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Doughnut Time is a doughnut revolution hugely successful due to owner and marketing genius Damian Griffiths. His epic product is simple; amazing doughnuts, with catchy names, bright colours, all one price in small stores that are baked offsite and then once that’s sorted, launch it to Instagram and watch it explode….. and explode it has. I read about it on a friend’s Instagram and he was raving about how they were the best things ever, they looked amazing but looked more like Cronuts, but nope, these are individually handmade epic sized doughnuts. I headed out to try one about three weeks ago. Since then I have visited the Chatswood store four times and am obsessed. I have taken so many photographs I really needed to post an actual article and have edged closer to diabetes on their incredible morsels of sugary sexual splendour.


doughnut time chatswood store image


Doughnut Time started less than a year ago, a single venue in Fortitude Valley. In less than a year it is fourteen venues in three states with epic queues at the opening of venues. After it went well in Fortitude Valley they opened their first store in Brisbane, and here I quote from Broadsheet….

“On Doughnut Time’s first day of trade in Brisbane, the customers started lining up at 4.30am. On its second day, the city council issued an informal notice to cease trading, because of the huge crowd mobbing the footpath. On day three, that order was made official.”

You could say it went well and ever since then it has been a rapid rise of the doughnut spreading from one to fourteen venues in less than a year is incredible.


Freddo Mercury Doughnut image


The doughnuts are never made in-store, all are made at a more central bakery and delivered to the stores that can all manage to be really tiny. Quite a few of them are actually in Topshop locations, the outlet in Chatswood Topshop is smaller than their underwear section but these beauties pack much more on their insides :).

The naming is also clever, all eliciting a small giggle, the “Mariah Cherry,” the “Glazed and Confised,” the “Purple Haze” (oh the joy of my stoner days is emerging again), “Mint to Be,” “Veruca Salt,” to the “Disco Biscuit” (very interested to know what they have put in that one haha).

And the best thing – all one price – all $6-. Might sound expensive but you get what you pay for, a monster doughnut that is ample for a small meal, for kids you can cut that thing in thirds or even quarters, or feed them one and watch their head turn around Linda Blair style.


doughnut time butternut doughnut image


I have sampled four so far (actually five as of today, just tried their new Australia Day special doughnut that is unyet named), the one above is actually my favourite, it is The Butternut – Pistachio & brown butter glaze, it is amazing!!! Then below is my current second favourite, the Mariah Cherry – Cherry Ripe, Oreo Cookies and cherry or raspberry (who cares, it’s bright and sugary) glaze :).

Their Veruca Salt  – Salted caramel-filled with cinnamon sugar – is the only one I have not worshipped so far. You could say they are very generous with their filling, just look two pics down – there is more filling than doughnut and while that caramel made me foodgasm there is so much of it it’s sickly sweet.


mariah cherry in a box image


Doughnut Time has kept their love and have increased their worshippers all via Instagram, it is genius, they keep everyone updated on the new doughnuts releasing by posting a pic, and the coolest part that everyone loves, photograph your doughnuts and tag them #doughnuttime and if it’s decent they re-gram you. #Brag – they have posted two of my pics so far, the gorgeous pic of Little Miss Princess at the end of this article has a few thousand likes. She is giving a facial example of the ecstasy one feels when hitting the Nutella jackpot in the “Love at First Bite.”


doughnut time versa salt doughnut image


I really hope Doughnut Time is smart and keeps it lively. I see echoes of the business model of Miss Chu and pray they are investing for the growth and not riding a tsunami of joy that crashes at the end. I can see the benefits of some of the venues being so small and inside Topshop, a great partnership no doubt but then I hear that 25-square-metre shop on Degraves Street in a Melbourne Laneway is $90k a year in rent with a seven year lease, that’s a shit load of doughnuts!


nutella doughnut bliss facial expression image


Regardless of what happens in the Doughnut Time world they are currently riding a wave of popularity and I am on the surfboard – I bloody love them, sugary beautiful dessert treats will win every time and anything that can make a princess look as blissful as above is a hero in my eyes, I was just glad I got to leave their house before her sugar high crashed haha.

For all the information you could want from Doughnut Time including all their locations and the list of doughnuts currently being sold plus all the names and pics of their past and upcoming circles of Homer-loving dough visit their website HERE.




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  1. Reading this post now, over a year on from when you wrote it, I do love that this is one of those shops/franchises that continually changes it’s flavours. I visited today ans was greeted with a whole range of different choices to what I see here.

    • Cool comment Chris and great page – just started following you on Insta. I love how they constantly Donut Time change all their flavours too. And now I want a donut and an easter egg together.

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