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Here is another transfer recipe from my old site – I used to worship this dish and eat it once a week. Time for a recook – I wrote this recipe back in July 2009 when two of my friends came to eat JK food. I LOVE cooking for people, something I don’t get to do enough of living 90mins away from most of my friends. But have no fear, I will just get twice as many servings all for me 🙂

This is my take on the seafood marinara. It is a very sweet version with chilli and lemon myrtle. It is one of my fave dishes to cook and everyone I ever cook it for loves it. But it is definately not a low fat version so it is great for a meal on a special occasion. And so I had my special occasion – Sam and Max coming to dinner 

This is not even close to a traditional Marinara and most people would even say it is not a marinara but to me it’s my sweet chilli sauce seafood marinara.

This served 3 big eating lads or could serve 4 people with more moderate plates. I recommend serving with red wine or beer.


pasta recipe, seafood recipe, seafood marinara, sweet chilli marinara, jason king

Spooning Australia’s Seafood Marinara


You need:

750gms of Marinara mix (mine cost about $17- but when I cook this I go to the best seafood supplier I can find and they have sensational marinara mixes. (or mixed seafood to a total of 750gms)
About 150 to 175ml of sweet chili sauce – I worship the TRIDENT Thai brand – my mum get’s this one but with ginger in it
salt and pepper
thin spaghetti – do not use penne or small chunky pasta – this one craves for the long spag
6 lemon myrtle leaves (or if not juice of a lemon or lime and rind of a lemon or lime) – thankgod my neighbor has a giant tree. My pot plant died so I now jump the fence ninja style and retrieve the most beautiful herb in the world. Try and crush the leaves up a bit. If you can’t get any lemon myrtle don’t stress as the alternate works fine – you can also buy Lemon Myrtle from any nursery in Australia and they make a superb plant/ tree to grow. Native and smell out of this world. It looks very much like a bay leaf.
2 cloves of garlic, crushed or sliced thinly
2 tablespoons of olive oil
small bunch of parsley chopped up
small bunch of broccolini – cut into inch long bits
That’s it – you could treat it like a Jambalaya and put into it whatever you would like to add to make it great. It does plenty for me like this.


pasta recipe, seafood recipe, seafood marinara, sweet chilli marinara, jason king

Spooning Australia’s Seafood Marinara


You need to:

Marinate the marinara mix in the sweet chili sauce for about half an hour – you can pretty much marinate everything together (garlic excluded) to start if you want.
Pour the olive oil into a pot (I use a wok for this dish) – add the garlic and let if cook for a couple of minutes until aromatic.
Then I add everything and cook at a medium to high heat for about 10 to 15min.
I cook the pasta at the same time and it is all ready at the same time.
Sprinkle freshly grated parmessan over the top and indulge.

Hope you get to make it and you enjoy it as much as I do.



  1. Comments from the old site:

    Comment by Lara M
    July 20th 2009 09:31
    I looove a good Marinara, and totally agree with you about using the best and freshest for it — definitely can’t skimp on freshness especially in seafood. This is definitely unconventional but looks yum!

    Lemon myrtle is beautiful…

    p/s…I was wondering who JK is…

    Comment by Jason King
    July 20th 2009 09:37
    Freshness is awesome in the marinara – I have to admit though I have cooked it for myself with Coles marinara and it still tasted good – there is a fair bit of sugar in the sweet chilli sauce and it sweetens the dullest of foods
    The Trident Thai Sweet Chilli is quite full of chilli so it gets the joy of a sweet and spicy flavor.
    Lemon myrtle is my smell of addiction – it is the flavor of my soap, moisturiser, oil burner oil and fave cooking flavour.

    Oh – I am JK – this is my recipe – Jason King =’s JK, it is what everyone calls me at work and social group etc. It had a better ring in the title than “My Seafood Marinara”

    Comment by Lara M
    July 20th 2009 10:08
    Yea…I realised about the JK…after like 5 mins of pondering… duh… Monday-monday…

    Comment by Tracy
    July 20th 2009 22:57
    Movies and Life
    Yum yum yum!!!

    Comment by Jason King
    July 20th 2009 23:14
    Yes it is Tracy……….yes it is!

    Comment by Tracy
    July 20th 2009 23:17
    You should open your own restaurant, Jason!

    Comment by Jason King
    July 20th 2009 23:23
    God I would love to but I suppose when it becomes work you lose a lot of the passion – I would love a small 20 seater cafe on the beach somewhere or in Jindabyne to be close to the snow.
    It is on my list of things to do when I win 10mil plus in the lotto
    My mum is one of the most amazing cooks ever with all things spice and she doesn’t ever cook with cream somthing I love to do so we could open a joint place one day together, if we didn’t murder each other in the process
    Years and years ago we lived and owned a pub/hotel in Leura with a large restaurant, one day the chef up and quit, mum went from home cook to restaurant cook overnight with no training and made it one of the most poular restaurants in Leura. Was awesome!

    Comment by Helen Randell
    July 26th 2009 00:37
    That’s a great story about your mum Jason! I’ve often wondered what it would be like to cook for a living – I don’t fancy the hours though

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