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Located in the heart of Potts Point, on Kellett St, is an authentic Indian restaurant known as “DELHI by the way”. I have often walked past it appreciating the outdoor covered section but had not yet had the opportunity to visit. Until I got an email from restauranteur Susheel Kumar. He invited me to come and try out his venue and off I ran.

Inspired by the vibrant and complex flavours of Northern India, Susheel Kumar has crafted a menu which explores the specialties of the North, in their true authentic form and served up in a relaxed and intimate space; right in the heart of Potts Point.


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DELHI by the way VENUE:

The venue looks quite small from the outside but upon entering it is like a tardis in size. It is huge. There is the stunning section on their front patio with plants and twinkle lights, all undercover. It’s a brilliant place to dine on a nice evening, I would love to dine here on a hot night while it rains, with the sparkling lights and the smell of rain on asphalt it would make for such a romantic environment to enjoy this food.

As a large converted double terrace the rooms for dining are impressive. Just inside the door is the first large room with some fantastic art work on the walls. This is filled with tables, then you walk through to (I am pretty sure) a second room filled with tables and more art. Then the third room is two stories and this houses the bar downstairs and a HUGE upstairs that would be ideal for functions. On the lower level, just past the bar, is my favourite room. A private dining room that is colourful with a perspex roof that is covered with leaves. It also has a tree growing inside the room that is providing the leaves on its outside journey. Scroll towards the bottom to see it, it’s fantastic, might have to have birthday dinner in this room this year.


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I did mention a bar didn’t I? DELHI by the way offers full bar service and also BYO wine. Bonus night to visit is Tuesdays – no corkage Tuesday or $3- per person on other nights. For a group of people, Tuesdays would be ideal to save a tonne of money.


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When I am invited to a venue I try and treat it like they have invited me into their home and ask the venue owners or managers to serve me what they want. What would photograph well? what do they want to promote and what do they love the most? It makes things easier for everyone and I often get to try things I would never order.

As we sat outside we were presented with waters, menus and some amazing rolled pappadams – they were delicious and always a fantastic start to any Indian meal. They also had gold cutlery, which I am obsessed with. My dining guest, Laarni from @threespoonsfull, refused to put a set in her handbag when no one was watching, so selfish.

We ordered some delightful Partisan by Jove Tempranillo each and this came with Vegetarian Samosas as our first course. They had a good crispy outer shell and a packed and tasty inner vegetarian filling. There were no air pockets and combined with the sauce we both loved this starter.


Delhi by the Way Vegetarian Samosa image

Vegetarian Samosa


Next up was a solid and always tasty tikka lamb chop or Pudina Chaap. These had a nice tasty yoghurt and mint dipping sauce – they went down a treat.


Delhi by the Way Pudina Chaap image

Pudina Chaap



The next entree was an odd one. Lahsooni Jheenga was five garlic flavoured tandoor cooked prawns. The prawns tasted fantastic, the delivery method looked amazing but was oddly impractical. They were served on a skewer in a quarter wedge of lime with a chill on top. I am assuming they were cooked this way to add to the flavour but I ate one of the chillies to try it and could not have eaten more. As for the limes they were a wasted garnish, there was too much extras for the smaller prawns.


Lahsooni Jheenga image

Lahsooni Jheenga


We were given two mains to eat and one of them, the main photo for the article is one of my favourite Indian dishes of all time. Lamb Saag. It’s lamb cooked in spinach, for the DELHI by the way version it is cooked in baby spinach and was much spicier than what I am used to. There is a shopping centre Indian takeaway that served me my first lamb saag that I still order from regularly. As it was my first I judge all others against it. I know the DELHI by the way version is more authentic, nuanced and packed with more spices but it was too different from my food court version for me to truly love. But I did finish the bowl.


Chicken Tikka Masala image

Chicken Tikka Masala


Our second main was Chicken Tikka Masala – roasted chunks of chicken in a spicy creamy sauce. It was delicious but actually a little too hot for both Laarni and I, we weren’t expecting so much heat. But it was cooked to tender perfection and the vibrancy of the dish was incredible. On my next visit I need to eat the Malibu Prawns, they sound soooooooo good. Prawns cooked in a creamy coconut gravy with Malibu Liqueur – YES PLEASE!!


Delhi by the Way Private Function Room image



We shared two desserts between us, by this stage we were so full and about to burst. We ate a Ras Malai (sorry not posting a pic of that one), which is a delightful rich cheesecake soaked in saffron & milk syrup. It was superb and something I would have again but then came the Honey & Pistachio Kulfi (pictured below). It was divine. Kulfi is a traditional Indian Ice Cream (of sorts), it is usually flavoured with pistachios, rose, cardamon or saffron. Kulfi has similarities to ice cream in appearance and taste; however it is denser and creamier. It is generally made from slow cooking flavoured milk until all the water evaporates. It is then quite dense and easy to freeze. Due to the cooking method it takes a lot longer to melt. Today’s Kulfi facts are brought to you by Wiki :).


Delhi by the Way Honey & Pistachio Kulfi image

Honey & Pistachio Kulfi



The affordability of DELIHI by the way would suit groups ideally but at the same time is more than affordable for couples of even a single requiring takeaway after work. Their entree prices vary between $8 and $24 and the mains price between $15 and $28, very affordable. They also have great home delivery and takeaway options. DELHI by the way offer banquet meals, a kid’s menu and plenty of vegetarian meals. In fact the mains are labelled as “Vegetarian” and “Non-Vegetarian” dishes.


Delhi by the Way Candy coated fennel seeds image

Candy coated fennel seeds



DELHI by the way is a fantastic venue with very welcoming and accommodating staff. I enjoyed the meal but didn’t madly love it. The samosas, the lamb saag, the desserts and the little Indian version of an after-dinner mint, candy coated fennel seeds, were the winning dishes for me. When I return Malibu prawns are all mine.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


DELHI by the way Deets:

PH: (02) 9368 0123

42 Kellett Street, Potts Point, Sydney

BOOKINGS: Recommend

Sunday Lunch

12 – 3pm


Tuesday – Sunday: 5 – 11pm

BAR: Yes









*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) were invited guests of the establishment. However, as always, if it was shite I would happily tell you as such.


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