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Crust launches the Simply Better Range


When the folks at Nuffnang got in touch and asked if I would like to attend a new pizza range launch where I could indulge in new, healthy and “Simply Better” pizzas from CRUST on the foreshore of Bondi beach with other food lovers and musos playing I never hesitated, I jumped on the pizza wagon and got my butt to Bondi for free food. I repeat FREE FOOD :).

It also helps one of the besties, Steve, is a manager of a CRUST joint in Dee Why and he was also going so we partnered up for the night and headed in to indulge and represent.

And so it was that myself and Steve were brought to the event by Nuffnang and CRUST for this sponsored post.


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CRUST is reimagining their pizzas and setting new pizza trends. I have always been a fan of CRUST, it is still a franchise like the Hut and the dot rectangle game, but it is more like a gourmet Italian family styled wood fired pizza venue, their ingredients are always fresh and it is the kind of place your food loving friends won’t turn their nose up at you for ordering delivery or takeaway. The brand has more of a health conscious image and for this I have no issue dislocating my jaw and pouring family sized pizzas down my throat when getting delivery from them, or when invited to eat them for free :).


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This lovely event brought to us by Nuffnang and CRUST was to launch their new ‘Simply Better’ range, profiling nutritious fresh ingredients, house cooked meats and healthier bases. There are three specific pizzas in the “Simply Better” range that we got to inhale and these are Biltong Spiced Lamb, Harissa Hummus Chicken and Wagyu Shōga. The added “Simply Better” is more than just the paddock to plate A grade lamb and Wagyu but also the light and scrummy new bases, made with wholemeal and spelt. The pizzas were incredibly light and they actually tasted healthier, the issue I had with this was that I really would not feel any guilt destroying an entire family pizza all to myself.


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The event progressed with us having chopping boards walked around by staff with big chunks of the meat for us to sample on its own, following this we got the pizzas and you should have seen all the bloggers and eventually the member’s of the public, all like a bunch of Bondi seagulls after a chip, as soon as the pizzas came out of the oven you could see the bloggers, it was that scene from FINDING NEMO, “mine, mine, mine.” Of course I was right at the front elbowing people out of the way in my desire to indulge.


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We started with the above pizza, my fave for the night, Biltong Spiced Lamb – House Cooked Lamb roasted with Biltong Spice, topped with Broccolini on a Tomato Base, garnished with Pine Nuts, Chilli & a Lime Wedge, dressed with preserved Lemon Yogurt M: 5031kJ | L: 7119kJ.

Starting with the lamb chunks on the board, pic up the top, this meat was insanely awesome, we kept lying to the waitstaff when asked “have you had any of this?” they knew our game for more and were happy to oblige. The first time I put the pizza in my mouth it was lacking the taste of the meat, I was expecting big chunks like we had been indulging in but it was thin slices on the pizza – I discussed this with a CRUST rep who advised they are still working with their slice sizes and they may get thicker, this was not a huge issue, but it was a difference from chunk to slice. Also, the first slice we had I think had been out of the oven for a while as it wasn’t too hot, I think this effected my initial thoughts, when the next pizza came out of the counter I was first in queue and having it hot and fresh was divine, and those lime wedges that come with it – MAKE SURE YOU SQUEEZE IT OVER – it is like chocolate ontop of your coffee foam, it adds that little bit of perfection to the flavour. I will be ordering this pizza for the parents when they next stay with me and making my mate Steve make and deliver it :).


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Our next pizza was the Harissa Hummus Chicken – House Cooked Chicken roasted in aromatic spices, topped with Chickpeas, Roasted Capsicum, Caramelised Onions on a Harissa Hummus base, garnished with Almond Slivers & Rocket, dressed with Mint Yogurt – M: 5276kJ | L: 7433kJ. This one is very light and the harissa hummus base is the winner and I will always eat anything with rocket on it. This was easily the prettiest pizza but also the mildest in flavour joy. Usually out of the three listed in the “Simply Better” range I would always order the chicken, always the safe-bet pizza, but for me it wasn’t as punchy as the beef or the lamb.


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And finally we indulged in the Wagyu Shōga Pizza (Shōga translates to ginger) – Wagyu Beef with a Wild Mushroom medley and Green Capsicum on a Hoisin & Tomato Base, garnished with Shōga (Ginger) and a whole Chilli, topped with a Japanese inspired dressing – M: 5205kJ | L: 7216kJ. I preferred the lamb over this one but to make this one a winner, really put that chilli over the pizza, I would chop up a second chilli and add it but this is my personal chilli love. I would also, for my own personal pizza hack, ask if an egg could be whipped and poured over the top of it, added protein and more love for me but that Grade 4 wagyu is superb. Would happily eat this one again – do not do my first taste hack and put four bits of chilli on the one slice – had to dive head first into the water fridge for relief.


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All our food for the night came from a mobile container pizza kitchen thanks to the CRUST crew at the Pyrmont store, the food was all A-grade pizza and all the staff from CRUST and Nuffnang were all incredibly helpful and friendly, somewhere bouncing around out there is a video vox pop of me basically talking this entire review, apologies if you ever see it. We both had a fantastic time and abundant thanks to our hosts for the night, I already eat CRUST pizza so they don’t need to sell it to me, I loved the food and that Biltong Lamb Pizza will sit in my stomach many more times in the future.

If you want to fill your belly with the delicious and healthier “Simply Better” range you will be happy to know it is on the menu for ordering now.


*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) ate as a guest of the venue but to be frank, if it was crap I would happily tell you as such. While sponsored (for this post) it just means I was invited and paid to feast on the food but my opinions are and will always remain my own.


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