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KITCHEN BY JAMIE – Bringing the Local Venue Weekly Roast Back


It was two months ago I visited this little venue in Maroubra called KITCHEN BY JAMIE. The confusing name misled me as that other U.K. chef of the same name has similar-named venues sadly closing down all over the world. But I read a little bit about them and discovered they were serving weekend roasts and being in Maroubra it was close to Granny so I could take her out to lunch – I was in!


KITCHEN BY JAMIE has absolutely no connection with Jamie Oliver and the only thing similar is that they both hail from the U.K. and have both worked with multiple Michelin Star Chefs. This is a smaller suburban styled venue and one that is no frills and serves marvellous comfort food. Think English pub from French training that appeals to the Aussie tastes. Adding weekend roasts to the menu is what wins them over for me.

Years ago I lived in Manly with a young lady and we used to go across the street to the local restaurant, INTERPOLITAN, every Sunday for their roast dinners. It pretty much brought local like-minded people together to create a sense of community over food. Back in the 80s and 90s the Sunday roast was an anticipated family requirement, something the entire family loved, and it took the family away from the TV to catch up and bond over delicious comfort food. Seeing KITCHEN BY JAMIE remibracing this faded tradition warms the cockles of my heart.

The venue itself is quite tiny with two sections in an L-shape separated by a one or two step rise. It is no frills in decor as it is no frills in its food. It’s simple, no pretension, and designed more for functionality and maximising space than it is for design awards.


First of all it isn’t just Jamie running the joint – he is the master of the kitchen but the floor and front of house is run by his wife, Daniela, a lovely lady who took care of all our needs when visiting.

But it’s Jamie’s name on the door and his background in the food world is impressive. He trained and became who he is today working under two 3x Star Michelin Chefs in Europe. I love how it began for him, he never planned to be a chef but was working as a Kitchen Hand in a venue one day and one of the chefs called in sick. The head chef called his name out and ordered him to take over the section. He never looked back.

Jamie’s style is English meets French with a modern twist and his specialty is Gluten Free Gravy – I think it’s a lot more than that – his pâté is off the charts!


Jamie’s Duck Pâté with Red Onion Relish and Homemade Brioche

Fish Taco – Beer Battered Barramundi, Grilled Tortilla, Iceberg, Pickled Cucumber and Chipotle Mayo

Roast Pork Belly with Apple Sauce, Duck Fat Potatoes, Green Beans, Roasted Carrot, Yorkshire Pudding and Gluten Free Gravy

Maple Syrup Corned Beef with White Onion Puree, Jamie’s Baked Beans and a Giant Onion Ring

Rocky Road Brownie with Dark Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice-Cream



I absolutely loved the food. The Duck Pâté was one of the best pâtés I have had and I did love the homemade brioche that accompanied it and the red onion relish finished it off nicely. I did find there wasn’t enough of the brioche however and it really needed double or more of what was provided.

The fish taco was nice, tasty and quite simple in presentation. I loved the crispiness and would have loved to have not shared it with Granny haha.


The roasts were perfection. I had the Pork Belly and Granny had the Corned Beef, but I got to try some. First the corned beef – I do not think it is a standard of their roasts that are offered on weekends but more of a special that will appear once every now and then. The roasts appear to come with the same vegetables but the corned beef was unique.

Maple Syrup Corned Beef with White Onion Puree, Jamie’s Baked Beans and a Giant Onion Ring – I tried the onion ring – it was HUGE – didn’t try the baked beans but Granny polished them off. I loved the onion puree and the meat was cooked to perfection – it reminded me of mum’s back in the day before she added her white sauce to it.

As for the pork belly – it was out of this world. Best crackling ever – my bad bad bad Granny stole the last bit from me and I am still struggling to forgive her. Duck Fat potatoes are on another level of carb-love and I bloody love Black Pudding – it’s my endless love of pork – and it’s also using the entire animal so I am good with it. I added this to my roast – it is an entree and does not come standard. The veggies were great, the gluten free gravy was divine but I have to admit – I just don’t get Yorkshire Pudding – I find it quite flavourless most of the time – I used it as a storage receptacle for my gravy and at the end of the meal tore the soaked thing apart to enjoy it.


I love Rocky Road, I love Brownies and I love Chocolate – so really this was never going to be something I disliked. Granny gave me the last of this as some kind of amends to the crackling – I took it but still didn’t forgive haha.

Kitchen by Jamie - Rocky Road Brownie
Rocky Road Brownie


If I was a local I would be visiting KITCHEN BY JAMIE every weekend for a Sunday Roast. They get a Spoon in my scoring purely for bringing back a community form of eating delicious food. This is the place that you want as a local. It’s a no frills venue that has a small menu with regular specials and lovely staff. They are now licenced and offer BYO (at specific times) and their food is like a big comfortable hug of yum!

SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 0/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets & 0/1 bonus


PH: (02) 8590 1361

Shop 300, 116-132 Maroubra Rd Maroubra NSW 2035

BOOKINGS: Recommended

PRICING: Medium local pricing, Most Expensive Dish was $30-


Dinner: Wed to Sat 530 – 930pm

Lunch & Dinner: Sunday 12 – 930pm


TAKEAWAY: I do not believe so




BYO: Licenced & BYO, No BYO Saturdays and BYO is $10- per bottle other times.





*** Spooning Australia dined by Invitation from the Australia Good Food Guide ***

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