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Močan & Green Grout is a foodie’s dream venue, it is eclectic, healthy, totally green, sources locally, does wicked coffee, is open breakfast, lunch and dinner and makes the healthy eating conscious the likes of Newtown (Sydney) look like McDonald’s eaters in comparison. It is located in New Acton, Canberra, and is an easy quick walking distance from the Palace Cinemas. I wished I could have spent more time exploring the food here but I was working, I had thirty minutes for lunch, and offer apologies to the venue that we basically ran in, ordered, ate, I shot photos while we waited and then we ran out the door. I only got to eat lunch but my god I loved it and I shall be returning for dinner on my next trip to the capital.


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Oddly Močan & Green Grout is a café and bike maker (yes, bike maker) under the label Goodspeed Bicycle Co. This was slightly evident from the bike hanging on the wall behind our table. But the great part about Močan & Green Grout (this obviously excludes the food) is its eclectic arty decor. Raw woods, old fans, bikes, a collection of retro ceramics, but then matched with an open kitchen basically in the middle of the small venue. Some walls have bright mosaic-like tile splashes and others are raw dull wood in colour, I was expecting to hit my head on a crocheted plant hanger. I was immediately in love with the place and wanted to explore every nook and cranny, but sadly time was against us, as was the size of the venue, due to its size it gets full quickly, we sat at a table for four and were asked to move to a table for two.


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The patrons were as eclectic as the venue, there was us in work attire looking more akin to mechanics, their was elderly ladies dressed to the nines, there was suits, what looked like a bike courier and even some young love birds, and everyone was of mixed nationalities, this just goes to show that good taste has no borders!

The staff mostly appeared friendly and efficient, although I think I somehow put off our waiter who came across as uninterested and annoyed, but hey, I have eaten at a lot of Bondi, Newtown and Manly venues, on the scale of annoyed waitstaff this was low. I was also a tad unhappy that the ordering computer was close to my head, so I had staff leaning near me to place orders fairly regularly.


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But the food won me over completely and all negativity was removed from my mind. I was a bit worried my work colleague would not be a fan of the food, he is a little less into new and exciting than I am. The winner is that everything is green, healthy and locally sourced. They serve fair trade coffee, source produce from local farmers, and grow their own herbs in the planter outside the front door, your herbs are being picked and grown onsite – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Their breakfast and lunch menu reflects Canberra’s seasons: eggs from a free range farm near Temora, sustainable seafood from the NSW south coast, bacon from woodland-grazed pigs near Young. The dinner menu is a collection of shared dishes inspired by diverse world cooking traditions that change regularly. As well as working with regional sustainable growers, their compostable kitchen waste is utilised on the neighbourhood’s community garden. This is like a hippie’s culinary porn shop.


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The food all looks incredibly fresh and my meal made me squeal it was so freaking amazing. Breakfast/Brunch/ Lunch menu available now offers up local breads, mostly baked within 100m from A. Baker, free range eggs, bacon dishes, and even cotechino. There is savoury granola with avocado, baked eggs with charred eggplant, harissa and Meredith chevre or what about a smoked ricotta, zucchni and basil sandwich? All amazing and so much more to choose from!

My work colleague ate the above – it was kale, Boxgum grazing bacon, croutons and a poached egg for $14-, basically a modern health nut’s Ceasar salad. I am not a kale fan but Matt loved it, I take it he actually does like new and unique :).


Močan & Green Grout Kale Counter Image


I ate the below and bloody worshiped the dish. It was smashed eggs, smoked trout, nettle and parmesan for $18-, I cannot rave enough about this dish, I would order it for breakfast or lunch, it was so light, so nuanced and so delicate. Perfecto!

And while the sunlight meal menu is sublime the dinner menu is just as eclectic and so affordable I will be dining on my next visit (will update the article then) but how does baby carrots, yoghurt and liquorice sound? Or what about marinated kingfish, fennel and orange? Or what I will be ordering: pork belly, pickled pear, soubise and eschallot? #Drool!!!! Again so much more to choose from to suit your individual tastes.

And as for dessert 🙂 Roasted pear, ginger, yoghurt and nut crumb! OMG just stop!!


Močan & Green Grout Smashed Eggs and Smoked Trout Dish


The venue is not licenced but is BYO – the letdown though is that $10- per bottle for corkage makes me more dizzy than the wine I would be drinking.

I love everything about this venue; the combination of materials, regularly changing art, reclaimed wood and nuance in sourcing food and preparing unique, eclectic and divine meals is something that will see it successful way into the future and also see me getting happier on their dishes.

Močan & Green Grout Deets:

Mon – Sat b’fast & lunch from 7am
Sun b’fast & lunch from 8am
Public Holidays b’fast & lunch from 8am
Tue – Sat dinner 6pm-9pm
Močan & Green Grout is not licenced – plan ahead and byo after 6pm ($10/ bottle corkage). Dinner bookings available.

02 6162 2909
1/19 Marcus Clarke St
New Acton, Canberra




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