the meal! It was light, with good crunch and wonderful flavours.


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Next we just had our bread accompaniment arrive – a simple yet perfect roti. No word of a lie, the best roti I have ever eaten – it was like fresh bread from the bakery and it tore perfectly as steam rose. I videoed it for insta and still to this day the video of Ompty Tony tearing it is my number one video. 30000 views in 12hrs, it deservedly went mental.


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Malaysian village-styled grilled chicken maryland marinated in the Asian spices of galangal, lemongrass and candlenuts, spiced coconut milk and tamarind sauce. This one was my favourite dish of the night. I loved how it was cooked held in sticks, it made for great serving. And that tamarind sauce was a real winner.


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If it’s on the menu it gets ordered :). I will never ever skip the pork belly. Little Hutong’s pork belly was a house-made roasted belly with crispy skin, chilli ginger and honey mustard sauce served with sliced cucumber and scallions. This was nice but while the sauce sounded amazing the dish was pretty stock standard. But it was a good comfortable and staple dish to nibble from. The smaller cubers of pork belly also weirded me out, I would have preferred larger portions but I suppose the cubes worked better for sharing.


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The spicy curry chicken was delish. I loved the potatoes in the curry sauce but the tomatoes were an odd addition. This was a simple spiced curry chicken in a coconut milk sauce with spuds and tomato. This one went great with the roti – dunking and sucking up that amazing broth was a winner for me.


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Little Hutong has a pretty small but impressive drinks menu. You can also BYO at $3.50 a head corkage. They offer about seven impressive sounding cocktails, beer and cider, a few selections of Umeshu drinks and a great compact wine list. I highly recommend a bottle of the 2014 Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz.

They also off a superb green tea selection. While they do not have a full matcha tea experience they do have a Japanese Genmaicha (matcha-iri). The Dragon Well Green Tea was nice and the Big Red Robe tea sounds great – apparently a tea for coffee drinkers, I like the sound of that one.


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I have to admit – a lot of Asian desserts don’t highly appeal to me. While the above Rainbow Ice looked grand it did absolutely nothing for me – it was literally coloured ice – it didn’t taste sweet, it didn’t even taste like a dessert. The jelly things at the base and the nuts tasted ok but overall I felt this dish was a fail.

On the other hand, ice cream will always win over for me, especially a Death by Chocolate ice-cream with crushed chocolate biscuits (maybe Oreos). This more than made up for the Rainbow Ice. The Nutella Lava Balls on the menu also sound like my cup of joy – will save that one for next time.


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Little Hutong had some hits and some misses. That roti is something I will never forget and will be the one I judge all others by from now on. If I lived in the area I would be at this place quite a bit however sadly the 90mins to get there will deter my future regularity.

Huge thanks to the venue for hosting a great evening and as always much thanks to my friends at Ompty who always know how to show me a good culinary time.




Little Hutong Deets:

Shop 4, 2-8 Pine Avenue, Little Bay, Sydney

Phone: (02) 8020 0779




Wed – Sat: 530pm – 10pm

Sun: 1130am – 230pm
530pm – 10pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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