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Australian Food Health Star Rating

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Just like it has successfully worked for years on electrical appliances for energy efficiency, packaged food is now being ranked using a Health Star Rating. Personally I am incredibly welcome to the idea and have commenced allowing the stars to assist in my selection choice. The Health Star Rating system was developed by the Australian, state and […]

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Močan & Green Grout | New Acton

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Močan & Green Grout is a foodie’s dream venue, it is eclectic, healthy, totally green, sources locally, does wicked coffee, is open breakfast, lunch and dinner and makes the healthy eating conscious the likes of Newtown (Sydney) look like McDonald’s eaters in comparison. It is located in New Acton, Canberra, and is an easy quick […]

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The Boathouse Kiosk Shelly Beach

The Shelly Beach Kiosk

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Due to all the foodie reviews and eating and burgers and my love of wine I have started resembling a double pattied burger. The life of a food blogger and reviewer is hard dear reader, with great meals comes great weight gain. To combat this I eat paleo when eating by myself at home and I […]

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There are two reasons I have not been as consistent as usual in writing on the site. Firstly, my film site, SALTY POPCORN, is going ballistic and I am not only writing myself and updating the site, but I am editing my ten writers, the Salty Kernels. It keeps me busy, add to that I […]

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Chicken Quinoa Roast Veggie Meal

Healthy Quinoa Lunches and the JK Diet Plan


A few months back I had the unfortunate opportunity to see a photo of me at the beach with some friend’s kids and I was astounded – I was starting to resemble a walking talking M&M man more suited to being a stay indoors person than someone parading on the beach. I mean seriously – […]

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