The Lead Cast with Kat and Myself - Mad Hatter's High Tea Sydney 2018

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney



What a morning – I had the upmost pleasure of dressing in costume and heading in to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney with good friend Kat this morning to participate in the 2018 Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

I just wanted to create a post to put all the pics online – click on any of the pics to go high-res. If you are in any of the pics and want to be tagged/credited or removed please let me know.


It was a curious affair. You bought your ticket, chose a table and then were assigned a character. I was lucky to be the Caterpillar and luckily I already had a blue suit, just required a wig, I skipped on finding a hookah haha.

There was a bunch of actors as official characters and then lots of participants were also dressed as individual characters.

The official actors were next level. The Queen of Hearts and The White Rabbit won for best characters. The Queen would have given Helena Bonham Carter a run for her money. The Cheshire Cat had the best costume and I crushed on the Knave of Hearts, such a cutie. We could get none of them to break character over 2hrs except the Cheshire Cat, I got her insta handle out of her so I could tag haha.


I would have liked more food, story of my life haha. It was all demolished so quickly – and I would have killed for more than one glass of champagne but one thing I quickly learned about this amazing event. This wasn’t a food event, it was an entertainment event. It was a trip down the rabbit hole and at less than $80- a ticket was well worth it.


egg mayonnaise
roast vegetable
corned beef, mustard pickle
smoked salmon & cucumber


capsicum, spinach & olive frittata
ratatouille tart
smoked salmon & chive crème fraiche crostini
prosciutto, melon


Mini cupcakes
Double chocolate brownie, walnut
Seasonal fruit


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was organised by BEYOND CINEMA AUSTRALIA and ticketed through Eventbrite. It was held in the Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant and I think it would have worked better if a garden party outdoors but no one cared too much, it was so much fun.

I played croquet with the other Caterpillars against the Cheshire Cats and on the other side of the room you could paint roses or write poetry. The event was managed to almost military precision but was so relaxed. I will be attending any event the BEYOND CINEMA AUSTRALIA crew put on. Sign up on their website – these are the guys who organised the Titanic Experience, a Shawshank Redemption Experience and currently have a Gatsby Experience in the works. It’s genius really!! I want a Baz’s R+J Experience please :).



*** We paid to attend the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ***


Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Royal Botanic Gardens SydneySpooning

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