GRETTA ANNA'S Chicken and Crab Casserole from my vault



This is a recipe I cooked and posted back in 2009 – it is time for a recook – was such a unique delicious recipe from an older time.¬†Thank the food gods my food photos have improved in the last 4yrs – they look shocking ūüôā

When my friend Carrie and I went to the Kirribilli markets about a month ago (2009) she was overexcited to have found an old recipe book called The Gretta Anna Recipes. It contained her all time fave recipe for the following meal. I was lucky as she bought it for me as a present and as mum and stepdad were staying last night I gave it a cook for mum’s birthday dinner.

Relased in the 80’s Gretta suggests that this meal would be ideal served in a val-au-vent but Carrie said it would be better with rice. Rice it was. All up the meal served about 5 people but as an entree in val-au-vents it could easily feed up to 10 people and it is delicious!! Next time I shall be hitting it 80s style and buying some val-au-vents.


You will need:
2 LGE onions
3 TBSP of butter
1 tsp of oil
4 TBSP Brandy (I suggest 5 or 6)
5 TBSP flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp paprika¬†(I suggest 2 (but I like spice) and I also suggest exchanging the paprika with Piri Piri (it wasn’t poular then and has a better kick to it)
1 X 1/2 TBSP fresh rosemary or 1X tbsp of dried rosemary РI think this was a typo and originally stated teaspoon sized РUSE TBSP NOT TSP
ground black pepper to taste (lots)
chopped fresh parsley
4 chicken stock cubes (or even better – chicken stock – remember this recipe came from the 80s – I now make my own chicken stock and would use this)
300mls sour cream
3/4 cup of milk
1.5kg BBQ chicken cooked (straight from the deli or even Colesworth)
200gm tin of crab meat rice
1 Avocado (I apologise to all the shoppers at Coles who watched me feel up about 30 Avs until I found the one and only ripe one )


While you get ready to do all the cooking it is wise to get the assistance of your mum (especially if her birthday ) to assist by completely taking all the meat off the BBQ chook. You want all the meat, no bones and no skin. Then you have to kindly ask for them to cut it all into bite sized pieces.




Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Saute Onions to very brown in butter & oil on the stove.
Then add Brandy and simmer hard until all the liquid is absorbed.
Add flour, salt, paprika, rosemary and pepper. Mix and cook for a few minutes and add more butter if necessary.
Add 4 crumbed chicken cubes and 2 cups of hot water and bring to the boil stirring thoroughly, (or warm 2 cups of chicken stock).
Remove from heat.
Stir in sour cream, milk, chicken and crab meat.



Pour it into a fairly shallow casserole dish and bake uncovered for about 30mins (perfect time to cook enough rice for the meal.



Once removed fold in avacado diced into large pieces.

Then serve it up, sprinkle with some fresh parsely and chow down just like my stepdad who was forced to wear a towel as I have new couches and he likes to eat while spraying the walls, floors, roof and any clothing in the near vicinity 



I will suggest going heavier on the spices as opposed to lighter. It has a slight mornay flavour to the meal and while this is beautiful if you want a spot of kick to your feast then add more spices, maybe even some Piri Piri or fresh chili.

Enjoy and thanks to the Gretta Anna recipe.


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