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Health Star Rating Yoghurt 5 Stars

What the Health Star Rating Did for Me

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As a food blogger I eat out a HELL OF A LOT, I mean, this past weekend alone, five venues have been reviewed. I therefore eat a lot of restaurant food, which is always going to be fatty and sugary. Don’t get me wrong, I love it immensely but in fourteen months of food blogging […]

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I am trying desperately to shed kilos for the upcoming summer. I am walking, using the skipping rope, am up to 140 crunches a day and 120 sit ups but the weight shedding is slower than the world catching on that Miley Cyrus is a skank. My two biggest issues and causes of this are […]

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Eat to Beat a cold - health tips - garlic

Feed a Cold Starve a Flu


Eat to Beat the Flu from my old site: January 5th 2009 00:18 I have commenced the new site – YAY and have now started transferring over the old articles I want to keep – all restaurant reviews before 2012 that are negative are getting the chop and a revisit and all recipes are coming over. […]

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Quinoa Rissoles

Quinoa Rissoles


So you may or may not be aware about my new healthy lifestyle and the plan to shed kilos and get in shape for my entry into Tough Mudder on April 15th – I may die doing the course so this entire healthy eating thing may be in vain. I am kind of becoming obsessed […]

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