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It’s only a few days late but think of it this way, it isn’t as late as some of my reviews due to be published to actually make up this list in its entirety! Haha. I visited close on 200 venues this year and am totally mind blown at the quality of food from 2017. I have split cafes and restaurants into separate lists. Clickety Click for the Top 20 Restaurants of 2017. Sadly this is also the first year without a Top Burger list as my fine dining experiences far outweighed my burger experiences and I couldn’t honestly cover all the burgers as in previous years. SPOONING AUSTRALIA TOP 10 CAFES OF 2017 is below and I hope you enjoy that I am now living up to the “Australia” part and am no longer restrained by Sydney.

I do humbly apologise at the lack of full reviews for some of the venues listed but they will be added in coming weeks when the time presents to catch up on the backlog.

I would also love to thank venues and/or PR companies that supported Spooning Australia this and every year. Without their support I would not have the opportunity to visit as many venues as I do, my budget just can’t cover it.


10        JOURNEYMAN – WINDSOR, VIC – IT’S CHAPEL ST (full review coming)

One of the trendy Chapel St venues of Melbourne. Beautifully layed out and this venue scored its list position for one of their dishes. The Breakfast Ramen (pictured below) is one of my favourite meals of 2017 – just superb.

Journeyman Breakfast Ramen image



9          BELLO THE SHELTER – BURWOOD, NSW (full review coming)

This wonderful venue located in Burwood, Sydney, serves most of their food purely for the instagram crowd. Their French toast is more a French loaf and some of the fruit on it was covered in gold leaf. And their blue milkshake had more lollies on it than the Willy Wonka factory. I was on such a high and it wasn’t just the sugar entering my system. To balance it out we did order a Middle Eastern Breakfast Platter that was far removed from the lolly food as one could imagine and it was deeeeeeeelish.

Bello The Shelter Flat Lay image

Bello the Shelter


8          DACI DACI – HOBART, TAS (full review coming)

One of my mum and my favourite places we discovered in Hobart. Daci Daci is an older style traditional cafe/ bakery. Their sweets were superb, their coffee beautiful, and the venue is a must visit for morning tea if staying in Hobart.

Daci Daci Dessert image

Daci Daci


7          MEET MICA – REDFERN, NSW (full review coming)

Meet Mica is an Asian infused cafe in Surry Hills – one of the newer kids on the block in 2017 (opened in July) that has taken the Sydney scene by storm. Their Matcha French Lava Toast is a Sydney favourite but their Lobster Congee was divine and the Crab and Egg Omelette was my favourite – I will return for this dish alone.

Meet Mica Flat Lay image

Meet Mica


6          GLOVER’S STATION – ELSTERNWICK, VIC (full review coming)

I fell in love with this cafe in Elsternwick, Melbourne. Located in a historical old re-purposed service station the subtle elegance in design, the laid back nature, the staff and the food make this a venue that deserves a lot more attention. If I lived in Melbourne this would be my local.

Glover's Station Kitchen image

Glover’s Station


5          HIGHER GROUND – MELBOURNE (full review coming)

HIGHER GROUND, in the Melbourne CBD, easily wins for the best venue design of the year, it is just beautiful. The food is amazing – hands down best hotcake of the year and one of the best breakfast sausage rolls of all time. The initial rudeness of the staff didn’t keep this one from my Top List and the venue more than made up for it.

Higher Ground Venue image

Higher Ground



Is it possible a cafe made my Top 10 for a babycino? Haha. It definitely helped. Contessa Balmain is hands-down one of the best cafes in the country (located in Balmain). Kicking off our breakfast with Espresso Martinis was a highlight of 2017 as was the incredible food. The froggacino is the cutest babycino I have ever seen and Connie, the hostest with the mostest, wins my service award for the year. This wonderful lady, with more energy than most teenagers, manages to run a venue with queues out the front and cater to everyone’s needs without missing a beat and making everyone feel special. The woman is a marvel!!

Contessa Fry Up image

Contessa Fry Up



Flour Drum, in Newtown, is the one venue in Australia I have visited the most. It is just wonderful, and Victor, Johnny and Chris run a bohemian venue with such an eclectic mix of food and love that you cannot help but love the place and the guys. The Pork Belly Kimchi Burger is one of the best burgers in Sydney and their dumpling dish (below) is something I need to eat on every visit. And stay tuned – I think I have talked Johnny into trying fish tacos in 2018 – I reckon they will become the food craze of the year and this Chef will work magic into them!

Flour Drum Cafe Dumplings image

Flour Drum



Cuppa Flower is a venue I only visited a few weeks back. And my head exploded – it was just insane! They have one table out the front that is designed with food bloggers/ grammers in mind. We scored said blue table and then ordered more food than a small army, or one growing teen boy, could manage. Like Bello the Shelter they have a menu that has taken instagram into account. There is a solid mix of serious food and instafood. But the instafood was also next level in its quality. The soft shelled crab and egg croissant is one of the best brunch items I have EVER eaten. I need it in my life again and again and again :).

Cuppa Flower





What can I say? This marvellous, refined, restrained masterwork of a cafe ticked every box multiple times. The food, the service, and the venue impressed to no end. Nothing overly flashy but the food was crafted to purely accentuate the food itself. Everything, even the sweet dishes, came off as somewhat healthy and the mushroom breakfast dish was one of the best things I ate this year. If you haven’t visited this bustling marvel in Marrickville you need to amend this immediately. The title photo up the top is also from West Juliett.

West Juliett French Toast image

West Juliett


What would you have liked to have seen in the list? Please comment your favourite cafes so I can try and visit them in 2018!

Have you got a cafe you think needs to be on the 2018 list? Send me an email and let’s eat!!

Happy eating peeps!


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