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D’Munchies | Newtown


D’MUNCHIES is one of the most fun venues I have eaten at in years. Back in my younger years, when it was much more criminal, I was a chronic partaker in the ganja, a worshipper of the purple haze, and at one stage was invited to judge at the World Weed Championships in Amsterdam. My how the years have changed haha. I no longer enjoy binge eating crap on the sofa while watching cartoons and playing PS but the lifestyle and hilarity behind it still makes me happy. So it was with great joy that I accepted an invitation from Zomato to attend D’MUNCHIES.


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Like 420 day, 420 stoner feasts and everything associated with the green D’MUNCHIES is a venue that is a culinary shrine to the world life saving plants governments are still in denial over. The menu, the venue and the place’s comedy nights are a heavenly haven for the giggling, relaxed and most likely stoned patrons. It should be known that marijuana is still illegal in NSW but is close to complete decriminalisation. As such it is not an Amsterdam cafe, you can’t buy or smoke weed in or outside the venue. Although it is Newtown, you will usually smell it walking the streets.

It reminded me of 420 Night last year in QUEENIES in Darlinghurst, a feast for April 20th that had me laughing at how many stoned people turned up and foreigners asking where they could get the weed. Haha. Quietly partake in your own in your own quiet place and then come to these venues to enjoy the munchies palace created for you.


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Bob Marley, that mull leaf art, rasta and ganga images are everywhere. There is relaxing couch area at the entry and then paraphernalia EVERYWHERE. I was longing to be stoned so I could walk around in a messed up high appreciating the wares. But being a responsible adult I did it while sipping on a Fruit Loops Milkshake haha. One of the highlights was flower vases everywhere and the vases were BONGS – I was clapping and laughing at this work of delight.


Bong Vase image



The food at D’MUNCHIES is as stoner as they come. If you ever smoked a bunch of weed you will remember (or maybe not) the abundant food you would gorge on when in a state of munchies. It is part of the reason why weed works so well for cancer patients, the nausea of treatments is punched in the face and the person firstly relaxes and then has a large increase in hunger.

I just roll my eyes now at the amount of food me and my mates would eat. Pizzas, frozen fried food, bags and bags of M&Ms and blocks of chocolate and it just wouldn’t end, I could gorge all night and my youthful metabolism would laugh in its face. The menu embraces the crazy combinations of food stoners would love in a hunger frenzy. Making whatever combinations from what would be in the fridges and pantries of said smoking places.


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Pizza Supreme Nachos


We started on the favourite snack dish of the night, the above Pizza Supreme Nachos – yep, pizza topping on nachos. INSANE. Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, olives, roast peppers, fresh pineapple and oregano with housemade sweet roast tomato sauce and herby mayo. I was in heaven!! One of the bets loaded fries on the planet right there.

Below was my Supa-Doopa Jersey Fruit Loop Milkshake – it was like my breakfast cereal from pre-teen in a milkshake. Nostalgic sugar indulgent joy! You won’t want to eat here for weight loss, this is all for food porn and LOVE.


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Fruit Loops Milkshake



And being in Newtown and because a lot of vegans are hippies who smoke weed (haha) D’MUNCHIES makes a few vegan dishes. Below is the vegan three cheese chilli dog, it looks like a giant bud. While not my favourite meal of the night if I was a vegan I would lose my shit over this and if I was stoned off my brain I would eat it if a vegan or not. It’s made with a vegan wiener, tvp chilli beans, avocado chimichurri, friend onions on a crisp vegan roll. And it comes served with hot chips. They also do a vegan chicken and cheese burg I did not partake in.


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Vegan Three Cheese Chilli Dog


The next thing we inhaled was the Curry Cheese Chips. I wasn’t a huge fan of these but this is more to do with how in love I was with the Pizza Nachos – they were more addictive than the heavier curry chips.


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Curry Cheese Chips



And then the burgers came rolling out. The burgs are top notch on the burg skill front and easily Top 20 for me in Sydney. They are large, they are cooked well, and they tick food porn boxes left, right and centre. Below is the J-Rizzler Chicken and Cheetos Burger. Fried buttermilk chicken, D’Munchies bacon, hash brown, Cheetos cheese sauce and iceberg lettuce on a milk bun. Just heaven. That cheese sauce and a hashbrown bonus is GOLD!


J-Rizzler Chicken and Cheetos Burger image

J-Rizzler Chicken and Cheetos Burger


I retuned the next day to inhale their signature burger. Not being stoned I actually got full on the night so saved this one for a lunch all by itself. Below is the D’MUNCHIES BURGER. Double house-ground beef, charred onion, Swiss and brie cheese, prosciutto, pickles, lettuce, tomato and D’Munchies sauce on a sesame seed bun. Here is my review at the time on insta:

“The Brie is an incomparable winner – the cheese ooze is epic and all the flavours blended to near perfection. All it needed was a slightly rarer patty to be a perfect burger and swap out the Swiss for American cheese. On the Fat Bastard Spoonometer of Burgerly Foodgasms this was a 4.4/5 for me.”


The D'Munchies Burger image

The D’Munchies Burger



The desserts are as fun as everything else. We all fought over the Choc Overload Ice-Cream Sammy. Chocolate brownie biscuit, brownie fudge and hazelnut semifreddo. Bliss!!


Choc Overload Ice-Cream Sandwich image

Choc Overload Ice-Cream Sandwich


And the best dessert of the night – one I will return for. DONUGS. A mixed box of assorted donut balls filled with Nutella, PBJ, lemon curd, and 100s and 1000s. The lemon curd for the win, dipping it into a bowl of cream was a nice addition, as was licking the sugar out of my beard on the way home.


D'Munchies Donugs image




D’MUNCHIES is a venue all in good fun. A complete homage to marijuana and the very relaxed patrons who love it and the munchy associated feeding frenzy that accompanies most ganja highs. It is more forward thinking than the Australian government and I would love to see the day I can go here and inhale purple haze infused donugs and then laugh my way into a sugar coma.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 1/1 bonus

D’Munchies Deets:

PH: (02) 6162 0793

170 King St, Newtown, 2042



SUN – THUR: 11am to 10pm

FRI & SAT: 11am – 12am






KID FRIENDLY: Yes – pending your thoughts on Marijuana




*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


D'Munchies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Such an amazing place! We went saturday and the guys were suuuuper friendly! And decent food as well haha

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