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HOLY DUCK is a duck appreciation restaurant on the superb Kensington Street food strip in Chippendale. I can’t get enough of this small food hub. Everywhere you look is something awesome you will want to try but this is about Holy Duck. Said venue is owned and operated by the crew behind Chef’s Gallery, the brilliant Chinese restaurant, with some of the best dumplings in Sydney, located near Town Hall. They know their food and they have done well with Holy Duck.


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HOLY DUCK is a completely different layout from Chef’s Gallery. This is warehouse versus modern, modern industrial meets old school street vendor. Cement floors, cement walls, minimalist and low maintenance the venue is beautiful but a little cold in personality. I would personally love a house in this design but would have some bright colourful rugs and an open fireplace to give it heat and colour. The aqua tiles and bright lit-up sign at the back are art pieces setting off the coldness of the cement and the front open kitchen is like a Chinese street vendor has mysteriously transported into the venue. I love it. The venue will suit everyone from families to romantics. Opposite us was a family of four, next to us was a business dinner for two and groups trickled in while we dined. We started really early and weren’t there too long.

**As an FYI for your visit – I believe they are BYO – double check – they now have a small wine and boutique beer list so it could no longer be BYO.**


HOLY DUCK is a duck appreciation restaurant. That is not mean they don’t serve anything else, but if you don’t like the delicious glory that is duck then this may not be the restaurant for you, unless you have a pork love instead, as they serve a lot of pork. They serve five burger meals and only one of them is duck so a few to choose from there. They do another five roast and rice dishes, oddly one of these is duck also but these dishes are quite pork heavy. This place will not be for the vegans haha. They then offer duck pancakes, duck spring rolls and some pork baos in what they call the hand-held section. I would probably merge this section with the burger section. They have a decent sides and smalls sections – you will want something out of there.

And the final section is all about the duck. You can order Roast or Crispy duck in various sizes and they bring it to the table and shred it in front of you. Well they do the Crispy – not sure about the Roast – it may just come as is and you eat it like you normally would.


Holy Duck Pickled Cucumber image

Pickled Cucumber image


We kicked it off with pickled cucumbers – something I order now whenever I see it in Asian venues, I just love it. This was as delicious as I could have hoped if not a little chilli spice heavy. Everything came out after this dish and we got our flat lay shots in and then dove in head first.


These were the best item of the night and possibly the best spring rolls I have ever eaten. They are filled with Roast Duck and mushroom with a chilli plum dipping sauce. We both wanted more of these. I will definitely order these again.

We then stepped from the ducking ring and hit up the….


Steamed bao with braised pork belly, cucumber, muster pickles, chilli sauce and fried onions. Now we both enjoyed these and pork was as tender as you would want but the bao were smaller than the pork belly – something I would never complain about but it was a little disproportionate – we still loved them and woofed them down.


Holy Duck What the Duck! Burger image

What the Duck! Burger



You can choose either roast or crispy Holy Duck!, cucumber and spring onion, lettuce and drizzled in an orange hoisin sauce. It was tasty and I want bottle of that hoisin sauce but it didn’t blow me away as I was hoping.

The below is a simple side of Asian Green Salad, it was nice and flavoursome and a great addition to break down the duck we were slowly absorbing.


Holy Duck Asian Salad image

Asian Salad



Like I said earlier you can choose between a roast duck or the crispy duck. The roast comes in half or whole with a signature duck sauce and pickled seasonal vegetables. The crispy comes served with hoisin, cucumber and spring onion and you get extra pancakes. The waiter person will shred your whole, half, or quarter duck. It’s quite good considering the whole crispy is only $56-. It was quite theatrical with the shredding and then making your own pancakes but when it came down to it we basically just ordered a pimped display serve of duck pancakes.


Shredding a Half Crispy Holy Duck! image

Shredding a Half Crispy Holy Duck!



I don’t know what I was expecting, I am not a huge taro eater but when I have eaten it it has been in a delicious sweet dish. Neither of us liked the rice but, for me, this was mainly because it tasted nothing like I was expecting.


Holy Duck Taro Rice image

Taro Rice



It’s a decent basic menu at Holy Duck. It does what it does well but for me it’s too simple. This would be ideal to bring the family to, an upmarket duck fast food joint? And if I lived nearby I would happily grab some duck takeaway on the way home for a Friday night Blu Ray night dinner but for a duck appreciation venue it’s lacking. For a venue mostly about the duck it needed more. Where is the next level duck experience to make me dry hump my flatlay in a culinary frenzy? It’s good but it’s nowhere close to mind blowing. I got my duck fix like a self pleasuring – but it will never be as good as a decent ducking! (Haha – this is what happens when you review with red wine in hand!!)


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 1/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Holy Duck Deets:

PH: No

10/2 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008


HOURS: Open Daily 11am-3pm & 530pm-10pm

BAR: No – BYO available


LOCAL DELIVERY: I am sure you will them on the home delivery services








*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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