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Here’s a to a big happy start to the 2017 snow season! So happy that the snow is falling again and the wonderful mountains are open. I thought it was an appropriate time to pull my finger out and post my review for the wonderful Thredbo Burger Bar at the Knickerbocker in Thredbo. When I visited Thredbo towards the end of the 2016 season I stayed not far from the Burger Bar. In my afternoon walk to look around I came across this oasis of burgerly love in my field of vision. Could it be? Was it real? Had this Sydney food and burger blogger seriously come across a burger venue so far from home? Hell yes I had and OMG I am stoked I did.


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The Thredbo Burger Bar is easily compatible to the big wigs of the Sydney burger scene. They tick all the boxes and are true burger heroes to the cause. Everything is fresh, tasty and somewhat original. I am still gobsmacked I found this place in Thredbo. I loved it so much I ventured back twice while there and will return many more times as soon as I can get back to the area again.

The venue is located at the far end of Thredbo just above the river. Like most of the venues in Thredbo it has views of the mountain that will have you pinching yourself to be in such a beautiful place in the world. The venue itself is huge – there is an entry room to leave jackets and the like. You then walk through into a bar which has seating and abundant drinks to make you happier. Then down a couple of steps to the dining area. There is lots of tables, skiing memorabilia, the coolest light made of twigs of all time and TVs playing skiing and boarding vids. It is the perfect alpine burger venue. And to make it even better there is an outdoor deck to enjoy when it isn’t blowing a gale or raining the snow away.


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Loaded Fries



They serve a menu of burgers, chicken wings, comfort food, tasty bar snacks, salads and desserts that will get your tastebuds jumping and your appetite placated after a day of bushwalking or carving the mountain.


They offer two tap beers, eight craft beers, a generous wine list, local schnapps and a fully stocked back bar all served in an ideal setting overlooking the Thredbo River. What more could you want. They also serve coffee and treats and someone managed a delightful adffogato – who was that….


Thredbo Burger Bar Magic Mushroom Burger image

Magic Mushroom Burger



The venue is made for families and kids will love this place as much as the adults. I am actually feeling a bit sad I am at home writing this and not sitting next to a fire looking at snow covered mountains while tapping away. The NSW Snowy Mountains is my spiritual place and even if the snow is shit I am still at peace. But back to the other kids…

They have nuggets, chicken burger or a beef burger for the kidlets. All are served with fries and tomato sauce. They also have some kid’s drinks in flavoured milks or ice cream floats. And the kids may not shut up until you order them desserts. Ice cream and topping or Frog in the Pond – actually what I would have had if I wasn’t in my forties haha.


Thredbo Burger Bar Ocean's 11 Burger image

Ocean’s 11 Burger



Amazing chicken burgers, superb looking veggie burgers and specialty burgs to match the beaut beef burgs. We tried the Buffalo Bill Chicken Burger – flame grilled chicken breast marinated in their own hickory and bourbon BBQ sauce served with house made slaw and blue cheese aioli. I only had one bite but I loved it as did my dining partner for this one. The chicken was well cooked and not dry and that blue cheese aioli was #drooooooooool.

There are two veggie burgs; a chickpea patty burg and the one we tried, a mushroom based burg. The Magic Mushroom Burg is a crumbed and grilled portobello mushroom with halloumi, onion jam, tomato, lettuce and aioli. I didn’t get to eat this one but it got a thumbs up.


Thredbo Burger Bar Buffalo Bill Burger image

Buffalo Bill Burger


As or the specials burgs they also have two. One is their monster steak burg, the Absolutely Marbellous – a sous vide 200gm wagyu steak (cooked to medium) and served with balsamic onions, blue cheese aioli, tomatoes and lettuce. We didn’t eat this one but I really want to one day soon but be warned – it’s $29. That gorgeous steak isn’t cheap.

What we did eat from the specials was the salmon burger, aka the Ocean’s 11 Burger. Chargrilled salmon steak with rocket, tomato, Spanish onion and horseradish crème fraiche. This one is a bit smaller and was inhaled by one of the dining guests. I love salmon but couldn’t imagine ordering this over a big beefy burg.


Thredbo Burger Bar The Blues Brothers Burger image

The Blues Brothers Burger



Then there was the beefy burgs, all of them Black Angus beef. There is six buns of joy to love. You have the Thredbo Burger Bar standard beef burger, a BLT burg with a twist, and a chilli jam chilli burg called The Firecracker. Then there is the monster double beef burger of death called The Heart Attack plus the two I ate on seperate visits.

The first was The Blues Brother Burg – one divine little number on a charcoal bun. Black Angus Patty, King Island Blue Cheese, onion jam, tomato and rocket. Tick tick tick – that blue cheese makes my knees wobble.

And then there was the one I returned to eat by myself so I would not be judged. The Fair Dinkum Burger made me squee. The snow wasn’t very good so I took a day off while everyone else battled the ice and elements. This heavenly burger is the Black Angus Beef Patty, cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon, pineapple, lettuce, beetroot, onion, tomato and BBQ sauce. It was heavenly and reminded me of the old school milk bar burgs of old, except more nuanced and much more fracking awesome. When I posted to instagram back in September my review started with the words “I lost my culinary shit over this burger today,” that pretty much says it all.


Thredbo Burger Bar Fair Dinkum Burger image

Thredbo Burger Bar Fair Dinkum Burger image

Fair Dinkum Burger



If the Thredbo Burger Bar was in Sydney it would give the big burger kahunas a run for their money but the venue would in no way be as cool (literally and figuratively). The venue and the location add an extra element of awesome to this wonderful food and I cannot wait to return to my spiritual centre in the mountains and stuff my face with these brilliant burgs.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Thredbo Burger Bar Deets:

PH: 02 6457 6844

1 Diggings Terrace, Thredbo NSW 2625

BOOKINGS: Yes but walk-ins also welcome


Open nearly year round – closed November to December 26 and the month of May. June & September open 6 days (closed Sundays) and July and August 7 days – check out the site or call them for times as they vary

BAR: Yes

TAKEAWAY: Yes but it’s much nicer to eat in




KID FRIENDLY: Definitely




*** This meal was paid for ***


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