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Sunset Sabi | Manly

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Sunset Sabi is a relatively new venue in Manly (maybe six months). It is a chic Japanese inspired venue from the masters of Manly food cool, Sean and Luke Miller (not related). These are the guys that own Chica Bonita, one of the coolest little hole-in-the-wall Mexican places this far North of the border. My […]

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papi chulo manly view image

Papi Chulo | Manly

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A few weeks ago James, a friend of mine, and myself decided to head down for a nice lunch at Papi Chulo on Manly Wharf. Papi Chulo occupies the beautiful space that once belonged to the Phoenix Yum Cha venue. It has possibly the best view in Manly and is so easily accessible to anyone […]

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Mint Asian Salad Bar | Manly

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If you have grown up in Manly you should know Mr How, he used to have the most awesome hipster, odd un -matching cutlery and random crockery, in an old unit block Chinese restaurant in Manly, it was an institution of growing up and drinking from a mug while eating some decent Chinese food, god I […]

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Hemmingway's Manly Food image

Hemingway’s | Manly


Hemingway’s in Manly, when it opened, became pretty much the first full-blown hipster joint in Manly and then it settled into becoming an institution, the must visit place for twenty-somethings to sip cocktails and gin and tonics while eating chicken nuggets and salt and vinegar crisps white bread sandwiches. Prior to Hemingway’s it was once […]

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The Herring Room | Manly

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In continuing on our fun filled journey of wine, wine, a little bit more wine and food from Saturday night with the boys, Gazbo and James, our final destination before Gary fell asleep, James rockstarred a taxi and I wept for bed was The Herring Room in Manly for our main dinner, our feast de […]

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