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Dickson Asian Noodle House | Dickson ACT


I have so many Canberra reviews backlogged, my apologies to the Capital for dropping the review ball on such fantastic food. Canberra, in my humble opinion, is comparable, if not better on many fronts, to Sydney food. It is a community that is arts driven, and also heavily politics based due to the area. It is not a place that is large on getting smashed at the pub or hitting an all-nighter clubbing. The social nature of Canberra revolves around the arts and dining.

And as I am lucky enough to spend some time in the Capital with my job it is a joy that I get to dine out regularly with my Canberra besties, the Schmollinghams. I usually send them a list of three or more venues I want to visit and they select one of those to eat at. The Dickson Asian Noodle House was instantly selected from one of my emails a few months back. Apparently their is about four Asian Noodle Houses in Canberra but the Dickson Asian Noodle House is the one and only in the eyes of the besties.


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I usually stay in Dickson when I am in the Capital for work and it’s a lucky area to be staying – the Dickson area is packed with restaurants to indulge in. And if the 20+ places in Dickson don’t tickle your fancy just a couple of kilometres into town is the also amazing Braddon, another favourite place of mine to eat. Dickson is Asian heavy on food and Braddon is more Aussie/ Whitey Gringo in nature with a few pubs and some of the best burgers in town at Grease Monkey.

Picking a venue to eat in Dickson can actually prove difficult, there is so many to choose from and a lot of it can appear similar in nature with a lot of Asia venues sharing walls. I also have one major issue with the venues in Dickson – the majority of them do not accept credit cards. When there for work I will not eat at a venue that won’t take card. Dickson Asian Noodle House annoyingly does not do credit cards. This is a massive letdown for me. I will avoid it if dining by myself, they do take Eftpos but this is little consolation to people dining on work card when in the Capital.

The venue itself is simple in design and what you would expect of a family traditional Asian restaurant. I have eaten in so many Chinese and/ or other Asian region venues and they are similar in appearance. I do love the plates at Dickson Asian Noodle House!


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As for the food at Dickson Asian Noodle House, it’s impressive. It is a large menu as you would expect in an Asian restaurant and the regions are mixed. It has a lot of Thai food, a fair bit if Malaysian, sprinklings of Chinese and an entire section to Lao food. Pick your poison – you won’t be disappointed.

Our highlights, and much loved dishes, were Thai fishcakes for starters with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. YUM! And Steamed dim sims – beaut!

We then moved to three share mains. My favourite was the BBQ Pork with Crispy Noodles – heavenly. Pad Kee Mao chicken which was much loved by all and the Fish Laksa which the Schmollinghams swore was sensational – it was amazing but a laksa is not the most ideal share meal for me – I do plan on ordering it all to myself one day in the near future because it was incredibly tasty and I know why they love it.


Dickson Asian Noodle House Seafood Laksa image



Dickson Asian Noodle House is a must eat at institution if you want incredibly tasty, affordable and traditional Asian dishes. The lack of credit card facilities is a massive letdown but for locals it is ideal. It also works if the Schmollinghams pay for this dinner and I pick up the next.



Dickson Asian Noodle House Deets:

PH: (02) 6262 5903

ADDRESS: 4/19-29 Woolley St, Dickson, ACT

BOOKINGS: Highly Recommend

BYO: Yes








Tue – Sun: 11am to 930pm


*** This meal was paid for ***


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