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Following on from my THE BEST OF SYDNEY’S BURGER DELIGHTS the incredibly lovely peeps at GOODTIME BURGERS, in THE EASTERN HOTEL, Bondi Junction got in touch and asked if I would like to come and visit their venue and check out the burgs, well HELLS YES I would. Burgers and me, me and burgers, we are meant to be. So it was on the day I fully turned away from my Christian faith, Good Friday, and me and one of the besties, Rixy Dix, headed to this fine American diner styled retro pop burger venue.

Please note I was planning on only taking pics of burgers for social media, I did not have plans for a full article so sadly I did not take location shots, but all that red and white you see, the entire venue is like that, big diner booths with red pleather seating, a bar in the middle, a slightly upper section near the entry and a smaller outdoor area at the front on the street, although not sure if you would eat out there. The place is fairly dark as no natural light but is abuzz with music and lights and the bright pop diner decor. As it turned out the burgs were all so sexy I had to get them all into one article.


Goodtime Burgers Three Burgers and Fries image

Goodtime Burgers Three Burgers and Truffle, Rosemary and Parmesan Fries


They offer a  few locally sourced craft beers and have a splendid menu that embraces BURGERS. They have a rump, a schnitty and a Chef’s salad alternate to burgers but when in Rome people, when in Rome!! There is also a kid’s menu section, an abundance of sides and a $10 lunch section that is well worth it. It should also be known they have a pending death challenge – the MAN V BURGER for $25. Five times the beef than the standard beef burger – that is 1kg of beef or 2 pounds for the non metrics out there, if you can eat this behemoth in under 8mins you get a pic on the wall of fame, your burger for free and possibly a free ride to hospital. You have to order from the bar and while the venue opens at 10am be aware that they do not start serving until 1130am (or 12pm on Public Holidays), best to check their Book of Face for odd opening days.

Rixy Dix and I had one of the best days out and it all started at this amazing venue, we were gifted fantastic food, awesome staff and an all round splendid outing. I will start with the one negative we had from the place and get it out of the way. We ordered the Truffle, Rosemary and Parmesan Fries from the sides – these were $7- and sounded incredible, anything truffle is like foreplay for me and they came out and looked superb but we couldn’t eat them, I am putting it down to a faux pas in the kitchen but they were double (triple even) salted, there was so much salt on them we couldn’t taste anything else. I am gathering someone in the kitchen salted them but the next person assumed they weren’t salted so did it again. I didn’t mention it to the venue at the time, sorry guys, because the burgers were so good we were too busy gushing to each other about them.


Goodtime Burgers Crab Burger image

Goodtime Burgers Crab Burger


After taking all the pics we started on the Crab Burger, their special for Good Friday, that rumour has it may stay on for a bit longer.

Chefs Soft shell crab burger with..
– cactus lime salsa
– eastern slaw
– ancho Mayo 
– chilli flakes
– deep fried avo on top
Only $15!! (Good Friday ONLY at this stage).

The deep fried avocado on top was an absolute winner, it was incredible and not something I would have ever thought of. Cactus lime salsa was also a winner, but we both would have preferred a bigger chilli hit. The batter was good but there was a lot of it and this is where we think more chilli would have been a winner to break it up and compliment the crab. The crab was lovely and mostly everything worked well, great novelty burger that went apeshit on The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society, hope it went nuts on the day. Spoonometer/ FBAS scoring on this burger comes in at 3.9/5.


Goodtime Burgers The Wingman Burger image

Goodtime Burgers The Wingman Burger


After this one we got stuck in to the THE WINGMAN: Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken with melted American cheese, Porky Pig bacon, kale slaw and Carolina Gold (I assume this is the sauce?) $13- – this one came with a half a chicken wing sitting on top. One very decent chicken burger that was silky smooth and extra juicy, you can’t taste the kale so don’t hold that against it. I would definitely order this one again. Scoring: 4.2/5.


Goodtime Burgers Hoo Lee Fook Burger image

Goodtime Burgers Hoo Lee Fook Burger


Then there was the last burger we indulged in, the HOO LEE FOOK: Master stock glazed pork belly with kimchi slaw, coriander, Japanese Mayo and Gouchujang Hot Sauce for $12, this came with a jalapeño popper sticking out of the top. It looked a lot smaller than the pics of it I had seen on the Fatties and as Rixy Dix and I were sharing all the burgers I was really concerned how I was going to chop this one in half. I shouldn’t have worried, that pork belly was the consistency of butter and parted easier than Moses and the big JC parting the Red Sea. This burger is freaking mind blowing, containing flavours that I dream about, that pork belly and the coriander was a Good Friday gift sending us both to hell for eating pork on the non meat day of Christianity but it was worth it. Rixy Dix gave the big call “best burger of my life,” and I was pretty damned close in agreeing. Do not walk past Goodtime Burgers without eating this burg – solid 4.9/5 on the scorefront. Next time no sharing!!


Goodtime Burgers Hoo Lee Fook Burger Cut in Half image

Goodtime Burgers Hoo Lee Fook Burger Cut in Half


That above pic is to show you how easy it was to cut that Hoo Lee Fook in half, as close to burger perfection you can get without wagyu – the best pork burger I have ever eaten.

And below another pic of the Crab Burger because why not.


Goodtime Burgers Crab Burger image

Goodtime Burgers Crab Burger


Goodtime Burgers is a surprise burger venue in Sydney, with all the talk of burgers centring mainly around four major players in Sydney it is always an incredible feeling when you discover something else epic, I wouldn’t call it a hidden gem because it has a huge following of burg loving fans but I will call it a superb find for me, I am stoked that I can visit when in the Bondi area. Thanks to all at Goodtime Burgers, especially Nikki, Liam and Paolo for introducing me to this fantastic place!! Hoolee Fook it was awesome!


Goodtime Burger Deets:

The Eastern Hotel, Level 3, Westfield Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 9387 7828



7 days: 10am to 10pm


*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) ate as a guest of the venue but to be frank, if it was shit I would happily tell you as such.




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