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Méjico Sydney CBD Venue image

Méjico | Sydney CBD

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The Méjico/ INDU food group is one of my fave restaurant groups in Sydney. Their Méjico at Miranda is one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in the massively wider greater Sydney and INDU is just sublime with their modern Indian fusion cuisine. So when I was asked a while back if I wanted to visit their […]

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Calaveras Mexican Bench Top Wax and Candy Skull image

Calaveras Mexican | Newtown


CALAVERAS MEXICAN is a non stop fiesta (for dinners only haha) in Newtown, Sydney. I have been to quite a few Mexican restaurants in the last couple of years and Calaveras definitely wins the award for most festive and bright. I was a lucky hombre, they invited me in with a group of my foodie friends to […]

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