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Happy Birthday Menulog


With the introduction of Uber, transport upped its game. With the introduction of Deliveroo, Foodora and now Uber Eats the food delivery game is also on the huge up and up. As such the grandpa of food delivery, MENULOG, has been reborn, bigger, badder and much better.

This month Menulog turns a decade old. So a big whopping HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MENULOG from all of us at Spooning Australia :).

It is with thanks to Menulog and Hidden Characters that I was offered to run a sponsored post on the site to check them, and some local food, out.


Menulog Sponsored Food Feast Post image



I was given $150- to spend on food so invited the neighbourly buddies over. It was myself, DanO, Dinxie (plus bun in the oven) and Little Miss Three or Four. I headed to the Menulog website to have a suss of it all and discovered I could pre-order days in advance and select the time I wanted it to be delivered. This totally suited my complete OCD way of organisation and I then typed in my postcode and up came every place we could order from.

We collectively decided on ordering dumplings and Nepalese food because we are like really cultured and shit. I decided to also check out ordering alcohol to be delivered because we are Australian.


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  1. A Six Pack of Asahi because we need Asian beer with Asian food
  2. Himalayan Gurkhas from Dee Why – Fish Curry, 2 x Gulab Jamun (2 pcs), Saffron Rice with Nuts and Saag Chana Beef
  3. The Dumpling Inn from Balgowlah – Steamed Mixed Dumplings (6), Braised Chicken with Coconut Sauce & Peanut Sauce, Crispy Spicy Duck, Boiled Rice and King Prawn with Fragrant Chilli Sauce

To review the food, firstly the beer was fantastic. Everything from Himalayan Gurkhas was a winner and that fish curry was an adult table favourite. The beef was great, the rice and then the dessert of Gulab Jamun (Gulab jamun, or gulaab jamun, is a milk-solids-based sweet) was very tasty.

The food from The Dumpling Inn was also two thumbs up however the King Prawn and Fragrant Chilli sauce was very bland but we still inhaled it all. Those steamed dumplings basically caused Little Miss Three or Four to battle the rest of us to the death. She won – she loved them and apparently Dinxie now has regular requests for dumplings. The braised chicken was stunning, very subtle and incredibly flavoursome and then there was the duck – DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL.


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The greatest part I found with Menulog was that I could pre-order everything – didn’t have to order in the middle of cleaning before the guests arrived. But the delivery in itself is reliant on arriving when you specify. From what I had explained to me, Menulog doesn’t have drivers, they are an operations system for venues to use. You place your online ordering then the venues use their own delivery methods.

Because I ordered from three different venues we ended up with three different deliveries and they were not as strict to time delivery as my pre-ordering wished for. Now – this is NOT a Menulog issue, this is a venue-based issue but it bothered me. Huge points go out to Dial a Drink – my delivery request was 645pm – the lady who arrived with my delivery knocked on the door at 644pm. That to me is perfection in service, as my Menulog review states on their site.

But then things slid a bit, The Dumpling Inn arrived at 702pm. And Himalayan Gurkhas needs some serious work on their delivery schedule – 717pm delivery for a pre-book of 645pm is unacceptable. Because of this delivery the food from Dumpling Inn I had to keep warm until it was all here so I could table it for the pics and for us to devour.


Menulog Sponsored Food Feast Post image



Menulog itself is a flawless system for what it does. It offers a platform for ordering food for delivery or collection to food venues all over Australia. This is ideal for smaller venues who don’t have websites and don’t want to manage the entire home delivery part of the business. This way they probably just receive a text or email telling them what to make, where to deliver and when to deliver. For that part it is flawless, the only flaw in the entire system for the user is relying on venues to be as precise on delivery time as my own OCD self.

Would I use Menulog again? Damn straight – no bloody Uber or Deliveroo in my area. I have used Menulog on and off since it’s inception and I will continue to do so.


When someone turns ten you usually buy them a present – not so for Menulog – they have given us all presents. Type in the below code when you order your next meal from Menulog and you will get $10- off – WINNING!

$10 off for followers code: 4F3VGZ


Happy Birthday MenulogSpooning

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