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David Yip from One Tea Lounge and One Tea Grill is arguably the Matcha King of Sydney. His love and use of the green stuff has been pretty much my sole source for discovery of matcha. I reviewed his CBD One Tea Lounge last year and have been eating on and off at One Tea Grill since Hawker Lane opened up in Westfield Chatswood last year. He has some truly unique ideas when it comes to food and the burgers have been a regular indulgence for my fattening self.


One Tea Grill Matcha Poke image

Matcha Poke



While One Tea Lounge is an expansive and decadently attired restaurant in the CBD that offers full menu, cocktails that will blow your mind, and the ability for business meetings and delightful dinners the Chatswood venue is vastly different. David got the raw end of the stick in the allocation of venues in the Hawker Lane Asian Food Precinct of Westfield Chatswood and ended up at the back and around the corner. I think patronage numbers are down because as you walk through Hawker Lane it’s one of the only venues you can’t see. You need to walk around the back and discover the green tinted magic.

One Tea Grill is in a food court, one of the nicer food courts in Sydney however. It looks like the food area set of Blade Runner or for the travelled, like a Hawker Lane in Asia somewhere – hence the name. It is mostly packed during lunch but I have always found a place to sit and eat. On this blogger’s visit there were six of us and we found a giant table that seats about ten and spread ourselves wide – and not just from the food.


One Tea Grill Matcha Korean Fried Chicken image

Korean Fried Chicken



I am unsure as to David’s matcha obsession but his venues are good at it. Well they are for an inexperienced white guy who has grown fond of the food from both of David’s venues. The menu at One Tea Grill is 71% matcha dedicated, I just did math haha. But if you aren’t a matcha fan most of the burgers do not contain matcha and even the matcha dishes may use matcha but it isn’t what you will taste – for example the Matcha Katsu Pork Sando is a pork katsu sandwich on green bread – made with matcha – it looks all matcha but tastes all pork katsu.

I highly recommend you give them a go – even if it is to eat the best loaded fries in Sydney – Peking Duck Loaded Fries, my happy meal.


One Tea Grill Matcha Peking Duck Fries image

Peking Duck Fries



We smashed more food than normal people can eat, but we are indulging superheroes or more…….. fat bastards.

  • Matcha Poke
  • Korean Fried Chicken
  • Peking Duck Fries
  • Matcha Katsu Pork Sando
  • Matcha Mac and Cheese Waffle


One Tea Grill Matcha Katsu Pork Sando image

Katsu Pork Matcha Sando



The poke was light, fresh and delightful and the matcha element was in the rice – it’s a koshikari sushi matcha rice. If you want a good, fresh and healthy lunch – this is a must. The Korean Fried Chicken with Matcha Sauce is something you want in your life!!! Definitely one of my messier faves. The Peking Duck Fries are my single favourite loaded fries in the world (as stated), David knows this and I got my own bowl of them at the tasting – much to everyone’s disappointment haha. I LOVE THEM!!! The Matcha Katsu Pork Sadno was light and delicious and something I need to order again with a side of duck fries. A perfect match for each other.

It is one of the most colourful dishes I have seen in my life.


The Matcha Mac and Cheese Waffle is the most unique dish I have seen in a long time. It’s macaroni with matcha cheese, shichimi maple bacon, onsen egg, fried shallots and is served with a matcha waffle cone and match bread. It is one of the most colourful dishes I have seen in my life.


One Tea Grill Matcha Mac and Cheese Waffle image

Matcha Mac and Cheese Waffle



One Tea Grill’s and Lounge’s burgers have always pushed the envelope. David became quite famous across Sydney from the Noodle Markets when he released his Ramen Burger. A marvellous burger that has a crispy ramen bun instead of bread. We sampled four burgs on this visit.

  • Ramen Burger
  • The Asahi Bugher
  • Gangbang Burger
  • What the Duck Burger with double patty


One Tea Grill Signature Ramen Burger image

Signature Ramen Burger

One Tea Grill The Asahi Burger image

The Asahi Burger



The ramen burger is a treat, it is small and for me needs duck fries on the side to fill me up. They use a 80/20 beef patty and the winner of this burg is the sriracha chilli and matcha mayo. The Asahi Burger isn’t for the feint of heart and I tried to eat this one a work day while I had a beard – a huge mistake – this is one messy burg that will be way too big for some. It comes with an Asahi beer infused double 80/20 patty, shichimi maple bacon, Suntory whiskey Bulldog sauce, cheddar, grilled gherkins, tomato, lettuce and Asahi beer battered onion rings. It requires great skill to eat this by hand, may the burger gods be with you.

Next up was my fave of the day, the Gangbang Burger. Double 80/20 patties, jalapeño cheese, kransky, pepper jack, lettuce, jalapeños, garlic aioli and smoke chipotle BBQ sauce. Another messy one but this was a delight. It had some decent heat coming from the jalapeños and the kransky sausage made the burger and was a perfect protein addition to the patties. Finally we tried to get through the What The Duck Burger – David added second patties for insta photo porn. I had to share this with five other people so only got a bite – I will return for my own and will prefer to eat the single patty. The flavours in this are mind boggling. 80/20 patty, peking duck, fried egg, double cheese, Asian slaw, the menu says fries (but I think that’s for the side?), Chinese ginger scallion oil, house made hoisin, aioli and coriander. DEEEEEELIGHTFUL!


One Tea Grill Gangbang Burger image

Gangbang Burger

One Tea Grill What the Duck Burger with Double Patty image

What the Duck Burger with Double Patty



If you’re in the Chatswood area and after a great lunch (or dinner on some nights), be it in worship of matcha or not, One Tea Grill is for you. The burgers are a cacophony of flavours you need to get jiggy with and it’s visit worthy even if only for the best loaded fries on Earth.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


One Tea Grill Chatswood Deets:


PH: (02) 9411 1280

Shop FM11 Westfield Hawker Lane, Chatswood NSW 2067



7 Days: unsure of the food court hours – I assume the same as the shopping centre











*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment and/or any PR agencies representing them. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such ***


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  1. I had a so/so experience at the original One Tea Lounge on York early last year when my beef burger was served close to raw. But I do think it was an anomaly so I’d be keen to check out the store in Chatty. I enjoyed most of the other fries as well. The loaded fries were amazing!!!

    • That’s a bummer B – hope you enjoy it at Chatty – it is a small venue but has some great stuff. My fave burger is the one with the kransky in it if you wanted a recommendation :).

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