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Thank you to my amazing gourmand brethren in the Food Critics and Bloggers of Australia group I scored an invite to attend and review a delightful, quaint, little piece of old France in the back streets of The Rocks, in Sydney. Creperie Suzette is a small otherworldly French creperie with seating for about twenty people on Harrington St, the venue used to be an antique souvenir shop but has been transformed into a small slice of Brittany. You will literally feel like you are entering a cafe or creperie and may panic you only know a handful of French words to get you buy.


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Creperie Suzette specialise in a few things; their coffee, their crepes and their galettes. They use Double Roasters beans and their coffees are epic. One of the best Decaf Mochas I have ever had and my blogging partner in crime for the day was Arvin, (from @arvinsstarvin on Insta, suss him out, he takes some great shots), Arvin is a full strength coffee loving man and he loved his long black. They also have a superb cold drip set up and have a separate take away entry for those morning hits.


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Creperie Suzette is old school chic, with Parisienne flourishes. I would kill for exposed bricks that beautiful in my house, when I own a house, but these are original Rocks’ bricks from the very old Aussie days. They did little with the interior besides enhance what was already there and then bring in their stuff. The walls have a beautiful old painting of a lady and the traditional Le Chat Noir poster, besides this the place is minimalist with little tables for two and an atmosphere so comforting that Arvin and I sat there chatting, photographing and eating for two hours.

Creperie Suzette opened about eight months ago as part of the Harbour Rocks Hotel. Owners, Bob and Ruth Magid, were inspired to open a creperie after a trip around France spurred their passion for French fare. And the brilliance of it all is there is so little they need to cook with, they literally have all their coffee equipment, all their ingredients and then two crepe hotplates, that’s it, no stoves, ovens or anything to take up valuable space, looking at it I was thinking what a bloody awesome idea for a venue to keep equipment and overheads down.


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I had to look up the meaning of what we were eating, I always assumed a pancake was the sweet version and a crepe is the savoury version, I was very wrong. Pancake is our bogan word for crepe and crepe is the same as pancake as in the sweet serving version of the meal. It also needs to be known the correct writing is “crêpe” but the venue spells it “crepe” and I am doing the same for this article.

A crêpe or crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes). The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin “crispa,” meaning “curled,” this explains why most crepes are served rolled (or curled) up. While crepes are often associated with Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is widespread in France, Belgium, Quebec and many parts of Europe, North Africa and the Southern Cone of South America. Crepes are served with a variety of fillings, from the simplest with only sugar to flambéed crepes Suzette or elaborate savoury galettes.


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And this brings me to galettes, these are the savoury version that are served more folded into pockets like below. The crepes are much whiter and are made with the wheat flour and the galettes (as below) are made with the buckwheat flour and are quite healthy.

Above is our delightful Crepe Master, Caroline Puyo, making a batch of crepes, simple and clean to make and she worked those hot plates like a true pro.


La Tasmanienne Galette image


We were treated to two galettes to share, the above was the La Tasmanienne Galette $15- – Smoked Salmon, Capers, Cream Fraiche and Fresh Dill. It was delightful, so fresh and with limited cooking it has this light feeling like a fresh warm smoked salmon wrap but ten times better. I could have eaten about three of these to myself, it was that good.


La Biquette Galette image


Following on from La Tasmanienne, we had the La Biquette $13- – Goats cheese, fresh pesto, vine ripened tomatoes and rocket. This was just as fresh, fluffy and light as the first one and we both loved this one. On my next visit I have a date with the La Pékinoise $15- – Peking duck, spring onion, matured cheddar and hoisin sauce. This one makes my mouth water and I need it!!


La Caramel au Beurre Salé Crepe image


Then we really got treated, we started our desserts (aka crepes) with the above – the La Caramel au Beurre Salé $14- – this is salted caramel, slivered almonds and ice cream. It was simple and to be honest it isn’t something I would have selected myself to order but it was my favourite of the day, it was just mind blowingly incredible. So subtle with their own store-made caramel that was allowed to shine with subtle backing flavours of almond crunch and the vanilla ice cream. It was perfection!


La Fraise Crepe image


And we finished with La Fraise $15-, probably their second most popular crepe (behind the Nutella and Banana); fresh strawberries, dark chocolate sauce, double cream and walnuts. We had the cream exchanged for ice cream and while this dish was amazing, it was what you would imagine, it was safe. The strawberries were bursting with freshness and the dark chocolate sauce was so good Alvin thought it was a liqueur of some sort, while I enjoyed it nothing could keep my mind from more of that caramel crepe. There are two more in the desserts I want on my next visit – the La Grand Marnier is a caramelised sugar, orange zest and Grand Marnier crepe but it is not flambéed. The other I must try is the La Pomme Cannel – poached apple and cinnamon – this is a definite winter must eat!!


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Everything about Creperie Suzette was close to perfection, the venue itself was amazing and welcoming, I could see myself in there reading on rainy days, the staff were delightful, much thanks to my above hosts; our Barista Maestro was Shane Van Laar and our Crepe Master was Caroline Puyo (the big bearded guy in the kitchen area with them is the most handsome me :)), they were both ran off their feet until another staff member joined them but no one was kept waiting long and the place was packed, they also managed to cater to us and follow up each dish to see what we thought. It needs to be noted with the venue, you MUST order at the counter, there is no wait staff to take orders, and you will be left waiting unless you read the signs or approach the counter.

I will return, I loved it!!

Creperie Suzette Deets:

34 Harrington St, The Rocks

Phone:(02) 8220 9999



Mon – Thur 8am to 3pm
Fri 8am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm
Sat 9am to 4:30pm, 5pm to 10pm
Sun 9am to 4:30pm

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) ate as a guest of the venue but to be frank, if it was shit I would happily tell you as such.




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