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One of my favorite burgers is the McDonald’s BigMac, don’t tell anyone, I assume they are not a fountain of health. The burger has such a unique taste – the special sauce along with the pickles and onions … it’s just fabutastic! I can take no credit for this one – I posted this a few years backn on my site from some amazing person that came up with the recipe. I have tried it and I freaking love it – have not cooked it for a very long time. It has forever been one of my most popular articles so it makes sense to bring it over to Spooning. Enjoy it spooners – if you make it, please send me some pics!!

Luckily the BigMac is easy to make and when you make it at home it tastes 10 times better than the ones you get at your local McDonalds.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sesame Seed Buns
White Onion
Iceberg lettuce
Sliced Cheddar Cheese
Ground Beef (80% lean)

Ingredients for the special big mac sauce:
1 cup miracle whip – (similar to Mayo and I am told very available in supermarkets in Australia and USA – personally have never seen it before but have used mayo before in making BigMac sauce.)
1/3 cup sweet relish
1/4 cup French dressing
1 T sugar
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp powdered onion (in the spice aisle)

First you’ll want to make your BigMac sauce so you can let it rest in the fridge for an hour or so. The BigMac sauce is very easy to make. Simply mix together all of the ingredients into a bowl and place in the fridge. It is quite an odd combination of ingredients but it’s pretty darn close to the McDonald’s special sauce. Most people think that BigMac sauce is just thousand island dressing. Nope, not even close.

Next you’ll need to cut up some sesame seed buns. As you know, McDonald’s BigMac contains three parts: the top, the middle, and the bottom. When I look for sesame seed buns in the grocery store I try to find the tallest buns I can find, because from two sesame seed buns, you’ll create your three parts.

If you look closely at the above picture, you’ll see that the trick is to trim the very bottom of one of the buns off. This portion will become the middle of your BigMac. The top remains the top, the trimmed bottom becomes the middle and the bottom of another bun becomes the bottom of your BigMac. Basically do whatever it takes to get your bun to look like the one below!

Dice your white onion into very small little cubes.

Chop up the iceberg lettuce very fine.

For the burger patties, use 80% ground beef. Make a little ball in your hand and then use a patty former to make the BigMac patties or anything to whack them down into a thinninsh round shape. After the patties are formed, simply grilling them over medium high or high heat will do the job. For burgers, you’ll want to place the meat over direct heat. Just a few minutes on each side will do. And don’t forget to season your patties with a little salt and pepper while they are on the grill.

Now for the assembly. From the bottom up your BigMac should be assembled as follows:

the bottom bun
a tablespoon or so of special sauce
a few diced onions
sliced lettuce
a slice of cheddar cheese
one burger patty
the middle bun
a tablespoon or so of special sauce
a few diced onions
2 or 3 pickles
sliced lettuce
one burger patty
the top bun

The finished product should look like this….

… and of course during all of the above steps you should be cooking some shoestring fries!

Now enjoy your bundle of delish healthfood! 




  1. Comments from the old site:
    Comment by Morgan Bell
    January 22nd 2009 14:20
    wow look how much bigger they are when you make them at home!
    the secret of the special sauce has been revealed!

    Comment by Jason King
    January 22nd 2009 20:01
    I know – it drives me insane in Maccas when the burger looks nothing like the picture! I want a tower of a BigMac not a soggy sponge looking thing. But I admit they always taste nice.

    Comment by AmyHuang
    January 22nd 2009 22:58
    How did you manage to get your hands on their “secret” ingradients?
    We make burgers at home, and experiment with various spices and toppings. So we never have to visit any of the fast food chains! ANd you are right, they are 10 times better when you make it yourself!

    Comment by Movie Mall
    January 23rd 2009 04:46
    Great! Now we can make an actual Big Mac …
    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Comment by Jason King
    January 23rd 2009 07:28
    Amy – I still have a Maccas manager locked in the basement – the lengths I will go to for the Sydney Table readers I love home made burgers! Off to the noodle markets again tonight – I am aiming for Friday Noodle and movie nights until the end of summer. I love IT!!! And tonight it’s all Columbian for me!
    MM – hope you like it – let us know!
    Thanks heaps for comments people!

    Comment by Anonymous
    February 4th 2009 02:03
    You are a so right. I did it with a single burger, because I didn’t want a the large one. Let me tell you it was so good. The sauce was great and I didn’t even have the french dressing. Had to use ketup, but it was still a great sauce. I will never order another big mac. I will just make my own, thank you very much! Cooking the burgers at high heat also made the burger come out nice and brown and cooked to perfection. Super receipe!!!!!

    Comment by Jason King
    February 4th 2009 09:41
    Awesome you liked it Kim
    Nice work on the substitutes – I think I will cook on high heat next time and take your advice on a smaller burger size and think more about my belt size.
    Stick it to the massive world conglomerate. Haha

    Comment by tazee
    April 2nd 2009 17:08
    *cough* i work at mcdonalds. big mac sauce has pickle in.
    thats how we know people are bullshittin when the say no pickle cus there allergic to it lol xD

    Comment by Jason King
    April 2nd 2009 20:59
    Tazee – I think they are referring to the pickles you put on the burger – they can be overpowering. But I love them and people are just doing that allergic as in “hating” them. Besides it will keep them off your windows
    I will put a tablespoon of pickels in my next sauce to try it. Thanks

    Comment by Tyson
    May 27th 2009 06:32
    Hi guys, I just saw this recipe, thank you for the Big mac sauce!
    I just wanted to add, if you want to replicate the Mcdonalds cheese as closely as possible, there is a cheese in Australian Supermarket’s called “Kraft – Easy Melts”.

    Comment by Jason King
    May 27th 2009 07:14
    Oooh – cool – thanks Tyson!!
    The big mac sauce has been one of my life goals to recreate – I have to get my monthly big mac hit to enjoy it properly!!

    Comment by Anonymous
    June 22nd 2009 14:42
    haha we’re gunna try to make big macs 2 night! cant wait to try them! awsome recipe!

    Comment by Jason King
    June 22nd 2009 21:17
    Anonymous – hope they work out for you!!

    Comment by Anonymous
    June 22nd 2009 21:32
    we just finished making the special sauce, i tried it and it tasted amazing! cant wait to taste it on the burger!

    Comment by Jason King
    June 22nd 2009 21:37
    Yay that!! I could live on special sauce

    Comment by Anonymous
    December 21st 2009 07:05
    Great recipe !
    What is the Sweet Relish though ?, and where can you get it from ?

    July 21st 2010 09:21
    in other words creamy french dressing(orange) or just french dressing (light green – clearish)

    Comment by Jason King
    July 21st 2010 09:56
    Either/ or Anon – I used the “just” French dressing but the creamy one would be yummy!

    Comment by Kitastrofe
    March 22nd 2011 22:10
    do you have any other Mc’ secret recipes??

    Comment by Steve
    April 17th 2011 00:52
    Just want to say how good you are with your recipes and descriptions. (even pics of the ingredient in the jar – (awesome). Many of the recipe sites have stuff that is hard to follow, but yours is always easy to understand. On top of that, you seem to come back and give replies often – thats fantastic. Sorry to piss in your pocket so much – I never do this on websites, but you deserve it. Cheers, Steve.

    Comment by Jason King
    April 17th 2011 20:56
    Thanks so much Steve – that is very kind of you!! I am glad you find the recipes a bit easier here – I had the same problem on other sites where I found them a bit harder to follow.
    Please feel free to keep pissing in my pocket The ego loves it hahahaha

    Comment by Cooking
    October 5th 2011 02:15
    We made some tonight. Sauce is EXCELLENT! Our cheese wasn’t quite right, but tasted like a big mac, except WAY BETTER. Thanks!

    Comment by Jason King
    October 5th 2011 20:08
    Glad you enjoyed Cooking – I am still hunting for a perfect KFC chicken seasoning recipe
    All the best

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