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678 Korean BBQ was my first ever experience to Korean BBQ or Asian BBQ in general. It was with thanks to Danny from QTix that I got to experience this fine feast and since attending I am now in love and slightly obsessed with Korean BBQ. I have been again and recently tried Japanese BBQ and love it just as much. But this is about the international Korean BBQ known as 678. And more specifically the venue I visited in Eastwood.


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The below pic pretty much shows you what you get – if you can name the three food bloggers you can have a prize :). The venue has more seating behind me in the photograph that goes back to the front entry. It then bends around the corner to the left to open up to a large space with many more tables. This place is huge but within 30mins of the below pic being taken the place was packed to the rafters with people waiting in a queue or out shopping using the QTix app – more on that in a bit.

Every table has the retractable exhausts and the BBQ plates, I was gawking at everything – I had never been to Korean BBQ before and I was so excited. There were seven of us for lunch but I think we ate enough or twenty people. Always the case I have learned when eating Korean BBQ – you end up with over twenty plates of stuff on the table.

Now there is something you need to know about 678 Korean BBQ – they are K-Pop obsessed. The walls are covered in K-Pop memorabilia and a lot of the K-Pop stars, when in the country, will be found doing promotional visits to 678. You may also find the music playing is K-Pop and you may leave the venue with a greater appreciation of K-Pop haha.


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QTix is an app that helps you (as a venue) manage waitlists and queue and (for patrons) it electronically minds your spot in a queue. When I first heard about the app I thought it was crazy. But the more I eat out at popular venues the more I see the need. I stood in the rain for 90mins with my parents in a queue at Din Tai Fung – if the venue and myself had the app I could have been in a warm and dry pub across the road and received notification when I could get in. In New York there is a new craze where you basically pay people, actual humans, to mind your spot in queues. It’s crazy – the app is much cheaper for everyone involved. Love the idea and will be using QTix in the future.


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Korean Seafood Pancake



The menu us huge – it’s like a picture book, in fact I am certain every dish has a photograph – this is actually really cool! If it’s Korean it’s probably on the menu but they do emphasise the BBQ food. So much meat to choose from, beefs, porks, chicken and much more. The thing I have learned about Korean BBQ is it’s not so much about the BBQ meat itself, it’s mostly about how many condiments and extras can be fit on the table with all the food. There are so many sauces, kimchi and complimenting morsels that all come out to accompany your dishes that you will never get through them.


  • Wagyu Cube Roll
  • Ox Tongue
  • Marinated Wagyu Beef Short Rib
  • Prime Pork Belly
  • Prime Pork Jowl Cut
  • Korean Style Seafood Pancake
  • Spicy Seafood Soft Tofu Stew
  • 1x Gagillion side dishes – the egg and the cheese was the bomb!


678 Korean BBQ Pork Jowl image

BBQ Pork Jowl

678 Korean BBQ Flaming Meat image

Flame On



My favourite dish of the day was the Korean Style Seafood Pancake, it was sublime. Danny was the masterful BBQ maestro of this visit and the next visit I attended for more Korean BBQ. His skills are yet to burn a venue down although he did get the flame on for this meal. The pork belly was eye-rolling back good, as was the wagyu. It was my first time trying ox tongue and also pork jowl and they were both ok – kept eating them and would seek out pork jowl to eat again. The tongue was more like a thin piece of bacon but less porky haha. The seafood stew I also learned is a much loved dish and I would order it again – it’s not an ideal dish to share with a bunch of bloggers but the tofu I ate from the dish was superb.


678 Korean BBQ Pork Belly image

Pork Belly



678 Korean BBQ was my first ever Korean BBQ experience and I had a ball. The food, the company and the venue was all great. I love that you get a gagiliion side dishes of condiments and the like and I love I got to try ox tongue for the first time. Sadly I may have now been brainwashed into liking K-Pop and I will return to this place for their seafood pancake alone!


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


678 Korean BBQ Deets:

PH: (02) 8959 9599

14 Glen St, Eastwood NSW 2122

BOOKINGS: Yes or use the QTix App on arrival for queue notification

HOURS: Mon – Sat: 1130am to 3pm then 530pm to 930pm | Closed Sundays

BAR: Yes


LOCAL DELIVERY: Possibly via Uber Eats and/or Deliveroo







*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such ***


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  1. Amazing review and beautiful shots. Just had my dinner but want to eat this Korean BBQ now. YUM!!

  2. Thao Trinh on

    Hi I have made a booking for 15 people for Friday 12/7/19 for 7pm. This is a booking made online at the Eastwood venue.
    I would like to see if it’s possible for us to move the time
    Forward to 6:30?
    I cannot seem to call your restaurant as no one answers the phone.

    • This is a review of a restaurant – sorry Thao – I have no association with the actual venue. Try looking at https://queuetix.com/ – I know you can make bookings with 678 via their app. Enjoy the evening.

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