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It is with huge thanks to the wonderful Naomi from Zomato that I heard about Lashings for the very first time. She sent me a voucher to go and check it out after reading my Top 10 Burgers of Sydney article, see eating 95 burgers in a year does pay off, you get a free burger hahaha.

Lashings has two venues at the moment, one in Drummoyne and the one I dragged a friend along to, Brighton Le Sands. They are also looking for more franchisers, check out their page.


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Lashings is a gourmet burger takeaway chain (of two for now) that does have a takeaway joint vibe to it but also has a great design layout and offers a great theme, that of “Eat Your Way Around the World.” Most of the burgers are named for an area of the world and slightly celebrate that area in their ingredients. They have 26 burgers to choose from and then salads, wraps and chips. One of their burgers, The Double Whiplash Burger (the cross section title image) is voted in the top 15 burgers from the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society. More on that later.


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The venue embraces yellow and black with lots of warmth from brown and green. There is a lot of plastic plants and some real ones that still look impressive and have a natural feel of comfort. There is some great booths to sit in, window benches, outside tables (that are dog friendly) and a big bench or two with stool seating, I was comfortable in the place, it is brightly lit and has natural light coming in from Bay Street, great for my pictures. The staff were great, very friendly, came to our table to ask us how it was going and provided suggestions on what burgers we should have.


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We didn’t travel all the way to Brighton Le Sands for one burger each so James and I settled on three burgers (to share, I am not that big!), chips and drinks and it came in at just under $50. We went for a walk around Brighton Le Sands afterwards as we needed to settle the mammoth amount of food consumed, never in my life have I heard James utter the words “I am full.” I was shocked.


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We started with a chicken burger, this was the ROMA – marinated breast fillet, mayo, rocket, swiss cheese, avocado and sun dried tomatoes for $11.50. Everyone clap James for his exceptional but reluctant hand modelling :). Out of the three this was the lightest and most simple burger, if you have a hankering for a light chicken burger then get this into you, it is everything you want in a chicken burger but paled in comparison to the two big guns we followed it with. On the Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerino Foodgasms a 3.7/5 from both of us on this burger.


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We then went on to destroy my favourite burger we indulged in at Lashings. This is the CYPRIOT – lamb patty, grilled haloumi, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, lemon and herb sauce for $11.90. Oh, I should probably mention all the burgers are served on a damper style bun. White and fluffy, a good structural integrity bun that is a nice alternate to the milk or brioche buns that are the current norm. The lamb patty was cooked to perfection and lightly spiced. Lashings hand rolls all their own patties and all the meat is pure and free of additives, the lamb is quite low in fat so was perfectly paired with haloumi to give it that cheesy salty fat layer in the bun, I multiple foodgasmed on this one. My one eyebrow raise was that the beetroot was tinned beetroot, call me hoity-toity if you want but this burger was so delicious a house made beetroot relish would have been in order to make it even better, but the inner Northern Beaches, grew up on a beach milk bar burger loving kid said “STFU and love it” as I did. Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerino Foodgasms: James 4.2/5, JK 4.6/5.


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And then we finished with the beast, a Top 15 FBAS Burger, the DOUBLE WHIPLASH BURGER, unsure of price, thinking closer to $15-. Eating this felt like J.K. Simmons was screaming at me and throwing drumsticks and spittle into my face, it is an epic burger; 2x beef patties, 3x American cheese, turkey bacon (no pork is served at Lashings), pineapple, jalapeños (we were asked how much we liked chilli and I said “a lot”), tomato, lettuce, chilli mayo and pickled mayo. It was bloody sexy as hell with perfectly cooked patties. The turkey bacon was OK but if it had some crispy AF bacon on this it would have been next level. The pineapple, while hated by a lot of people on a burger, actually was the godsend to balance the chilli heat with sweet. We both commented on the greatness in that addition. Our biggest problem with the DOUBLE WHIPLASH was that we ate it after two burgers, chips and a soft drink, I felt like an SM food freak that had to force it in but loved it all so kept telling myself “give me more sir.” A brilliant beef burger not from the big four of Sydney, I love it! Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerino Foodgasms: James 4.2/5, JK 4.4/5. I will definitely eat this one again but will not proceed it with other burgers.


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And one of the greatest things in the venue, a freaking wash basin, I stand and applaud this addition, anyone with a beard or anyone who eats as many saucy burgers as myself will appreciate the greatness in this sink for all to use. Lashings caters to all, it has veggie burgers, kid’s burgers and if I read this right I do believe every burger can also come as a wrap. They also make heaps of salads but as the Simpsons say “you don’t make friends with salad,” and great news, these guys cater, so now they need to open a store in Sydney CBD, Chatswood and Brookvale and I will be set for all my work venues.

Big thanks to the venue and to Naomi and Zomato for a voucher to use at the venue.




Lashings Deets:

Shop 2, Bayside Plaza, 376 Bay Street, Brighton-Le-Sands

Phone: (02) 8317 4932


Sun – Thur: 11am to 9.30pm

Fri/Sat: 11am to 10pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) weren’t technically invited guests of Lashings however we were given a voucher to use towards our expenses that saved us money, however, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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