Banoffee Trifle Recipe



Lady Dara Shashoua is one of the talented Salty Kernels on my other site, SALTYPOPCORN.COM.AU, a site with ten kernels all writing their love and thoughts of movies. And like all the kernels she is abundantly talented in many things – including the making of decadent delectable delights – so without further ado – here is Dara’s take on a friend’s recipe for making Banoffee Trifle. From reading the recipe I highly recommend this one for dieting – it sounds simply waist slimming 🙂


Banoffee Trifle Recipe

Banoffee Trifle Recipe


First let me start by saying that this is technically not my recipe, a very good friend of mine Cindy made it when I was in Perth over Christmas and I just HAD to have the recipe. It’s best made the night before for lunch or the morning of your dinner party or BBQ so all the flavours smoosh together.


Banoffee Trifle Recipe

Banoffee Trifle Recipe


YOU WILL NEED: (I made a 3 litre bowl full of yummy goodness) –

4 Perfectly ripe bananas

1 Can Nestle Top n Fill Caramel filling (if you like it really caramelly use 2 cans)

1 Large (900g) tub of Double Thick custard

Butterscotch sauce, if there are no kids eating this then go with Butterscotch Schnapps

Packet of sponge finger biscuits, or you could also use a plain sponge cake

½ cup Pouring Cream

200g of your favourite chocolate

Whipped cream, if your lazy you can use the canned stuff


Banoffee Trifle Recipe

Banoffee Trifle Recipe


As with all trifles this is simply layering, I would recommend making everything first then layering.



 Chocolate Ganache –

Pour ½ cup of cream into a small pot and bring to the boil, remove from heat and stir in chocolate until it melts


Caramel Custard –

Pour can of caramel filling into bowl and whisk until all lumps are removed.

Then put about ¾ tub of custard into bowl and mix


Banoffee Trifle Recipe

Banoffee Trifle Recipe


Ok, now to layer upon layer


1) Sponge biscuits or cake – layer along bottom of bowl.  If using cake tear into bite sized pieces

2) Drizzle Butterscotch sauce over to cover cake or biscuits

3) Chocolate ganache – pour half of mixture on top of cake or biscuits making sure it is evenly spread

4) Caramel custard – dollop half of mixture over this layer

5) Bananas – slice banana and lie on top of custard evenly

6) Cover with whipped cream


And repeat.


At the end I like to cover the cream with Flake or grated chocolate.


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