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About three to five years ago the food game of Manly started to become stale, venues that had been around for years with limited to no change to their menus were becoming boring and unless you had your favourite regular venue for a feast it wasn’t too special and it was highly probable you were paying a lot of money for a dated dish. But then the Sydney food revolution started booming and this revolution is still in high swing and as of the last two years the Manly food game has thrown itself on a fast rising trajectory in awesome that my taste buds are constantly aroused for new and wonderful foods to eat. One of the new kids on the block, that is something completely new to Manly is Cured., a cheese, cured meats and wine boutique bar near the library in Market Lane.


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Cured. | Manly | Spooning Australia Venue Review | Entry Image


Yesterday, after a few weeks of sad and difficult times I got to finally head out for a big night with two old mates, Gazbo and James. All of us wine experts we decided to set out with starters at Manly Wharf Bar, cheeses and pickled meats and wines at Cured. and finishing with a dinner at The Herring Room (also newish in Manly with a full review coming soon). A LOT of wine was to be consumed and we all like the nice stuff and were planning on going poor after the night. Wine was fine at Manly Wharf and on we went to Cured..

Husband and wife duo Jeremy Ricketts and Bridie Gough are behind the little Manly delight, Bridie’s business, Platform Architects provided Cured.’s urban fitout.

The venue is chic and cosmopolitan with the venue appearing more suited to Double Bay or New York. It is a hidden bar in Manly located in the laneway between the library section and the Corso, it is a place you would never expect a venue and this is what makes it so awesome – it has completely transformed this little laneway. The venue is TINY, not many tables at all, and this is even better. It is a boutique bar that is the perfect place for a get-together, a romantic nibbles and wine and would be bloody awesome for small parties.


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Cured. | Manly | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The Tempranillo


It is all about indulging in the finest of fine. Their cured meats are all organic, mostly from free-range pork near Byron Bay, they collaborate all their pickling with The Picklery Company and their cheeses are selected from around the world and is all selected to compliment the meats. Their bread is an award winning single origin sourdough from the Flinders Ranges and have I yet mentioned the wine? INCREDIBLE – a selection from independent wineries around the globe. From full bodied reds right through to light, refreshing whites, and some nice looking bubbles. The beer selection is also unique, with a couple of local brews as well as some exclusive Japanese beer to quench the thirst and compliment the food.

You are encouraged to create our own platter from their eighteen selections of meat and ten selections of cheese and compliment it with some incredible wines. Expect about $50 a head for some nice food and wine.


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Cured. | Manly | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The Picklery


For me Cured. is now easily one of the best venues in Manly, the perfect place to start your night, if you love your food and pride yourself on pouring divine wine onto the palate to wash down some of the best cured meats, pickled veg and cheeses you can imagine then this place needs to be on your “must visit” list. The bonus is the staff, they are friendly and well knowledged on the entire menu and the best part I got from the staff, they all love being at work, they know their product is good and the venue is smaller and more interpersonal. James, one of my mates from last night is a wine snob/ expert, he has ran wineries and is more than happy to abuse me if I ever pronounce the l’s in tempranillo, my favourite type of wine. It was the cheapest bottle on the menu and he was not overly excited about ordering the cheapest bottle on the menu (still a $39- bottle of wine) but the waiter assured us by no means does the cheapest mean cheap. They explained low mark-ups and that the tempranillo is a sublime wine, so we ordered it and all had multiple winegasms, it was a perfect wine to match the joy we ordered to eat.


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Cured. | Manly | Spooning Australia Venue Review | Aged Pork Belly Pancetta and Truffle Triple Cream Brie


Our selections to accompany the wine were a Chicken Liver Pate, a Duck Rilette, Truffle Triple Cream Brie and an Aged Pork Belly Pancetta – the four items come with sourdough and olives. The food – all up about $50-. Well worth the cost, we paid for quality. My favourite was hands down the pate, the orange citrus flavour was sublime. James loved the rilette the most and we all worshipped the cheese that matched the pork belly pancetta like bacon and eggs. That pancetta, I want it by the kilo – so divine and when paired with the cheese on a slice of sourdough – gives me culinary shivers of delight remembering it.


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Cured. | Manly | Spooning Australia Venue Review | Chicken Liver Pate and Duck Rilette


The owners were smart, they kept it small and went for boutique quality over abundant bums-on-seats quantity, something this smart has the opportunity to succeed, flourish and survive the food game in Manly, something I am very keen on supporting. Looking forward to taking the parental units here for some more nomnoms in December pre-Christmas.

I am unsure if you need to make reservations but everything you need to get in touch and see the full menus is on their (also awesomely designed) website, HERE.




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