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Eleven 11 Cafe is a Warriewood Local’s Hotspot



I first heard about Eleven 11 Cafe in Warriewood probably about two years ago. Chef Brad Johnston had moved there from being all burger famous at Dee Why Hotel. I was willing to travel to Warriewood just to get some of his burger goodness again and what I found was an impressively large venue in the Warriewood town-house area. I have since been back near on a half-dozen times and while Brad is only there a couple of days a week now (as he has gotten all smoked-meat BBQ famous) the venue is worthy of return visits, with or without the meaty maestro.


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Packed Venue for Scotch and Smoke Event



At the back of Warriewood is a near-entire suburb of town houses, kit homes and then some more homes. The area has been booming for over ten years with endless homing developments in the works. Most of the people who live here do all their shopping at Warriewood Square or venture to Mona Vale or down to Warringah Mall. In the area there was really nothing in the terms of dining excluding the above mentioned places. There is only so much Maccas you can smash from the local McDonalds on Pittwater Rd. In this new area an IGA Express popped up just around the corner from the Flower Power. But there was enough space in the new development for a two story cafe. And the Eleven 11 boys got it.

The venue is on a corner with a medium sized outdoor section. The inside has downstairs seating all the way to the counter and then there is a larger upstairs section. I need to warn you – every time I have visited this place it has been packed. Not as packed as the above picture, that was for an event. I have visited for weekday breakfast, weekend breakfast, brunch and lunch and even a dinner for the above event. Each time a good number of bums on seats. They really have a good deal with so little immediate competition in the area. The venue is always bright and in the warmer months quite balmy. That outdoor section gets a lot of sun – best bet is to head upstairs.

If you live in the back of Warriewood chances are you already local here, I have visited with friends from the area and three different tables knew my guests. It gets a lot of locals who can walk there and get a feed or a caffeine hit. Get in early on the weekends if you want your pick of seating.


Eleven 11 Cafe Truffled Eggs Benedict image

Truffled Eggs Benedict

Eleven 11 Cafe Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl image

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl



Brad has been doing really well for himself in the world of smoked meats. Him and his mates who run Scotch and Smoke are winning awards left right and centre for their amazing BBQ talents. My last visit to Eleven 11 was a month or two back when Brad collaborated with the Eleven 11 boys for a BBQ night. It was incredible – they brought the smoker to the side of the venue and pumped out meat non stop that had BBQd for most of the day. It appeared half of Warriewood turned up with queues filling the shop and around the corner. They literally sold out of everything in 30mins on orders. It was out of control – a wonderful experience worthy of queueing. Check out their FB HERE to see them popping up all around the place.


Eleven 11 Cafe Truffle Burger image

Truffle Burger

Eleven 11 Cafe Nutella French Toast and Caramelised Banana image

Eleven 11 Cafe Nutella French Toast and Caramelised Banana image



The BBQ food really isn’t part of the cafe so all I will say is OMFG to that!!

But for the cafe food my first visit was to catch up with Brad and see him make a truffle burger in a place that wasn’t Dee Why Hotel – he made a different style truffle burger than his famous one and it was marvellous. He still got skills.

The Truffled Eggs Benny was a treat – quite simple but packed with flavour.

The Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl was like a fluorescent impressionist’s painting but also a perfect start to any day. I am not really a fruit breakfast person but I downed this entire baby and loved it.

The highlights of one of my visits has been a special they had last year. I am not sure if they bring it back – keep your eye out but be warned!! It is a sugar dish at the narcotic level of the spectrum, I was flying like a kite for hours. It’s their Nutella French Toast with Caramelised Banana and this strawberry-like marshmallow goop plus ice-cream and berries. I have no idea what the goop’s called but keep it away from kids, they will form a crack-like addiction in seconds. I literally hate bananas but demolished this one because a) it was caramelised and b) it helped with the sugar breakdown.


Eleven 11 Scotch and Smoke Event image

Scotch and Smoke Event

Mel from Eleven 11 image



Eleven 11 Cafe is a local’s hive of feeding and caffeine. It is packed with everyone in the Warriewood housing area enjoying burgers and upper end cafe fare. You may get to see Chef Brad from Dee Hotel fame and now Scotch and Smoke fame at the hotplate (if you’re lucky) but if you don’t the other guys who run it are A-Grade. If you’re in the area check it out!


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Eleven 11 Deets:

PH: 02 9979 5247

2/270 Garden St, Warriewood NSW


7 Days: 630am – 330pm











*** Spooning Australia Paid for Most these Visits – the Smoked BBQ Collab was Comped ***

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Eleven 11 Cafe is a Warriewood Local's HotspotSpooning

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  1. I had visited this place and not just their food but their menu covers are also really good. They present their food in the best possible manner.

  2. This restaurant is just amazing. Their food is just awesome. In fact, their menu covers are also awesome as they have it from the menu shop.

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