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The Shelly Beach Kiosk


Due to all the foodie reviews and eating and burgers and my love of wine I have started resembling a double pattied burger. The life of a food blogger and reviewer is hard dear reader, with great meals comes great weight gain. To combat this I eat paleo when eating by myself at home and I am trying to limit it to two burger reviews a week but I have also started my summer weight loss campaign. For me this involves walking and swimming. Yesterday afternoon I started with a small seven kilometre walk, I needed to get out and walk, I have been having some added work tension and the stress made me angry yesterday, so in my words to the cat “fuck it Dark, I need to walk.” Realising after seven k’s how awesome I felt I got up this morning and set out for a 15+ km walk/hike.


The Shelly Beach Kiosk

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | The venue


Last summer I lost 15kgs from my exercising and paleo diet, this year I am aiming for the same but need to walk more as I am not going militarised paleo. My walks start at Curl Curl netball courts and involve a coastal walk  to Shelly Beach and back, it is all well worth it, the views from the walk, the other walkers, the many dogs, the smell of salt, sea breeze, crashing waves, hot surfers, and the body working itself to betterness are all worth it. After doing the Shelly headland I have always liked grabbing a coffee at Shelly beach and today I got to see the completed and well and truly open Boathouse.


The Shelly Beach Kiosk

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | The venue


The Boathouse Shelly Beach is owned by the Boathouse Group – these people know how to do high-end beautiful coastal venues. You may have heard of The Boathouse Balmoral Beach, The Boathouse Palm Beach, Moby Dick’s Whale Beach, yep, same people. They have taken over the venue where Le Kiosk used to be and have done their thing with the venue and the attached takeaway venue attachment where I used to grab a coffee and the occasional bacon and egg roll. They have more blended the venues together with a sitting area and bar in between them and the place looks fantastic. I do want to get to a lunch meal at The Boathouse section but for my morning I was grabbing some takeaway and sitting on the grass in front of the beach, so this is The Shelly Beach Kiosk aka The Boathouse Kiosk Shelly Beach.


The Shelly Beach Kiosk

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | Healthy food and awesome display


As with The Boathouse the decor is upmarket beach shabby chic but a little more modern and definitely hints of beach and health everywhere. The lobster pot light fittings are amazing (loved them) plus the plants, the greens and the fruit placed all over the place definitely makes the venue welcoming, I have never thought this venue looked so good.


The Shelly Beach Kiosk

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | Morning coffee on the beach – doesn’t get much better


My order was Bacon and Egg Roll with cherry tomato chilli jam plus my regular decaf mocha. More on the roll in a moment but I need to get the negative out of the way, my coffee was god awful, now if you are one of those people who is thinking “it’s a decaf, they’re all awful,” “it’s decaf, why even bother?” – firstly you are misguided and probably say that because you think it is the cool thing to say, it is not. Decaf is coffee that still has caffeine, it is just a LOT weaker in the caffeine NOT the flavour and NOT the body. It goes through a more rigorous process to remove the decaf, so on a side note, if you order a decaf and they don’t charge you extra for it then don’t order it again, good decaf always costs more because it has gone through exceptional processing.

Now, I honestly think they stuffed up my coffee, I do not believe any venue under the The Boathouse group would make a coffee that bad, I truly believe they forgot the coffee and made me a hot chocolate with powder in water and then some extra frothed milk on top, the chocolate was not good and tasted cheap but the lack of coffee in it made it an awesome faux pas, I will definitely try the coffee again tomorrow morning as the venue is sublime.


The Shelly Beach Kiosk

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | Best bacon and egg roll of all time


Now the bacon and egg roll – my new favourite bacon and egg roll on planet earth. It is not perfect but OMG it blew my mind. It arrived on the counter in an open box and the bun looked black, I thought “holy shit no, please do not be giving me some grained healthy kale soaked yoga bun I wouldn’t wipe my butt with'” I walked with coffee to grass assuming I was about to be sad JK for my 7.5k return walk but when I picked it up it felt like a soft doughy cloud. It was a sweet brioche (I am 95% certain) that was oiled and toasted and it made the bun darken significantly, it gave it a nice crisp outer and I BLOODY LOVED IT. I am a fan of a dead egg in my bacon and egg rolls otherwise you will see me with yolk all down my front and plenty of it in my beard, so not pretty. This yolk was still the slightest runny but closer to a dead egg and I never even asked for it, I was in bliss, the egg was cooked perfect as was the bun and then the bacon, mounds of it, I squealed like a pig in shit. The one ever so slightly tiny gripe, I enjoyed the cherry tomato chilli jam but I couldn’t taste chilli, it could do with more kick but to be honest the total flavour of the roll gave me an extra skip in my step for the return walk.


Shelly Beach walk from Manly

The Shelly Beach Kiosk | Spooning Australia Breakfast Review | Shelly Beach walk from Manly


The venue also makes fruit salad, quinoa bircher, banana bread and for lunch has beer battered flathead, a burger (look out!), a veggie burger and a special Boathouse Salad you can optionally add smoked trout to. They also do juices, smoothies, milkshakes and coffees.

My coffee and bacon and egg roll I think cost $14.50. Keep in mind that Sundays and public holidays have a 10% surcharge added to the bill.

And finally the greatest thing about visiting this venue, to get there you can do the above walk from Manly, a life changing place that salvages your soul.











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  1. what a gorgeous location! feeling your pain regarding food reviews and weight gain! haha long walks/hiking is such a great way to burn some it off though.

    • Thanks MissK – just added you on Insta – nice to meet a fellow food obsessive 🙂
      The walk is amazing – if in Sydney you should definitely do it.

  2. What a gorgeous place to inspire you to get fit! I feel your pain, but recipe development adds to my double patty bulge, sigh…… Well done for getting out there and going for it, I know I need to.

    • It’s an amazing place to do it Sara – you should come over Northside – you would love it.
      And damn food and the difficulties of food and weight but what are we to do? – food is too glorious not to eat 🙂

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