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This post is all about balls, don’t let that scare you off though because they are not old man saggy balls (picture it…….and done haha). Nay nay, these are much better than Chef’s Chocolate Salty balls, these are meatballs, edible balls that will make you squee. The guys at BALLERS POLPETTERIA have the biggest and best balls with the most awesome amount of extras to make you weak at the knees.


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It is with a big hug of joy to my foodie friend Ms Jay (@msjayemm) that I got invited to attend a fantastic blogstagramming night with my food loving brethren. BALLERS POLPETTERIA is located in Enmore, not far from the theatre so a great place to pig out prior to a show or if you just live in the area or like to travel for some fun food. The venue is extreme low maintenance, it is family friendly, affordable and no silver service in the slightest.

Everything is served in enamel dishes, and everything is pretty much make your own. You select what type of balls you want, you then select a delivery method and your sides ad extras and then they make it all for you. Simple.


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Choice of balls – Classic Beef, Spicy Pork, Chicken, Veggie

Sauce Selections – tomato, spicy tomato, cream, pesto

Then you choose if you want your balls as is or do you want a side – the joy of the side is you can have it as a side or underneath your balls as a base.

Sides – polenta, spaghetti, rigatoni, mash, green veg, market salad, fries

The you can crank it up to the next level and top it with an extra.

Extras – fried egg, provolone or mozzarella cheese, or more sauce.


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Instead of the above mentioned ways of stuffing your face with balls you can also go balls and buns – this is broken down into sliders, subs or a smashed balls burger-style version. They all sounded fracking amazing and as we were in a big bloggers group I think we just ordered everything. There is a valid reason I am slowly turning into the side of a house.


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One of the very cool things about BALLERS POLPETTERIA is that they make all their own balls and sauce from scratch. I love this!

And to top it off they make a few great kid’s meals and have a selection of beers, wines and ciders. The perfect combination right there :). Kids and alcohol – actually beers and balls.


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My selection was the spicy pork balls, with tomato sauce and served on rigatoni topped with a fried egg and mozzarella sauce. If getting into it – “go balls deep” as they say ;). It was bloody amazing. It was unanimous among the group that the balls were sublime. Perfectly cooked and delicious on every level, even cold after 30mins of taking food shots.

My gooey egg rolled all over the tomato sauce and mixed with the cheese. That was heavenly enough but the perfect level of spice in the pork balls nailed this dish home. A total winner and one I would order again.


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I am pretty sure we tried nearly every combination although I think we didn’t embrace the pesto as much as we could have. One person ordered the vegetarian balls and the rest of us scoffed at poor Arvin (@arvinisstarvin) but most of us had a try and it was a winner. As was the sliders, the sub and the fries. As food bloggers you will be happy to know we all ate the vegetable sides to get some ruffage and extra healthy vitamins in their with the divine protein balls. Hahaha – yeah right.


Ballers Polpetteria Meatball Feast image



BALLERS POLPETTERIA isn’t the place to go for a romantic dinner, although I would fall more in love with someone taking me here than Bennelong. It isn’t the place to go for fine dining or for when you are wearing white, especially if you are having the spaghetti (or in my case the rigatoni with tomato sauce). It is a place to go for some great grub, a couple of beers or for a fun place for the kids, they will love all the dishes. I think it would be much better in groups of three or more so you can order more stuff and mix and match your orders. I love that it caters to kids and vegetarians and they get heaps of love from me for making their own goods. Thanks again to the venue and Ms Jay for a funtastic time of balls stuffed in my face.




Ballers Polpetteria Deets:

178 Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 9557 6665




Tuesday to Sunday: 530pm to 10pm – They also do home delivery and takeaway.

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, ss always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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