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The Pantry Manly Venue Water and Manly Beach image

The Pantry Manly | Manly


THE PANTRY MANLY is a venue close to my heart and home. The building is an icon that has been in my life from beginning to present. I have used the facilities underneath it since probably before I could walk and the building upstairs has been many things in its ninety-eight years of existence. It […]

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The Herring Room Baby Snapper image

The Herring Room | Manly

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In continuing on our fun filled journey of wine, wine, a little bit more wine and food from Saturday night with the boys, Gazbo and James, our final destination before Gary fell asleep, James rockstarred a taxi and I wept for bed was The Herring Room in Manly for our main dinner, our feast de […]

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The Hold Mermaid Mural image

The Hold | Manly

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Arrrrggggghhhhh me hearties, a good chef friend of mine mentioned THE HOLD, a burger joint and bar in Manly with a “pirate-like” theme. How did I not know of this already? Our lovely waitress, or being pirate and boat themed should I be calling her a wench? (she was too nice for that), but anyway […]

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Jamtown Manly Beach image

Jamtown | Manly Beach

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I first heard of Jamtown one day when walking in the rain in Manly and having a shit time – I saw this colourful looking venue with the best “opening hours” sign of all time (see the last pic in the article) and as soon as I got home I wrote it on the review […]

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