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BROOMFIELDS PIE CO is a small bakery in Balgowlah Heights on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. You may have seen Ryan, the owner, with his piecycle down at Manly Wharf on Wednesday nights and you may have seen him pop up at some food markets over Sydney. But if you haven’t eaten his pies then you are yet to enter the lucky and ever growing fortunate who are on to a damn good thing.


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Ryan Broomfield



Ryan Broomfield, and his little pie empire, has taken pies to an entire new level of gourmet. It’s no longer ground horse meat drowning in tomato sauce for the Aussie pie, it’s Pot Roast Chicken and Cranberries or White Bean. Red Leicester and Truffle. Pies are in the family blood for the Broomfields. Ryan learned the art of pie making from his brother Neil, Britain’s most awarded pie man and Supreme Pie Champion of Britain in 2015.

Broomfields all-butter pastry pies combine the finest local ingredients with the iconic flavours of Ryan’s British roots (and travels). The menu varies depending on the seasonality of ingredients and the weekly discoveries Ryan makes at Sydney’s local farmers markets. A few favourites remain week to week but embrace the changes they have weekly, you may discover some amazing pies.

I not only had the privilege of trying a whole bunch of them, I had the joy of rolling some of that pastry you may have eaten. I had a morning in the bakery with Ryan and was in heaven. The smell of pies baking was incredible and Ryan’s knowledge, laid back manner and sense of humour add a lot more to the pies than gourmet produce.


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Broomfields Pies – Cape Grime Mince Beef and Onion Pie



OMG the pies will blow your mind. Note that you are buying gourmet pies and they are all $10-. Everything is $10- including the sausage rolls but the coffees are free when the barista can’t work because Ryan makes shit coffee haha. The locals didn’t complain with free coffee however. But back to the pies!!

I ate or more took home and lived off for a week:

Cape Grim Mince Beef and Onion – Slow roasted Cape Grim mince beef, garlic and white onion puree, cinnamon, black and white pepper and Bovril gravy

Pot Roast Chicken and Cranberries – Pot roasted free-range Bannockburn chicken, por, white wine and sage stuffing, cranberries, garlic and onion cream, lemon and orange zest, parsley and Paxo

White Bean, Red Leicester and Truffle – Red Leicester cheese, braised white beans, roasted garlic and thyme, cinnamon roasted butternut squash, Pukara Estates truffle oil, parsley, Panko breadcrumbs and Caraway seeds

Fish Pie – Australian Albacore tuna, white wine, wasabi and English mustard cream, edamame beans, chives dill and wasabi peas

Hands down winner and the best pie of all time was the fish pie for me – it is OUT OF THIS WORLD. There is only one other fish pie I will eat and that is the Snapper Pie from The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, a restaurant famous for its pie. This home bake fish pie is the perfect home version with marvellous and nuanced flavours.

The veggie white bean pie came in a second for me because truffles turn me into a slave to the meal, and theft roast chicken pie was another treat I can’t wait to eat again.

Oh and for an extra treat – buy yourselves some of the sausage rolls – they are heavenly. The black pudding sausage roll blew my mind and will fill my freezer soon.


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Broomfields Pies – Black Pudding Sausage Roll



Please note – you can obtain pies from Broomfields at Manly Wharf every Wednesday night – ideal for those travelling home from the CBD and/or from the below markets BUT YOU MUST BE AWARE – the pies are not cooked, you do not eat them there. These are prepped pies for you to take home and then heat. These are large gourmet single pies and not something you really eat out of a paper bag drowned in sauce.


Every Wednesday
3pm – 9pm
Manly Wharf, Manly NSW 2095


Orange Grove Organic Food Market
Every Saturday
8am – 1pm
Orange Grove Public School, Cnr Perry Street & Balmain Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Kings Cross Market
Every Saturday
9am – 2pm
Fitzroy Gardens, Macleay Street, Sydney, NSW 2011

Marrickville Organic Food and Farmers Market
Every Sunday
8am – 3pm
Marrickville Hall, 142 Addison Road, Addison Road Centre, Marrickville, NSW 2204


Broomfields Pies - Ryan and his Piecycle at Manly Wharf image

Broomfields Pies – Ryan and his Piecycle at Manly Wharf – Pic courtesy of Broomfields Pie Co



Possibly the best pies in Sydney, Broomfield’s Pie Co is a place I will be frequenting a lot. It is the first pie shop I have eaten from in twenty years that could knock the Upper Crust from my fabled pie hero stand. Cooking the pies from frozen is apparently better for the pastry in baking so this adds to the allure of a freezer completely stocked in Ryan’s creations.



Broomfields Pie Co. Deets:


PH: 0451 667 428

BAKERY DOOR: 3/33 Dobroyd Road, Balgowlah Heights, NSW 2093

HOURS: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 6pm – CHECK MARKET LISTING ABOVE

TAKEAWAY: Only – no eat in









*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such ***


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