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This meal is massively healthy for you and one of the best pastas I had cooked in ages, I originally published on August 10th 2009 and have not cooked it since – stupid me – this one was brilliant – it will be getting a cooking in the next week or two with one significant difference now 4yrs later – no pasta – ok, maybe a wholemeal pasta or if I can find this new fandango mung bean pasta I will use that but more than likely the grain of the moment, quinoa, will be used with the dish. It is one of the most refreshing pastas I have ever made and once inside your belly feels incredibly light.

The original recipe came from The Biggest Loser cookbook however I have altered it so much I can’t give them all the credit. ┬áThis one would also make a great summer lunch pasta. It should be noted I have listed one of the ingredients as spinach although it is actually silverbeet – a member of the spinach family and what everyone called spinach about 5-10yrs ago.

It’s so easy to make, so cheap and full of goodness.


healthy pasta dish, healthy pasta, chicken pasta, chicken and lemon pasta, spinach pasta, chicken lemon and spinach pasta, vegetarian dish, the biggest loser cookbook, jason king, pasta



300gm penne
1 double chicken breast cut into small pieces
1 tsp olive oil
1 bunch of silverbeet, washed, trimmed and shredded
2 slices rindless shortcut bacon, cut into thin strips
2 cloves garlic thinly sliced
2 red chillis, chopped up nice and fine – leave the seeds in if you want it spicy or remove them
finely grated zest of one lemon
the juice from that lemon
2 tsp capers – if you are a caper hater I can assure you that you won’t taste them


* Cook the penne in a large saucepan of salted boiling water – drain and keep warm
* Heat the oil in a massive saucepan over medium heat, throw in the silverbeet and cook for about 5mins until it has wilted – stir it regularly but keep a lid on it when not stirring so it semi steams also
* Add the bacon and chicken and cook for another 7 minutes – stirring occasionally and keeping the lid on when not
* Add the rest of the ingredients and stir for a further 3mins
* Either add the penne to the pan and stir it through or pour both the penne and sauce into a large mixing bowl and stir together


Serve with freshly grated parmessan and a nice drop of red



  1. Comments from the old site:

    Comment by Helen Randell
    August 10th 2009 11:02
    Mmmmmm – I love a great summer pasta dish. My garden is full of spinach at the moment so I’ll pull some up and make your recipe!

    Comment by Jason King
    August 10th 2009 11:19
    You will love this one Helen – it tastes so lemony and how bizarre – I just noticed a similar recipe in the food list on Orble – it nearly has the same title. Our taste buds must have alligned on the same day.

    I am so jealous of you Helen – I wish I owned my own place and could organically grow some of my own produce. Way cool!!

    Apologies to for posting a similarly titled recipe.

    But I am sure they are just as delish although mine might be the “light” version!!

    Comment by Lara M
    August 10th 2009 11:43
    Hrrrm…I too am envious of Helen, JK! I too can’t wait to grow my own produce…

    That lemon does definitely give the dish an oomph — it just goes so well with the spinach (and chicken)

    p/s…I know how you’re feeling re. similar recipe posts! I’ve found myself on cross-paths before — but really, you can never know. Technique is probably different anyway.

    Interesting how the ideas interweave through cyberspace… I think it’s fine. After all, all newspapers have the same stories!

    Comment by Jason King
    August 10th 2009 11:58
    Lara – it is so deliscious and light – and I agree, Lemon, Chicken and spinach belong together like a joyous threesome – hahaha

    I read about people doing same things around the world – it’s called Universal Thinking and people mentally lock onto the same thing.

    I found out about it nearly 10yrs ago. Me and a group of friends made a short film called “The Act of God” for Tropfest and other festivals and then 6 months later out comes the film “The Man Who Sued God” filmed in my parents town of Bermagui. The director of our short went ape thinking they had stolen the short for a great feature but then I came across this explanation of Universal Thinking – it did little to settle our director – but hey – we didn’t get into Tropfest but the feature went on to make heaps of Aussie $$$.

    Comment by Recipes room
    August 10th 2009 13:16
    Oooo it is a little eerie! How wonderful though to see two very similar recipes with very contrasting outcomes. And you’re on, I’ll try your recipe and we’ll swap notes!


    Comment by Helen Randell
    August 10th 2009 23:17
    No need to be jealous Jason and Lara – just get yourself a little plastic pot and find a bit of sun – even on a window seal will do – ‘iron man’ spinach is an easy one to grow!

    Comment by Jason King
    August 11th 2009 08:06
    Sounds like a plan – I will challenge you Lara – who can kill it first? Hahaha

    Just kidding – I grow a few things in pots – surprisingly pineapples – I chopped the top off a few one summer and now I get 3 pineapples every summer

    I also grow orchids and quite a few of them in pots plus lemon grass and lots of succulents. But I still want a nice property in the Jindabyne area and I want a blu and raspberry farm on it. Heaven

    Recipes Room – I look forward to eating your recipe – YUM – I love parmessan.

    Comment by Lara M
    August 13th 2009 08:01
    Alas…my windowsill is terribly narrow …and there’s no communal garden or terrace in my building. I should move…

  2. On the menu tonight. K

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