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A few month’s back I started doing a little work for Originals Burger Co in Brookvale, not long after they opened. I have taken a truckload of photos for them and their social media manager’s, those lovely Ompty gents. I also host a few bloggers through a couple of times a month to spread the burger love. One thing I stated at the beginning, knowing I would be visiting a lot, was that I would review this place on Spooning only after I ate everything on the menu – well guess what – I did it. Got there finally by ending on the vegetarian burger, haha, don’t know why I procrastinated on that one so long, actually rate the burger high.


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Loaded fries, burgers, cokes and chicken wings



When I first heard about the location of Originals Burger Co, in the industrial area of Brookvale, next door to Subway and a block away from Maccas, I thought they were insane. Who the hell was going to drive into the Brookvale industrial area to eat? I thought it would end up being one of those industrial area cafes that does well Monday to Friday lunches but is generally shite. And then I visited the crew at Originals and WOW, fell in love with the venue and what they had done. The entire concept is a brilliant work of genius and when they get their grog licence (hopefully in the next month) this place will be the “IT” burger place this side of the Bridge.

The venue is huge, the bench and kitchen runs down the left wall and what could be an older garage door has been converted into a glass entry door with a giant burger emblazoned on it – look up as you walk in as it’s always open during trading.

The walls are a what look like repurposed wood and the wall over the tables has one of the biggest store logos you will see. It has the feel of a U.S. diner of sorts. It needs some hay bales in the corner with a guy playing banjo songs on Sunday afternoons while you walk and crunch on peanut shells.

The greatest genius move of Originals Burger Co is hands down the best wash trough in Australian burger joints. It is a huge old laundry double sink and when I have poured more burger into my beard than down my throat I can basically shower in these troughs. They literally get their bonus half point for this trough alone.


Originals Burger Co Breakfast Burger with Extra Cheese image

Bacon, Egg and Triple Cheese Breakfast Burger – you may need to request this one



Tattoo covered Chef/ Owner Josh Franco knows food and knows his burgers. After finishing his apprenticeship he travelled throughout America trying every burger he could, lucky bastard! It was his goal to always have a burger restaurant and while he has set up shot in the quieter Brookvale he would give the city guys a run for their money should he have chosen to enter that foray. Josh is more than a burger maestro, he is a fine dining chef making burgers, and he is nailing it, he is also a top bloke :). His CV reads like a Boss, with Aqua Dining, Neighbourhood and Raven’s Eye all pies he has had his hands in over the years. His breakfast and burger menus are nuanced and cater to all.


Originals Burger Co Multiple Jaffles image

My breakfast jaffles selection – burnt the shit out of my hand for this shot



Originals Burger Co has paid attention to their surroundings and caters to their locals. The biggest locals are the regular tradies and these guys have a takeaway tradies box. Made up with jaffles or burgers. Check out in-store for any of the variations Josh and crew offer. Now speaking of jaffles, I never realised Josh brought these bad boys to Neighbourhood when he was there and they became quite the loved dish. I am glad he honed his skills on them there because holy f**k they are awesome!!

I LOVE THEM, and no word of a lie, their vegetarian waffle is my fave. Ironically called the Cheeseburger Burger Jaffle it contains super crunchy fries in the jaffle with mustard, tomato sauce, pickles and lots of cheesy sauce. The Philly Cheese Steak Jaffle will also have you salivating. The jaffles are sadly ONLY a breakfast/ brunch item and cease at 11am. And if the jaffles aren’t your thing ask for a bacon and egg roll with more yolk and cheese than any bearded man can handle – see above.


Originals Burger Co Jalapeños and the Kitchen Staff image

Chef Josh and crew cooking with the death of me in the foreground



The burgers at Originals Burger Co are some of the best in Sydney. They are more on the smaller size for their regular burgers as Josh saves the monsters for monthly specials. Having a monthly special burger is a genius move. It gives everyone time to get in and it gives me time to go back for more.

They offer……

Originals Burger – free range grass fed beef, American cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard and OG’s house dressing. This is their signature burger and it’s wholesome and great for kids. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4/5

Cheeseburger – free range grass fed beef, American cheese, pickles, tomato sauce and mustard. Great standard cheeseburger if they are your thing. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 3.7/5 – I just don’t love standard cheeseburgers – I always think they need more haha.

Double Cheeseburger – double free range grass fed beef, double American cheese, double pickles, tomato sauce and mustard. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4.5/5 – this one’s more like it.


Originals Burger Co Chilli Burger and Originals Burger image

Chicken Burger and Chilli Burger


They continue to offer……

Chilli Burger – free range grass fed beef, American cheese, pickles, house made chilli paster and pickled jalapeños. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4.7/5 – this one’s a bloody revelation in Chilli Burgers. It is not a chilli beef Mexican inspired burger – it is a burger that embraces chilli. It’s the one in the above shot – see that red – all chilli. It has a kick to it so don’t order it if you can’t stand the heat and if you love that chilli paste/sauce – you can buy it by the bottle.

Chicken Burger – Buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, American cheese, bbq sauce, and OG’s blue cheese sauce. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4.8/5. This is my favourite burger at Originals, it is the one I have eaten about half a dozen times and that blue cheese sauce with everything else never fails to impress.

Veggie Burger – I can’t remember if it was tempeh or tofu for the patty – leaning towards tempeh (can’t find it on the online menu peeps) – but the winner was the peanut butter and also the house made sweet chilli sauce, I just LOVED IT. There goes my burger rep but vegans unite haha. Soooo good. On the Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms this ones a 4.2/5.


Originals Burger Co Maple Wings and More image

BBQ Maple Wings, Burgers and Cheesy Fries



Originals also has chicken wings. Two types; BBQ Maple and OG’s Hot Wings. They come in 4 pack and 8 pack size. When I am there with friends we get a pack of each. The BBQ Maple wins on the majority of comments I have had in my ten visits but the dipping sauce for those OG’s Hot Wings is the blue cheese from the chicken burger – it holds a very special place in my heart because, well it’s BLUE CHEESE. BBQ Maple is sweet, OG’s Hot Wings are spicy, not as spicy as the chicken burger but enough to discourage a few people.


A burger eater needs fries! Originals has regular super crunch fries with salt, they also have Cheesy Fries which is the regular fries covered in American Cheese sauce (drool) and then they have the Original’s Fries, my fave. BUT – you need to eat them fairly quickly before they clump too much and cool into a giant potato bake. Original’s Fries are super crunch fries, shallots, bacon bits, American Cheese, gravy and OG’s house dressing – WINNER!!!


Originals Burger Co Chicken Burger and Vegetarian Burger image

Originals Burger and Veggie Burger



Originals Burger Co has now been open for three months. In that time we have seen three specials and I have inhaled them all. The first still wins for me as their best. The PHATMAK – free range grass fed beef, Mac & Cheese patty, bacon, double American cheese, pickles, onion, baby cos, BBQ sauce, chilli sauce and OG’s house dressing. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4.8/5. It is the best Mac & Cheese patty burger of all time and never became offensive with its cheesiness. I ate this one three times in the month. It’s cross-sectioned below.

Chef Josh honoured December with a Christmas Leftovers Burger and it was tasty but it was a complete mess of a burger that couldn’t hold itself together. It contained beef patty, BBQ maple leg ham, mustard, bbq sauce, coleslaw, pickles, triple American cheese, cheesy fries, shallots & gravy. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms Score: 4/5. I trimmed all the mess off and ate that separately then inhaled the trimmed burger – great flavours.

Their January Burger is well and truly worth checking out, it equals my score for the Phatmak. To see the Xmas Burger or the January Burg hit up the Spooning Insta. The January Burg: NACHO CHZ YA!!!!!! Free range grass fed beef patty, chilli beef mince, American cheese, guacamole, sour cream, sweet chilli, onion, house made nacho chips, baby cos, raw onion & cheese sauce. LOVED!! Epic crunch from the nachos chips and all the flavours were deef’nlish – it does have some heat to it and either it was in the chilli mix or missed in the ingredients list but the large jalapeño chunks cleared the sinuses in no time. On the Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms this one’s a nice 4.8/5 and I will be eating this one again before the end of the month.


Originals Burger Co Phat Mak Cross Section Burger image

Phatmak Burger Cross Sectioned



Originals Burger Co claims the stakes for best burger joint on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I do some work for them and I want to make that clear, but everyone who knows me knows, if I don’t like it I will not lie in my reviews, hence all the individual scores for the burgers. Josh is a maestro burgerino and has taken the mantle of the greats who used to burger chef this area. Chef Brad and another Chef Josh, both guys who became burger legends in the area, now gone on to larger things. And thank the burger gods Originals is here, so close to home, this bearded fat bastard needs his fix!!! Follow Originals on their Facebook to keep up to date on all the future plans. Post grog licence this place is going next level peeps.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 0/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 1/1 bonus


Originals Burger Co Deets:

PH: (02) 9939 6817

ADDRESS: Shop1, 34 Winbourne Road, Brookvale, Sydney, NSW



BAR: Not yet – but coming soon









Mon – Thur: 630am to 4pm

Fri & Sat: 7am to 930pm

Sun: 7am to 5pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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