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It was my birthday about a month ago (if you didn’t hear from all my FB posts haha) and as Rixy Dix, one of my bestest and closest, couldn’t make my official birthday dinner he took me out a week prior. Win win for me, got to catch up with him and scored a free meal. The venue he chose was a Thai restaurant in Chatswood called Khao Pla, a venue I discovered was getting some online attention for being so bloody good. And very proud of the Rixy Dix, he chose it all by himself.

Khao Pla is located just up the road from between the two buildings of Westfield on Victoria Avenue. Near the laneway to the now closed down Broddogs, sad news but they are re-locating somewhere that gets traffic.


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Khao Pla is a small, busy, funky modern retro eatery, similar more to an indoor street-food vendor than a quiet restaurant. It is somewhat industrial, somewhat modern and it all feels very new. Skateboards hang near the entry, one wall is all black and white photos, and tables are small. This is a place to eat and run, it is not a place for romantic dinners and long group meals. It makes good food, it serves good wine and it does so with minimal fuss. Being so close to the Chatswood cinemas, this would be my go-to place for pre-movie meals.

The bonus of this place is the food is A grade, it is tastefully divine, we ate modern and traditional and both complimented each other. We shared two entrees, two mains and had a glass of wine each. The food came quick, beautifully presented and flawless in taste.


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They have abundant meals on their menu, over a dozen entrees and close on thirty mains and this is just the takeaway menu, the in-house is a bit larger. They accommodate the standard Thai fare but also branch into more exotic dishes. It is not the Thai you used to eat growing up with your family, these dishes are present but overall it is very 2016.

Scallop Carpaccio:

We picked a main and entree each with the intention to share and kicked off with the most sublime dish I ate there, the very unique and moreish Scallop Carpaccio. Scallops, nori, chilli, palm sugar and lime juice. It was delicate, light, packed a great chilli punch and had the beautiful complimenting texture from the nori. I was in heaven, and it was easily washed down with a delightful Shiraz.

Banana Leaf Fish Curry/ Hor Mok Yang:

The fish curry wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf was so pretty and the flavours matched it. At only $7- we needed to order two or three of these, they are quite small but well worth it. I could have demolished ten of these as my entire meal but there was more joy to have.


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Massamun Beef:

Southern Thai Massamun made with coconut milk curry, slow cooked beef, tamarind and palm sugar. Another yummy dish, the beef fell apart like butter and we spooned this over rice. This was the most traditional Thai dish we ate from what I can remember eating growing up. This was a bit sweeter from the palm sugar but we both inhaled the entire dish quickly. I could get fat drinking that sauce.


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Following this was our final dish to indulge and it was a grand dish, anything with crispy pork belly is going to be grand though right?

Crispy Pork Belly Stir Fry/ Moo Krob Pad Prik Khing:

I had to have the dish with King and Prik in the same sentence :). This was a wok-fried crispy pork belly with kaffir lime leaves and curry paste served with Asian greens. The crisp on that pork belly was perfect and the flavours of dish were exceptional but there wasn’t nearly enough pork belly as one would hope. If I lived in the area this is the dish that would be my Wednesday takeaway regular to eat at home but it would need more pork belly. The lack of what I would consider enough pork belly was the only real letdown but not a huge letdown as the flavours were beautiful.


Crispy Pork Belly Stir Fry image



Khao Pla has won me over, if I am going to be in Chatswood in the evening and require dinner this is the place for me, it is affordable, quick, delicious and in a nice venue close to the centre of Chatswood. The staff were quiet, efficient and friendly and they didn’t mind me lighting the dishes in such a small venue.

Huge thanks to Rixy Dix for this quick night out, loved the meal, the dinner and even you haha.




Khao Pla Deets:

Shop 7, 370 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW


(02) 9412 4978




7 days: 11am to 10pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, ss always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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  1. I remember this place! Yes, agree it’s amazing 🙂 I miss having access to great Thai food in London 🙂

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