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BARE GRILL is basically a burger institution of the Sydney burger scene. Their La Perouse venue is a little out of the way at the end of the Eastern Suburbs, but when I made my journey, thanks to an invite from Ompty, I was met with one of the most beautiful places I have been to in recent years. Admittedly I had already snuck in for a quick lunch burger but nothing prepared me for one of the best sunsets for 2016. The below shot was taken across the road from the venue and I found a love for La Perouse – a place I would happily live – just stunning.


Bare Grill The View from Across the Street



I made the decision to make my review for the La Perouse venue. The new Surry Hills store is huge, epic and absolutely brilliant for a Sydney burger venue but La Perouse is where it all began. It is where the cauldron of burger magic was initiated and skills honed. It is located in a stunning venue and the view and beauty of the area make it an unparalleled burger venue location.

As I said BARE GRILL is located across the road from the above view. It is an average sized venue with open bench seating along the front of the store which is slightly sunken into street level and then tables throughout the venue in front of the counter. It is light and it is bright and it is a great place to eat your burger. But you know what is better? Getting your burg takeaway and walking across the road and sitting on that grass in the open space hearing and smelling the ocean and the harbour.


Bare Grill Epic Fries image



While BARE GRILL is known for their burger sorcery it also has some epic “other food” on the menu. Their loaded fries, above, known as EPIC FRIES, are a must to share when visiting either location. It consists of waffle fries, pulled pork, cheese, spiced aioli, Carolina sticky BBQ sauce, and bacon, all topped with shallots. It truly deserves the name epic and could be one of the best loaded fries in Sydney.

Below is their BBQ sticky wings with a blue cheese sauce, you could say I foodgasmed at blue cheese and wings. Insanely delicious – and with wine and Epic fries, I basically became Bare Grill’s bitch at this stage.

BARE GRILL also has a great selection of mains. These mains range from T-Bone steak, ribs, souvlaki, and some great seafood options. Great for the area and great for further picnic food across the road but something that places me in a conundrum – how could I eat at BARE GRILL and not eat burgers?


Bare Grill Epic Fries and BBQ Wings image



Then there is their signatures, the things that make BARE GRILL famous……….THE BURGS. They offer sixteen burgers and cover most of your burger requirements. Plenty of beef, plenty of chicken, a fish burger, a vegetarian burger and a burger designed to kill you. Literally named the DEATH BY BURGER – it has 10x patties and costs $45-. Actually awesome value for money. I have now tried five of their fare and have loved all of them.

The main photo for this article is their mammoth THE BARE COCKFIGHTER: 2x Southern Fried Chicken pieces, bacon, American cheddar, guacamole, coleslaw, iceberg lettuce and big bare cheese. At $16- this is very reasonably priced for the size. It is epic, it is crispy and it is freaking tasty as!!


Bare Grill The Barnyard image


Above is their deceptively standard looking THE BARNYARD. Peri Peri chicken, American cheddar, Spanish onion, iceberg lettuce and peri peri mayo. This burg packs a nice punch of heat. It goes well with the epic fries to cool and alternate flavours. It is also their only burger that does not have a patty, instead chicken fillets. Loved it but personally preferred the others over this due to them being more in your face.

Below is their much loved and much ordered, THE FATTIES. This burg is a burger for the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society. A burg nearly every FBAS member has probably eaten at some stage. It’s a delightful cheese fest. Double Beef, American cheese, bacon and bare sauce – HEAVEN!!!

There is also another burger I have eaten at BARE GRILL in the past, I cannot locate the pic I took for it, but it is my fave burger from this venue. It is not close to the most ordered burger but to me represents the long lost Milk Bar burger and as such is the closest to an Australian burger and the best I can find. AUSSIE OUTBACK BURGER: beef patty, bacon, American cheddar, beetroot, caramelised bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, fried egg and bare sauce. I WORSHIP THIS BURGER. Most burgerinos don’t love the egg and the beetroot on a burger, but it can’t be an Aussie burger without it.

Bare Grill The Fatties Special Burger image



BARE GRILL at La Perouse is not licensed. If you want to buy alcohol in-store head to Surry Hills. La Perouse does, however, offer BYO wine and standard cafe drinks. Juices, coffees, soft drink and then……FREAKSHAKES. Listed in their milkshake section the freakshakes are up there with the best in Oz. My favourite was hands down the below Lime Freakshake – it literally has a lime splice sticking out of the top, then covered in gummy bears. It is an epic sugar hit and not for the faint of heart or for peeps wanting to watch their weight, but for a Summer birthday treat dive in head first.


Bare Grill Lime Splice Freakshake image



BARE GRILL does it all. The staff and the amazing Manuel are heroes to the cause and giants in a burger market that is breaking at the seams. They are also humble nice guys and gals and this makes a huge impact in a field of Chef competition and ego. The food, especially those burgers, are impressive and memorable meals you can rely on time and time again. Get thee buns out to the La Perouse or Surry Hills venue for a feast you will enjoy. And if you want to save some bucks head to Ompty and get a discount voucher before you visit.




Bare Grill La Perouse Deets:

PH: (02) 9661 1414

ADDRESS: Shop 3, 1599 Anzac Parade, La Perouse NSW


BYO: Wine Only










Mon – Wed – 11am – 8pm


Fri – Sun – 11am – 9pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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