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Grandmas at McEvoy


Ahhhhh GRANDMAS – I love this company and all they do. I had seen them on social media and everything I saw I wanted to try. Time kept getting in the way, I would even drive past their Farm location on my ACT trips for work but still no time to pop in. The chance came about five or six months ago and it has fast became one of my all time fave places. When they got in touch with me to come and visit their McEvoy location I was excited as I could be. Of course I raced in!


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Breakfast Spread



The thing I love most about Grandmas is the one thing that sets them apart from every other cafe. They are what one might call culinarily retro. Their food is based literally on recipes from theirs, yours and my grandparents. Everything is home style cooking and baking. In their McEvoy venue nearly everything is made onsite from the breads to the salads to the sauces and more. It is incredible.

Their philosophy is…….

Simple, real, fresh and healthy food. 

Food that makes you feel good and you can eat it every day. 

Always original loved recipes. 

To make almost all of our food and baking products from scratch to be able to control high quality and cost. 


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Ricotta, Banana and Coconut Frittata


Their recipes are from the following grandparents…….

Grandma Haya´s

The Mediterranean influence. Borekas pastry and rich Casseroles.

Grandma Mazal´s

The tastes of North Africa. Authentic dips frittata and exotic fillings.

Grandma Glenda´s

A heritage of Irish & English home cooking mouth-watering cakes, jams & relish.

Grandma Fedra´s

Healthy Greek meals and salads.

Grandpa Jeff´s

The visionary behind Fedra Olive Grove amazing olives and pure olive oil.

Grandpa Vince´s

The Italian connection – pasta and rich sauces.



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This review is about the McEvoy Grandmas so I will be describing that store. It is on McEvoy St in Alexandria and it is freaking HUGE. It’s a renovated warehouse that is large and open. There is indoor and a semi-garden outdoor section for eating. As you walk in you are greeted by a lot of tables in the centre. There is ample shelving on the left to select sauces, biscuits and baked goods to take home and the front on the right is a beautiful lounge to dine at – our selected place of eating, The kitchens are abundant with a large baking section on the left, and a just-as-large oven and stove section at the back. The right is the counter and more baked goods to buy, this is also the coffee area.

It is light with beautiful floors and big open spaces, everywhere you look the place is tastefully littered with antique cooking items. I would pay money for the antique icebox near the front entry and on instagram everyone keeps asking me where they can get a phone like the ones in my pics. I keep laughing – I had one of those for about 20yrs of my life, everyone did. Push button was for rich people, mobiles required a suitcase-sized battery.

I can see and taste my grandparent’s cooking and even my own childhood home in the walls….

I think the floors were parquetry but am not sure if that was just the entry area or the entire place. The feel of the place is definitely 70s. Pretty certain I think I am drawn to it so much because it was my life. I am the ideal target patronage because the 70s and 80s was my childhood. My grandparents and even my own home I can see and taste in the Grandmas venues.


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The Sambusak kind of Morning



We had an incredible feast at Grandmas.

Classic Shakshuka – 2 eggs cooked with our popular traditional tomato, onion & capsicum based sauce

The Sambusak kind of Morning 
Freshly baked handmade beef sambusak served with one bolied free range egg side salad, homemade tahini sauce and Grandma’s Deli style olives

Ricotta, Banana and Coconut Frittata
Lightly sweet ricotta frittata with coconut, banana served with double cream and fruit

A Huge Bowl of Freshly Made Hummus

Turmeric Bread

Sodas, Juices, Coffees and a loaf of turmeric bread to take home along with a large container of biscuits.


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We visited for a bunch around 10am and I barely ate dinner I was that full. Everything was flawless.

I will say I am not a usual shakshuka fan – I don’t do tomato bases too well – the acidity is just something I will never order. The labneh side along with the hummus side made it much more enjoyable for me. Especially with that incredible Turmeric Bread, one of the best breads I have ever had, I got a loaf to take home. You need this stuff in your life – FYI – it does sell out so get in early to take it home! My dining partner however did love it and woofed most of it down – he gave two thumbs up.

The Sambusak is a marvel and something I would love every morning of the week. It’s a Middle Eastern dish with eggs, olives, pickles, sauce and that beef pastry – I am drooling for more of this!!

The sweet Ricotta Frittata was also sublime – it was a treat meal I could eat every day of the week – not too sweet but sweet enough to get me high on life.

And that fresh hummus – OMG!! The chef walked it direct from the mixer to us – the freshest and most delicious hummus I have ever had. I have never been to the Middle East or Greece, where the origins of hummus are still debated, but it is what I would call authentic.

All the beverages get a big tick also – my mocha was awesome as was my homemade soda. My guest loved his long black too.

I was seriously looking for something negative but couldn’t find a thing!


Grandmas Lunch Bar image

Lunch Bar



If you work in the area of the McEvoy venue or the Rosebery venue they both run weekday lunch station meals. Basically it’s $12.50 to eat in or takeaway and you get to pick between soups, salads, casseroles, bakes. They offer vegetarian and gluten free options and for $12.50 you will be very satisfied. Who wouldn’t pay that price to eat some granny food for lunch and know it’s super tasty, healthy, made with heart and abundant!


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Salad Lunch Bar



GRANDMAS is one of my fave places to eat. It isn’t pictured in this article but my favourite dish is the Beef and Mushroom Vol-au-vents. I eat it at the Farm location and didn’t have it at McEvoy but they do serve it. That dish sums up my childhood – it also speaks of a time and food in life that in the 80s was a decadent family meal and now anyone in their 20s wouldn’t know what a vol-au-vent even was. It is that nostalgia and that heart that I truly love about this place. And as all my grandparents have now passed it’s nice to know I can go somewhere and feel warm and happy by the delicious food in a place that is an homage to multicultural grandparental food.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 1/1 bonus


Grandmas at McEvoy Deets:

PH: (02) 9699 1862

140-142 McEvoy St, Alexandria, NSW 2015

BOOKINGS: Unsure by I don’t think so

HOURS: 7 days – 7am to 4pm



LOCAL DELIVERY: Most likely with local delivery services







*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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