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Lakeside Fish Market | Narrabeen


I had an idea to write my Top 10 Seafood Joints around Sydney a little while back but this will take me a hell of a long time to get through and taste all the amazing morsels this great city has to offer. To get started I have been picking some areas and asking people what they think is the best in that area. Being a Northern Beaches Sun Loving Sea Eagle I asked all my friends on the beaches and LAKESIDE FISH MARKET, in Narrabeen, received four times the amount of votes from any other seafood joint on the beaches and so it was that my delightful parental units (that’s them looking through the front window) and myself headed out to Narra. It is located on Pittwater Rd, the main road heading up the beaches, and is about 100m North of the Wakehurst Parkway intersection.


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LAKESIDE FISH MARKET isn’t just a fish and chips shop, it truly is a fish market, it is packed, it stocks all the seafood you would ever need and it is always the freshest of the fresh or it’s not in the shop. There are a lot of staff working and they all operate as a part of a well salmon-oiled machine. We were so impressed that we bought a seafood lunch feast to share locally and then we bought salmon off them to cook for dinner.

LAKESIDE FISH MARKET is a perfect place to grab a takeaway lunch to take down and eat on Narrabeen Beach or what the parental units and I did, which we loved, was to just walk across the road and find a park bench on the shores of Narrabeen lake, surrounded by trees and the water and lowered enough from the street for it not to be a bother.

It should be noted that LAKESIDE FISH MARKET is ONLY takeaway, no eating in, not a restaurant, it’s a fish market!


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I mean they really do stock everything, what I would have given for a few kilos of those prawns plus some Balmain bugs!!


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I kind of felt sorry for this guy giving me his best big cat eyes asking for help to escape but call it the satanical carnivore in me but I also wanted to eat him, Blue Swimmer crab is one of the nicest things you can ever eat, sorry crabman.


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We started with calamari and chips. The calamari was as tender as butter with a good strong crumb that held together and was a great crispy outer shell with soft gooey flesh on the inside. The chips were those perfect fish and chip shop chips that have been served since the dawn of the fish shop, the only thing that could have made them better was for them to be wrapped in newspaper and come with an annoying side of seagulls.


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I love a good fish stick and always love trying out fish cakes from seafood stores. The thing that set both of these out from your standard fisho is the crumbs, same as the calamari, strong flavoured with a darker tone. Mum had never really eaten a fish stick before and she loved it. The fish cake was quite unique, it was stronger than usual in its flavours, it was bolder while still embracing the traditional fishcakeyness that it needs. Did you like that technical word? TM JK ’16.


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And the fish was superb, we opted for grilled flake in honour of all the humans being bitten by sharks of late. It was incredibly tender and it truly flaked off the paper and into our mouths. We put a light dash of salt on it and then squeezed a lemon on top and it was perfection in takeaway fish, not requiring a seventeen ingredient sauce to accompany, the fish spoke for itself in flavours.

And, of course I needed to show the symbol for “calamari for infinity,” a truly sublime piece of seafood I wish I ate more of, stuff it, going to by some and cook it this weekend.


Infinity calamari image


There are fish shops galore along the Australian coast, and the better ones will embrace their local seafood and serve you nothing but the freshest. In Sydney there is so many food options to choose from and being on the Northern Beaches seafood is part of our culture, when LAKESIDE FISH MARKET is the preferred outlet for the people of the Northern Beaches you know it is going to be bloody impressive. Whether for a takeaway seafood lunch or obtaining decapod crustaceans to make the perfect Singaporean Chilli Crabs this is the place I will be getting my goods from, if you’re in the area suss it out and let us know what you think.

Spooning Australia and the parental units purchased everything we ate, we were not invited and the venue had no idea we were eating their goods.




Lakeside Fish Market Deets:

1489 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen

Phone: (02) 9913 8318


7 Days: 9am to 8pm (opens 830am Sat/Sun) – times may vary seasonally so check with venue.


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Lakeside Fish Market | NarrabeenSpooning

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